New suit! Started the new suit!

The Ace of Pentacles shows the birth of the Pentalien, born with a silver coin in his mouth, we see him chewing the cash creatively and successfully. The achievement will surely give the magic baby the power of alchemy and many dollars.

Yanis Varoufakis getting it right again;

"It is tempting to think of the present moment as a crossroads: we either get our Green New Deal, or we descend into eco-fascism. "

Quite the contrast between the love, concern and worry coming from one half of discussion and the hatred, intolerance and anger coming from the other.

Especially in the other place. *shudder*

Angry people seem to think that people are sympathetic to that hate and intolerance rather than the love and concern.

I wonder if they're right?

"Northern Ireland has long been a millstone round the neck of the rest of the UK and to fail to take back our independence because of it would be an historic tragedy. It is not widely known that it costs the UK more to support Northern Ireland than it does to be in the EU."

- David Green in the Telegraph, *the telegraph*

Or he writes it, but the dog eats it before he can put it in the post. That might be why they got that dog.

Prime Minister Johnson says that he will send the letter which the Benn act requires of him to ask for a extension.

But he never promised he'd put a stamp on it did he? What if he just posts it without paying postage and it's returned to sender?

I'm actually done on a first draft of a script.

So that's good.

But it's over-ambitious, too technically difficult to animate, and too long-winded and only has about a third of the ideas I wanted to put into it.

That's probably good for draft one I suppose.

Been so long since I did any actual writing I forgot how hard it is.

We really live in the mirror universe, not the natural one.

The biggest clue I know of which indicates this is that the word "laser" doesn't have a Z in the middle like it clearly ought to.

In the real universe, those things are Lazers, proving that this universe is just the reflection.

The thing is not to see Quantum as a *speed up* of Moores Law., but it's continuation.

Moores Law is already a world-destroying monster if it's left unchecked. It'll turn the whole universe into computonium in a matter of millennia.

The quantum stuff, if it turns out to be reasonably scalable, will just be a part of that galaxy-destroying-monster, and likely no bigger a step than the invention of wires or transistors or printed circuits.

Doing some writing. Barely one in three words will make the cut to draft two, let alone final draft.

But they have to be written in order to cut them.

Can feel like a slog.

I will certainly find it hilarious if the ends up as a socialist paradise as a result of leaving the EU's state-ownership rules .

Less hilarious, but more likely, seems that the EU might finally get to abandon neoliberalism once the UK have finally gone away, and that they end up with a wealthy citizenry each getting a monthly citizen dividend, all working 3 day weeks.

While the UK proles will work for a reduced minim wage until an increased retirement age in the Shanghai of Europe.

The page of cups presents his knight with his prize, a carefree, idealist, witty perceptive alien as you can tell by reading the words surrounding his form.

Once Cups has had his fill, he rubs his tummy and licks his lips from satiety. He’s thinking about durability and positioning and gratitude and privacy and all the other things associated with this card which can easily be read from the card’s face.

Our Cups alien is jumping for joy in “happiness”, he’s also jumping for ecstasy and fulfillment and effort and achievement and many other words easily read from the face of the card by anyone literate.

Adjusted all the older cards too, better lighting, less flat. Now using new Blender Renderer "Eevee", so also much faster to render.

New versions all live at the website

Given that the Queen has no power to make any decision at all and apparently must follow advice from the leader of the largest party in the house even if he doesn't command a majority, I propose we automate the monarchy!

Get a robot-king.

Think of the cost savings!

If everyone else is being automated out of the job, why is the Queen excepted?

I could write a robot-monarch that just rubber-stamps orders in seconds. Way easier than a self-driving car.

The monarchy was always a sham, it's insane that genetic heritage can carry the weight of the constitutions, that a single person can decide if a parliament should sit or not.

God damn I wish this country was as democratic as the EU.

Also: Tom Watson. What the actual fuck? His party finally has a sensible brexit policy, and he throws his oar in with an insensible and insane one for what reason?

If Corbyn was like Johnson, then Watson would have no whip, and possibly be deselected.

Does anyone in the world actually believe that Johnson's proroguing of parliament was just a normal and natural gap before a Queens speech?

Only the willfully ignorant.

So is the queen willfully ignorant?

The queen wasn't misled by Johnson, she willingly acquiesced.

She appointed a prime-minister that could not command a majority in the house, then she willingly acquiesced to proroguing parliament to prevent it from questioning that illegitimate prime-minster.

Plus there was that one where the government didn't even put up anyone to count the votes so lost by default.

You can't claim it's really a loss if they didn't even contest it can you?

In this case, you need two thirds of the voters to agree before you win. Two thirds of the electorate there, not just of the voters.

You gotta be *sure* before you cost everyone their jobs.

So really he won one of his three votes, but turnout was too low so it didn't count.

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