After three months with almost no time for anything but work or homeschooling, it feels good to actually do a little work on a side project again: Ring a ring of ospreys from The Osprey Weekly

Here’s one way to look at Facebook in a culture war context: the conflict is already there, Facebook is just an arms dealer.

Maltese boats.

Vivid memories from a holiday to Malta very nearly 20 years ago.

The view from our back garden in Dollar, Scotland, 30 years ago.

Photo by my late mother.

One unexpected - but happy - side effect of lockdown: I’m now wearing jeans of a waist size I haven’t managed to squeeze into since my 20s.

It is just possible that 1989 Adam was trying a bit too hard.

This was a useful read for me - and I suspect might help others:

How to engage with life when you feel down

Malta in early autumn 2000. While the clothes certainly date it, the complete absence of phones is quite remarkable. Just a film camera and a chunky video camera.

More lockdown creativity: This is the most unusual version of Tubular Bells I’ve come across - but it all comes together in the end!

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