Thinking of going with just because I've heard it's name before. Any possible alternatives I should try?

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If I wanted to learn some kind of , which one should I choose?

Looking for something that can replace shell or Python in the "writing quick scripts" domain.

I haven't used any Lisp for more than, like, hello world and am curious to learn at the moment.

Can anyone here link me to that post talking about how rules in online communities should be vague otherwise trolls interpret them to the letter and try to get around them?

I'll still be looking but I couldn't find it yet

you can tell i do not know how scaling works from the terrible examples in this joke

all i know is that if you do software with scaling up in mind it ends up terrible for my use cases and i will make jokes like this until you stop

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"Hello I would like to deploy 5 instances of my frontend please"

They have played us for absolute fools

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- Wanted to go higher anyway for a laugh? We had a tool for that: It was called "EVERYONE HAVING THEIR OWN SERVERS"

- "Yes please give me 5 instances of Redis. Please cluster my databases in Kubernetes Docker Container Pods" - Statements dreamed up by the utterly deranged


I just want the notes and deck parts of Nextcloud without the rest. IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK!

Also Nextcloud has this thing of needing to scan your files to populate it's db so you must use it's own tools to manage your files and that's just, come on.

I wonder if I can mount Nextcloud as a drive under Linux. I can't use NFS so I need an alternative now...

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- for them and this isn't good in my opinion.

And it's not just Nextcloud. Gitlab, Discourse, even Mastodon! The list goes on and on and sometimes there are no real alternatives to them so you are stuck with having to maintain all this

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The thing I both like and dislike about things like Nextcloud is that they are way too "enterprise".

I like it because it means they are polished and have a good community around them

I dislike it because it means they are horrible to set up and maintain, especially on low-end servers, because they are designed to "scale up" and be maintained by dedicated people.

They just feel like they are not supposed to be used by your average selfhoster but by an organization dedicating an entire server-

let's say i have a 2008 era pentium and 4gbs of ram. would nextcloud run on that without making me go insane?

or how about a modern 5$/mo vps (1 core 1gb ram), next to a bunch of other stuff (xmpp, turn, gitea, etc.) though i don't have much space for files on that so i'll most likely stick with stuff like notes

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is still a big resource hog? it seems to have literally everything and the kitchen sink, and i do want to try it out, but not sure if i have the resources for it

A friend suggested solar power, but that's gotta be way more expensive, right?

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Thinking of getting into electronics and somehow putting a full 12V into it through a breadboard or something.

I wonder how expensive the materials for that would be

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If you have Portal 2, go to Steam right now and download "Portal Reloaded". It's a free mod and it's awesome.

I'm barely in and 100% recommended

hey got the fan spinning. now how do i keep these in place without hurting myself

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I wonder how hard would it be to connect some computer fans into a USB cable cut in half

I think the heat's doing something to my brain, darn global warming

that's what i get for trying to make my own containers i guess :p

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