The demographics of librarianship are more homogeneous than computer science.

Let that sink in *truly*

hey #fediverse -- anyone on here using nikola (static site gen) with font awesome? I don't like using CDNs for privacy reasons, but I am having the *hardest* time adding fontawesome to my nikola 8 site.

It's very weird for me to post here and see the face of a dog that died when I was like 6 or 7 years old. Miss you Snuffy.

espesh since it actually *happened* at MPOW. Not forever, but there was some Dicey Times.

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I've spent the better part of my librarian career being afraid of education creep, as someone who had a Not Trivially Easy time with the MLS I'm constantly paranoid about being shitcanned in favour of PhDs

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gotta stop myself from getting Mad on Birdsite about librarian/archivist erasure

UGH I'm sorry. I used to rant about real estate for *years* on birdsite until I woke up and came to the conclusion that all it does is make me unpleasant to be around and poisons my soul. And now I have brought this trash here, and y'all don't deserve it. I LOVE YOU.

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jackass example: this is on my street, the aforementioned five lane thoroughfare that is noisy as hell and rattly from giant trucks going by. They wanted $350k for *half* of a crappy bungalow duplex.

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I'm richer than I've ever been in my life. I can buy pizza whenever I want. I pay off my credit card in full multiple times a month. Yet I live in a shitty crumbling apartment on a five lane thoroughfare where I can *hear bus announcements through my walls*, and I can't afford to move anywhere else. This is stupid.

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I love this country to bits, it is the finest place I have ever lived or probably will ever live, but everybody here is so goddamn stupid about property. Fuck off and sell your place.

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somewhat sick-to-death of all the stories about Canadian real estate collapsing. I don't see a collapse, all I see is jackasses holding onto their houses for like three months and not dropping prices. Wake me up when the market actually corrects.

I will probably just lock my birdsite if I ever go job hunting

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having a sudden sinking feeling that I will never ever be hired at any new job because my twitter has statements like "I wish I had kicked that guy in the nards when I was six years old"

kind of obsessed with the barometric graph thing on my watch

BLUGH dislike Trudeau but am worried the NDP is tearing itself apart

"you wouldn't download a" trivia (cw: sketchy business practices)

Hollywood-funded anti-piracy association Brein, the people who made the "you wouldn't download a car" ad, tried to stiff Melchior Rietveldt, the musician who composed the music for it, out of the vast bulk of his royalties. They told him the ad would only be shown at a local film festival, then stuck the ad on a bunch of DVDs and acted like they had full right to.

So, like, if you're ever wondering if anti-piracy capitalists hate piracy? The answer is "no". They'll steal and lie seven days a week and twice on Sundays. They just hate seeing people enjoy media without paying them.

Extremely skeptical of librarians who got jobs from roughly 1987-1995.

tryna to figure how many figs to give to the latest "my librarian tenure journey" article that I saw over on birdsite

If someone tells you they're suffering from depression and you'd like to make them feel better, choose *any* topic other than their work or hobby accomplishments. They're probably finding it really hard to work on those, so you're pointing out that their merits as a human being center on a current failing.

Even if it's someone you only know through their work, there's plenty of encouragement and warmth to be shared by complimenting their past conduct, openness or kindness.

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