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The FOSS community should gather together all the different public domain universes(Lovecraft, Robin Hood, Dracula, all the pulp/noir characters, etc) and build some sort of dope expanded franchise/universe of free & open source games/movies/books/TV/other cool stuff.

Come on, you know you want this to happen :D

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"please disable your content/ad blocker" is asking someone to make an exception to their security posture for your site to work. It's not better than "please disable your AV software"

As a rule, that's a terribly rude and foolish request, and you should be ashamed. If there's a genuinely good reason why you'd ask a user to take risks to view your content, you should be very clear about what that reason is — and "it doesn't work otherwise" is not clear

Internet without JavaScript: a short video

(After enabling JS, the site did ZERO fetch requests. The text that would be shown were already loaded!)

the thing I don't really like about PHP is that if you want to be efficient with how you use it you have to "break" containerization

you either have multiple php-fpm daemons running (inefficient) or throw multiple services at one daemon, which breaks the seperation

also because it's php, you _also_ need to expose the files to your webserver for it to work properly

this is all kinda eh but still manageable, just wishing it was better but whatever

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I wanted to set up some sort of selfhosted kanban/todo board kinda thing and the only sane selfhostable option turned out to be in PHP and now that I went through setting up PHP i might as well set up something like DokuWiki and now I have both and I have no idea how to use any

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incitement, death, IRL, long 

Sac is a city with a very high ratio of churches to population. It is a very conservative community with a liberal cross-section. Some of these churches sponsored Prop 8, which was the first state level ban against gay marriage.

Back when I lived in Sacramento, I was friends with a local pastor whose church supported everyone, from every walk of life. They specifically ministered to LGBTQ, and the homeless, and people struggling with addiction.


what should i install next, it's not like 5 communication programs are enough, right?

Dumb speedrunning category idea:

Play the game in your peripheral vision

The runner should have something other than the game (a GDQ VOD, maybe) in a corner and must be focused on that, while trying to play the game through their peripheral vision and the occasional glimpse.

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There are two kinds of tech-savvy users.

The "corporate" kind, that says things like "I'm a full stack developer with emphasis in machine intelligence for big data analytics" and "I have an app for that".

And the "hacker" kind, that says things like "computers were a mistake" and "sorry, I don't use smartphones. Can you send me an e-mail instead?".

Finally got to write this thing I had in mind for a long time now.

I don't expect any of my arguments to hold any water though, mostly want to get this off my chest, but if you work on any self-hosting friendly server software, please give it a peek.

(self-hosting friendly: any server software that isn't an open-washed corporate code dump)

"Keep your server software light"


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Every social media outlet banning Trump or every politician drafting articles of impeachment has big "we always could have done this if we cared to" vibes. Like a kid in middle school who talks shit when someone lays out the big bully

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Worlds richest man making money off your driving data urges people to not share data with the worlds third richest man

I regret installing Ubuntu for my family laptops. apt killed itself again and I have absolutely no idea why.

And because it's Ubuntu, there aren't any online resources other than "delete some caches and try again i guess idk"

Decided on publicly posting some of the random, incomprehensible ramblings I occasionally have, to Gemini. I still don't expect to post much, but having a clearly defined "low quality zone" might make me a bit more inclined to hit the "send" button.

Here's the first one: "Security vs. Standards"


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well, either that or i have adhd. every time i read up on someone's experiences with adhd i kinda relate in some way.

but then, diagnosing myself might not be the best idea, and it isn't exactly the best time to go to a doctor

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give me a couple hours to sleep and i'll return to my normal boring self by then

i am cursed by the short attention span of social media™ and i don't have the attention span to learn how to fix it

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also the two keyboards (music, not typing) i had from long ago. afaik one of them still works but i don't have the power cable for it on hand and even if i did i know i wouldn't use it

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every once in a while i think about getting a drawing tablet or something like that, but knowing myself i know it will stay in a corner collecting dust just like that whiteboard i got a year ago

I was reminded of something a couple years ago, when I was talking with a classmate. The discussion turned towards this Android app thing I was working on to solve a problem I had, and I still remember them saying "You should make a game instead", referring to the pay-to-win mobile games that were popular in our school.

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