@Gargron This seems to have become a thing at some point since I asked.

Thank you!

UK: Oh no! I have created a monster! The EU will surely destroy us all. I know the best thing to do, I'll abandon any kind of control or responsibility for it's actions and allow it to run rampage without any input from me. That should help!

Hands down the best VR game made so far: Gorn.

There is not other VR game I come back to months and months after finishing it. It exhausts me. It smashes up my controllers on the walls. It makes me sweat and fight.


There is no point in a head to head TV debate when the audience of voters on the issue numbers about 650.

You have a special purpose debating chamber! Use that!

I mean if we're gonna have a second referendum I'm all over that, yeah, why not. THEN there's a point in a TV debate.

But when there are 650 voters?

And your parliament channel reaches everyone who cares anyway?

Might as well just repeat the Eastender's Omnibus.

I am enjoying owning my new toolbox what I'm keeping my electronics treasure in. Oh, aye, me harties.

About an hour till the Mars lander either lands or Mars takes another robotic victim.

I'm watching the runup with Everyday Astronaut


It's Spam Friday everyone! That black, dark, terrible day when every single company you've ever had any kind of relationship with at all spam you all at once with their promotional messages!

It's that one special day of the year when the spam doesn't just trickle, it pours! So get your delete-button fingers at the ready and enjoy this special time of year.

Enjoying this book which has nothing to do with *that* "Bob", but is instead about another Robert who gets his head cryo-preserved after dying in chapter one then gets his brain scanned and awoken as the ship's intelligence in a Von-neumon probe launched by the new theocratic nation that replaced America, escaping while the earth devolves into nuclear war.

Good character well voiced, interesting universe exploring, nice satirical politics.


Justice is about balance but also about vengeance and so carries both a scale and a sword. It's also about fairness and karma and duty and belief and humility and obligation, all of which is pretty obvious if you can read and you use my revolutionary tarot deck for the literate.


Who knew jobs interviews were a queuing system? I should have stood in line instead of sending in a CV highlighting my skills! That explains it.

I think the best I ever made for the was this


Finding that backing track was the key. Who knew there was already a gospel song singing " "

"Bob" makes coincidences happen.

Almost nobody on Mastodon (possibly actually nobody) will remember when a penguin made me write and sing a song based on the top joke in the jokes reddit back in 201.

Fun times.

I miss that felt penguin.


The devil and the deep blue sea. Not sure which is more scary.

Chancellor Mogg makes a perverse kind of sense. More sane than PM at least.

Remember that comic suggesting that nuclear annihilation was the fate of most normal universes, but in the quantum multiverse some *really weird* universes avoided that fate? So only really weird universes remain to be experienced?

Maybe SMBC? He had a clever name for the theory whoever it was.

I see more evidence for that theory all the time now.

I didn't even mention we have a fucking *queen*. An actual real life hereditary head of state.

In 2018.


Whether we are in or out of the European Union isn’t even close to being the thing which prevents “us” from taking back “control” in this country.

Whatever your “Us” vs “Them” may be.

Most of us live in places where our votes don’t even count. Safe seats in the UK: 382

Total seats in the UK: 650.

Nearly 60% of MPs are elected whatever happens based on party nomination not electoral results.....

[Continues because 500 characters is like nothing man....

dalliance.net/vPre2/brexit-sme ]

Just took 90 minutes to boot into windows, including upgrades and updates and wondering why it was broke and debugging and fixing the broken things and reinstalling graphics drivers.

The plan was to play games for a couple of hours.


I can see why everyone loves it so.

Note it's *this deal* which leaves us as a slave/vessel state. Which one might think implies we currently already have the sovereignty some were trying to reclaim.

is confusing.

I like Richard Murphy's fantasy of the Brexit mess leading to a coalition government in the UK lead by Caroline Lucas in a mission to reform the UK electoral system, the house of lords, EU readmission, and form a national economic plan.

That would certainly be a benefit to all this mess if that happened.

Suspect it really is a wild fantasy though. We should be so lucky.


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