I done a blog-post mostly by copy/pasting things I argued on social media today.

So Many Options And Yet Only One Choice.


"People fought and died for your right to vote", they say, "so go vote!"

Course, people also fought and died to keep China British, for the divine right of kings, and over which pope was the real pope ordained by god.

So. Not sure that's a great reason for doing a thing.

There are lots of actually good reasons though!

Like: If you don't go outnumber the fascists and the idiots and the power-crazy then they will outnumber you.

Then you might end up fighting and dying in their stupid war.

When wondering how to vote for a representative in the EU today, I'd suggest considering if there is any kind of climate emergency going on that threatens to collapse the ecosystems and so destroy civilization.

If that were happening it might even be more important than the methods of collaboration used when administrators design legislation on international product standardization and global taxation harmonization.

Even though everyone seems really worked up about lately!

That bloke Roger Hallam talks here intelligently about protest strategy for an hour. Good listening. They're doing great work.


Today I am slightly sunburned because I spent like two hours outside on a cloudy day in May.

Sadly, I find I have to reformat all my wordclouds. I am not using the same GUI tool again. It's way too much work, and it's a robot's work.

I need a scriptable wordcloud generator, not a GUI one.

This is an amazing Stack Overflow page:

"How does Worldle work? It's closed source :("

"I wrote it, here's how it works"

"Thanks! Here's my implementation"

"Nice, here's mine!"

"Cool, I wrote one for iOS, here's the source-code"

None of them look right for me though. I might write my own.

smile.amazon.co.uk allows you to pick a charity who will receive money when you order from Amazon.

Unfortunately "Give it to the government you tax-dodging bastards" isn't one of the options.

Ants are exploring my flat. Squished a few of 'em, then did the long-overdue hoovering. Hoping I can avoid a full on invasion.

Went to see a stage-adaption of Romero's "Night Of The Living Dead", which was great.

They're zombies, and yet also they're they're live on stage. Like a kind of live-living-dead.

Strangely de-saturated colours, weird and funny and loud and not *that* reliant on jump-scares. More funny than scary, but then Zombies always have been. They are impossible silliness.

Had a great time, y'all should go see if it you're in London, or if it comes near you.

Used static-site creator Hugo to build that wordcloudtarot.com website ( thanks for suggesting that @RyuKurisu )

It was okay. Version conflicts between the themes and the actual code. The latest version of the code seems to make lower-version theme templates when you create a new one at the moment, which won't even work. So that was confusing for a bit. Mostly seemed fairly sane in the end.

And at least I could edit the pages with Vim instead of Wordpress new Blocks uglyness.

With all the Major Arcana of my Wordcloud Tarot Deck, I figured it was probably beyond time I got 'em printed to check how it's going.

Going okay, possibly should be a bit brighter.

Meanwhile, made a website for it too.

Now I just need to do the other more-than-fifty cards which remain. Crikey, this is a long job.


Voting on Brexit/Remain lines in a Euro election is pretty insane.

No MEP will ever get to vote on whether or not we Brexit, nothing they can do will affect the Brexitness of the country in the future.

They will get to determine some of Euro-law over the next few weeks/months/years until we Brexit or not.

Matters more to me if they think the new copyright directive is a good plan or not than if they think Brexit is a good plan or not.

Sanity ain't got much to do with modern politics though.

Wow, quite dated on a re-read. No way anyone would assume a plastic mask is easier than a CGI face these days!

People talking about why text messaging is so much less rude than an unexpected phone call reminded me of Infinite Jest.

Anyone who hasn't read "Infinite Jest" by David Foster Wallace has missed out on a basically almost infinitely long string of words which are all amusing and jestful, not least among them this bit on the (fictional) rise and fall of the video phone.

Actually, it was one of my favourite riffs in the book and some naughty pirate has it here for you:



I was peeing when my youtube video ended and it started auto-playing something with Farrage talking so when I got back there was Farage all over my speakers and I feel all wrong and dirty and violated.

Our politics is incorruptible because we're already at maximum gullibility.


From tonight's buglist:
* Reality Controller should also adjust time.

Quite right, dunno why it didn't in the first place. Fill fix immediately.

Last night I made a story-timer for my improv group based on Dan Harmon's ranting about story structure.

I hope they like it.



This function I wrote has a bool parameter named "remember" with a default of 'true' and the result only gets added to the history if the remember flag is set.

Now I can't remember why I would ever want the function to forget.

I am still better at forgetting than computers are.

Lib Dems, Greens, and Indie's represent!

It always changes by the time I wake up though.

[I am damned impressed that paste-image worked there by the way. I did not expect that to work on my crazy firewalled linux box]

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