Playing day one:

They promised me I'd be exploring the galaxy, but I'm grinding chopping down trees and digging up minerals in the dark and the pouring acid rain to build a homebase.

It's a nice base though. Overlooking the cliffs of a floating rock accessible only by teleport-gate, air, or through a tunnel and a bridge.

It's balled BaseFace. Strange bovine animals with glowing horns roam the plane and the grounds surrounding the floating rock are rapidly becoming deforested.

You can use just use plain Debian, and I do, but then you have to install all the non-free software you want to use yourself.

Which is annoying, but I do as penance for using non-free software in the first place.

Someone asks Lunkduke about Debian:

Distros are based on Debian coz Debian is entirely free-software and so can be expanded upon without worrying about licensing components.

People use those expanded distros, instead of Debian itself, for all the non-free things which Debian-pure refuses to bundle.

My current favourite drink consists of mostly a large shot of The Kraken rum, three teaspoons of green and blacks chocolate powder, a dash of milk and topped with whipped cream.

You can top up the cream as you drink of you want.

Main thing I want from a union is to protect me from surveillance capitalism. That means not being required to use Google, etc. for work.

I remember feeling boxed in by the ad industry about 15 years ago--back when G was still known for being the "good" advertiser, specifically in contrast to DoubleClick.

A friend at the time asked me what the problem was. The market failed to provide: there was no amount of money I could spend to free my attention of ads. Now they spy on you too.


I had a theory that now was released if I upgraded and re-installed everything maybe I could get my and working on .

Today my theory has proven correct. and seem to have linux versions out of the games I own.

Both of which work.

Nicely done everyone.

Hopeful I can also get running this afternoon, then I shall have all the powers I need for my glorious plan to re-abandon windows again.

[ ]

So much for conservation of mass. Take that science! Now if I can just replicate it in the lab I shall claim my Nobel Prize.

I knocked my bluetooth earbuds onto the floor and now one of them has ceased to exist. Suppose the the one which has continued to exist is the one which can be used independently. Damned weird though how a thing can just slip out of the spacetime continuum like that,

Finally, a day to make a new one of these. Summer is always either hectic or knackered.


When our indulgence grows too much and we end up in the world of debauchery, we may find fantasy and erotic dreams but we will also find paranoia and delusion and immorality and malfeasance. All of this is easy to know in my wordcloud tarot pack, as any tarot beginner can read for themselves.

Turns out, the key to the Fib Retracement indicator is to turn off the garish horrible colours and, more importantly: set it to be log-scale if you habitually use a log-scale graph.

When you turn on that button it all starts to make sense.

Here's a blogpost with some thoughts and a few graphs.

Could thread-post it here if people wanted. Is that sort of thing encouraged? There wouldn't be a character limit if that sort of thing was encouraged, surely?

"It’s clear that he is going to demand that the EU completely remove any backstop, which they cannot conceivably agree to, and he will blame this on them, pushing for no deal as the only alternative. If and when parliament stops him doing so, there will be an early election which he will fight on a ‘believe in Britain’ no-deal Brexit platform. Opponents will be cast as unpatriotic, undemocratic doom-mongers and the EU as a hostile enemy."

Nice summary.

"Taken together, this means that we have a Prime Minister chosen by a tiny and highly unrepresentative fragment of the electorate to enact an extreme policy that has no democratic mandate whatsoever. It’s a perversion of democracy, and has, at best, only the most threadbare and procedural veneer of legitimacy."


In order to really know that the sun will rise every morning, you need to understand the heliocentric theory of planetary motion and a little orbital mechanics. You can't just say "because it always has been that way".

You can't really be sure that the leader of the conservative party is a twat a priori without first understanding a little about the forces that have caused that to have always been true in the past.


You can claim to have learned by induction that the sun will rise every morning, but really just because it's always been so in the past doesn't guarantee in itself that it will always be true in the future.

Every swan is a while swan, until you find a black one.


Plumbing Achievement Unlocked: Changing a broken toilet flush mechanism.

New tool awarded: Wider-mouthed adjustable wrench.

Congrats to the Blender team for getting to a release candidate for 2.8.

The new Blender is a huge improvement and I don't even resent having to rewrite some of my plugins even a bit.

Blender was already great, and now it's even better.

Exclusive pictures of the UK earlier today threatening a no-deal brexit.

The six of cups is called Pleasure, and Cups the alien is pictured pole-dancing. The card represents ecstasy and euphoria and decadence, but also romanticism and innocence and joy. All of which and yet more can be simply read from the card in my amazing easy to use tarot pack.

Imagine being Corbyn: promoting the interests of the largest community of jews in London for years as their representative and champion, they're your partners and voters, and you've been campaigning against racism and prejudice your whole life.

So what do the newspapers make everyone believe?

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