ddg is not _that_ better, but at least it's not shoving irrelevant books into my face

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android's jetpack compose seems to be released properly (or close enough, i've been seeing a lot of buzz about it lately)

maybe i can finally dev on android without having to deal with all the android-yness of android and without the dart-yness of flutter

I am placing Nix(OS) into my "intriguing but won't work for me yet" category of software, next to KISS Linux and Matrix.

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I am thinking of switching back to Arch. While the concept of NixOS is really good, I keep finding myself fighting for compatibility while trying to understand the documentation.

Compatibility problems are expected because of the entire premise of the OS.

The documentation looks good until you try to do something. It feels more like it's for users to refresh their memory, and not for people trying to learn by doing.

Nix pills might be OK, but I haven't spent the hours(?) to go through it.

Any (or in general) users, is there any mouse gesture thingy that works under Wayland?

I just saw this video, and want to try mouse gestures now: youtube.com/watch?v=AItTqnTsVj

All the good changes stopped after Android 8 with Treble. Change my mind.

Coincidentally, that's also the exact same update where they replaced blobs with those ugly gradient-faced round emojis, and started screwing with the good, consistent parts of Material design.

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Android 11 Beta seems to be up.

I wonder what they're going to screw up once it gets released.

Random software-y appreciation thread i guess:

Nix (specifically, NixOS) is really nice.

Let's say I wanted to record my screen. Since I do not do that often, I don't need the screen recorder always installed. So, I just do

nix-shell -p wf-recorder slurp

I open the program, do the thing, and when I exit out the shell, it's gone, and will eventually get garbage-collected.

How cool is that?

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I am still amazed how GOOD Google's Noto fonts are.

While I was writing this, I went into my config several times to make sure I didn't have any custom fontconfig stuff like infinality or w/e. Nope. Default config with Noto.

It could also be the default config of my current distro that does this, but I don't think they changed anything.

Or it could be me comparing 1366x vs 1080p, but I've heavily used this screen before, and my fonts didn't look this good.

Am I the only one getting book links for every single Google search I do?

Yes, Google. Despite what you think, I _am_ actually aware of books.google.com and _choose_ to avoid it because they are _not relevant_

I just accidentslly ran sway under llvmpipe because some driver weirdness, and didn't notice it at all until I opened htop.

I'm kinda impressed at how well it worked, woah.

after looking at my 1366x768 laptop screen for a week, my 1080p monitor feels like 4k to me.


should I host my own mail server again??

on one hand, my current provider is really cheap, was and still is pretty reliable and mail is one of those things when you don't have access to it it can bite you in the ass later

on the other hand, more stuff to tinker with!

Hey Google!

Just because I am VPN'ing though Germany doesn't mean I can read Arabic.

wai- wa- WHAT?

What does Germany have to do with Arabic. Google, can you explain, please?

On one hand, Arch feels very stable and low-maintenance (in my standards, at least), with big repositories containing everything you can think of and more.

On the other hand, Gentoo has USE flags and similar fine-tuning.

On the other, other hand, I really like KISS Linux, and the direction it's going in.

On the other, other, other hand, Nix and it's declarative configuration system is really intriguing.

I can't choose

I completely killed my Xorg (as in, just freezed my entire pc when trying to startx), and I do not wish it on my worst enemy.

Your screen just freezes, and there is no way to get back out without REISUB. Both Dmesg and Xorg logs show nothing out of the ordinary.

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