Should your bookshelves reflect the person you are now, or should they encapsulate all the versions of you from earlier in your life?

Is it even social media if you don’t occasionally post photos of your lunch?

I much prefer the feel of matt dust jackets when reading a hardback book to glossy ones.

John Naughton’s review of The Ugly Truth, a new book about Facebook, makes it sound like essential reading. Next on my list after I’ve finished Charles Arthur’s Social Warming.

The absence of iPadOS 14.7 from last night’s round of updates is curious…

Schmigadoon! is an intensely joyful slice of TV.

Ha ha. No, no and more no to this terrifying idea. There’s absolutely no way I want Facebook to have more access to my purchasing data than it already does.

I have coffee and a piece on supply chains to finish. Wish me luck.

Last night I had intense dreams about Swedish third wave coffee shops.

That’s about as on-brand for me as it gets.

The problem with working on a MacBook Pro and an iPad Pro side-by-side is that I keep trying to touch the Mac screen…

Today is my “Max Vax” day — two weeks since my second dose.


I am happy to report that, as of this weekend, all adults in my household are fully vaccinated. 💉💉

(It’s just me and Lorna, but still…)

Just had a depressing email about the planned final withdrawal of the .eu domain name I used to own, but am no longer entitled to.

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