Both forecasters predicted calm last week but the price dived then a run made it jump up, canceling out the fall. Does that count? Our judges thought not, and both Tarot and Technical Analysis lose points this week. But what will the next week bring? Will Tether collapse? What will our forecasters predict for next week? And can Technical Analysis do any better than the tarot anyway?

Find out in this week's

The one where nothing changed.

Last week the price of bitcoin held steady and nothing changed. Is this the new normal? Will BTC be 6500 for ever? We have a rare consensus from Chad’s Technical Analysis and Conroy’s Tarot Reading this week, find out what they predict, what their grades for last week were, and of course if Technical Analysis do any better than the tarot in this week’s

Good info-graphic which is much easier and quicker to read than the Guardian Long Read thats been in my Pocket for a week or so. Still pretty long though.

How many hours is it now? Still four hours? Oh, come on. I wish I had a time machine. .

Also, this:

Oh. love dark-mode.

I feel like I've been living under an oppressive white-background regime ever since I left the Spectrum back in the 80s.

Hoped OLED screens would save me from "must-emulate-paper" crowd. Once it was actually draining less power to flood my eyes with needless photons the crazyness would stop?

Well, no more. I wield the power of Night, and fuck the graphic-designers obsession with emulating a page.


Mozilla is getting a lot of hate lately. And it's understandable, and I wish they were better too.

But I have been loving the ease with with I can be logged into the same websites under multiple accounts, and firewall Facebook from the rest of my everything, and manage cookie-sessions in general since I installed this plugin a moon or two ago.

I still love and I don't think there's a more free browser which I can actually use.

Another win for Technical Analysis this week. Chad's lead is looking pretty convincing. Perhaps there's something to this Technical Analysis stuff after all.

At about the 1hr mark in Carmack's Oculus keynote talk, he extols the virtues of isolation, calls a VR set "headphones for the eyes", and almost rail's against Facebook's mission to connect the world.

Love that. Games are for not dealing with people.

Wish someone else had bought Oculus though, but I guess almost everyone in tech is a surveillance capitalist these days :(

Their new "Quest" headset, mobile and 6-deg freedom and 2 6-deg controllers for 400 dollars? Yes.

Rees-Mog was on tonight, looking forward to being relieved of the "burden" of free movement.

My free movement is his burden. I mean really. Freedom is burden everybody. War is peace. Ignorance is strength.

Richard Wolff's talk on Economic Nationalism in this month's Global Capitalism video is even better than he usually is.

If you want to spend an hour listening to a lefty economist talking about the global economic situation I can think of no better.

[Link is to 38m in, before that's a pretty good summary of Modern Monetary Theory too]

Oh, new Oculus system looks interesting. 4000 square feet is about 19 meters by 19 meters. That's a *huge* tracking area.

Number of screens used today: Eight.


I think that's all, unless you count the microwave.

Later than would have otherwise been coz my mum phoned me up while I was recording.

*Both* our contestants get a failing grade this week as Bitcoin rises despite the catastrophe they each predicted. The tarot closes the gap, catching up on Technical Analysis. But what will the price do this week? Will the cards tell us? Will the charts? Will we ever actually answer the main question: Is Technical Analysis actually any better than the tarot?

Well Netflix's "Maniac" is proving strange and trippy and intriguing and funny and deep. One more before bed maybe.

Another week, another .

The price is heading toward 6k, will it get there? Will Tarot Cards predict that any better than Technical Analysis?

The ninth card in my wordcloud tarot deck which will revolutionize the tarot industry is the major arcana card “The Hermit” and references withdrawing from society, contemplation, self-analysis, wisdom and enlightenment and awareness. Thus he carries a lamp, symbolizing the search for truth but you wouldn’t need to know that. “Truth” is written right on the card as well as encoded in symbology, as are the other references and meanings.

The EU often seems to make itself very hard to love. But it's a democratic parliament that's made these massive mistakes today, and will have to vote them in.

We can only hope to stop it if we have a voice and use it.

Meanwhile, the EU has voted to kill the Internet as we know it and possibly aid in creating an even bigger surveillance machine in the process.

Civil disobedience is the way forward on this one. We redouble our efforts to create decentralised alternatives and if they’re deemed illegal by this myopic legislation, so be it. Fuck ’em. We go to jail if we need to.

If you had any illusions that the battle for personhood and human rights would be easier in our age, think again.


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