I wish there was a good middle ground between "easy like Gitea" and "simple like cgit". Maybe I should try building one?

Nah, I can't focus for that long

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i kinda want to go back to my old setup with cgit+gitolite+git-daemon but i don't want to break links pointing to my gitea and aah

maybe i should just not care

just wrote two quick scripts to update all my containers and hopefully i'll now do updates instead of not bothering with them.


Hey, look at that my "old" ZTE Axon 7 port still works!


I'd send it upstream, but

a) It's using the downstream kernel, and msm8996 is supposed to be "easy" to mainline. (I had problems and don't really care ATM)

b) I don't trust myself to maintain it properly. I'll lose interest quickly.

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PSA: upgrade your prosody to 0.11.9 ASAP people https://prosody.im/security/advisory_20210512/

If anyone runs arch and trusts me https://burtrum.org/aur/prosody-1%3A0.11.9-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst or build yourself https://github.com/moparisthebest/arch-ppa/tree/master/src/prosody

Shameless plug: If you are very brave you can also run this beta software in front of your XMPP server to prevent too-big stanzas from getting to it in the first place: https://github.com/moparisthebest/xmpp-proxy

late take on the audacity mess 

it's not pulseaudio as i can reproduce it with pipewire, and if it's the kernel than why is it not fixed since 2018 there?

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late take on the audacity mess 

maybe audacity should fix the bugs that cause their program to break people's (including me) microphone input completely system-wide (unable to fix without a full reboot) _before_ installing google analytics


reproduction steps:

- have a motherboard with a Realtek ALC1220 sound chip
- try recording stuff

I don't know what my shortcuts are, all I know is where to place my fingers to get them to trigger

I'd get a proper Xbox controller but I don't really need any right now and don't want to do another impulse purchase. My last one hasn't even arrived yet

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Is literally nobody using (knockoff) PS3 controllers on Linux? The right joystick only recognizes one axis and nothing I search brings usable results. I have two controllers and both of them have the same error, so it's not a hardware thing as far as I can tell.

just checking out this station thing. dunno if i'll keep using it but it's pretty interesting nonetheless!


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Can you suggest me some affordable but reliable UPS solutions, enough to do a graceful shutdown/hibernate when I'm already on the computer?

Power outages are frequent these days and I worry losing data now that I have to deal with a desktop.

Boosts appreciated :boost_ok:

aouch, browsers don't seem to support hevc. that's sad innit?

anyway, downloading the videos seems to work so hopefully i can still share them with the people i want to

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End result: 8GB of videos converted down to just 423MB

That's pretty neat I'd say. Even uploading this is going to be a challenge though

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Just converting from h264 to h265 got up to 3x speed and is hovering at 1.5x, so that's faster than I expected.

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There is NO WAY this thing compressed my 2.1G video to just a measly 67M!

I mean, I did convert from 4k60 to 720p30, but still, other ~1G videos ended up near 200-300M

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the same settings + adding "-c:v libx265 -vtag hvc1" still seems to convert at around 1x speed, if a bit lower. so not that much of a difference. now let's see what the end file size is

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i'd like to try av1 and whatnot, but afaik stuff like iOS doesn't support it and it takes a ridiculously long time to convert. am i wrong?

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