is in my hometown of .

He's describing the failures of past 20 years of government very well. But I think he was mostly in those governments wasn't he?

His idea of a "new deal" seems to be about two orders of magnitude too low, around 1% of what it needs.

He wants to feed on our "psychic energy" with a "magic potion" apparently. Sounds florid.

I tried to build a microscope in my dream last night

I was trying to find the smallest particle of the what the dream was made out of

I kept coming up with names for the bits and how they danced, hated and loved eachother but it didn't really add up to anything because I woke up to the real world with all the quarks and their charm thank bewb

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Oh, and Sean Carroll is amazing, but he's new to me. I've watched maybe three of his and am still mostly afraid of tackling even the back-catalog of the last "Biggest Ideas" lectures.


It was his chat with quantum-computer-scientist Scott Arronson that made me notice Sean Carroll:

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Some of those links got truncated badly. You will not find it hard to search when the clicking fails.

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Quantum Gravity Research is mostly beyond my comprehension:

The Royal Institution don't only do lectures at Xmas:

Thunderf00t mostly debunks, occasionally describes new research:

Tom Scott does mostly short monologue shows about science topics:

Vertitaisum does ten minute science shows:

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Lex Friedman has smart folks on and asks them intelligent questions, mostly about AI and stuff:

Weinstein does similar:

Sam Harris is great and talks to interesting folks too (He's mostly audio podcast rather than youtube though):

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Isacc Arthur explores hard-sci-fi ideas with low-effort animation underneath. What is involved in trying to move our star to another part of the galaxy? How can you make a black-hole weapon? What is the fastest way to dismantle a planet and turn it into computroniom. That sort of thing. Been meaning to mention him for ages, he's great:


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Someone was asking for and on recommendations so here's a selection of people in my youtube subscriptions from the more science/discussion direction:

Achievement Unlocked: Replacing the gas-lift in an office char.

Had to buy a pipe-wrench. That job is quite physical it turns out. More like bashing with a hammer than delicately twisting a screw.

Chair still a little wobbly, but at least I don't randomly sink to the lowest setting every ten minutes now.

When this toot is 24 hours old, my band will do live internet gig 2 which is done at an internet address rather than at a bar's address. Weird eh?


Join the live show audience, or trash talk us in the bar, or watch it on youtube.

Yudkowski's plan for police reform (particularly USA police reform) seems like the most sane and considered plan I've read.

23 concrete actionable steps for how a government could fix it's police forces.

Many of them already the case here in the UK of course, but we do seem to be heading in the direction of privatizing policing and we should really not do that.

I think politics is so broken in the US that the chances of any of this happening seem slim though.


The prototype run will be soon, there will be 22 fancy double-tin-box prints for lots of money and 78 cardboard-box prints for also lots of money but slightly less. Not sure yet. A few edits to do, then the actual printing, could be taking orders around the end of the month.

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It arrived at the weekend! The Wordcloud Tarot is a thing now, it exists.

It has a youtube channel here, which you may wish to subscribe to or like and which has the world first ever reading done with the
Worldcloud deck, in which we find that the world of tarot was indolent and lazy, and should be worried right now because the Word Cloud Tarot deck is here, and will bedevil the existing order and overturn the old guard.



A bunch of puppets and clowns, queuing earlier today to tie themselves into restrictions and disallow themselves the right to remote-vote, ensuring more clown-queues on and into the future.

Catch the clown-show at Westminster every day!

I thought "I'm going to pay tribute to a very special place" meant he was going to the toilet.

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There are those who say has no ideas other than just invading countries, but that's nonsense. He's on the TV right now in an address to the nation about his plan to address the institutional racism within his police forces and...

Oh. He's .

Oh, somehow I deleted this tab I didn't mean to delete:

Johnny Aloha "Rock Lobster", Tiki version:

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Hitting Jordan Petterson is the universal stop
signal in a youtube search, so I'll end there.
Apparently some sponsor paid him to read a
karaoke version.

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