Das #Addon für #Firefox kann auch #Instagram-Links nach #bibliogram.art umleiten 👍 (neben #openstreetmap, #nitter, #invidious)

Privacy Redirect – Holen Sie sich diese Erweiterung für 🦊 Firefox (de) addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/

Okay, ich werde die nexten 7 Tage im Home Office deutlich produktiver sein. Merkt euch: postet kein Foto eines Pflastersteins auf 🐦 , nennt ihn dann "Argment", schon gar nicht im Kontext "Enteignet Springer".

Interessanter Artikel: Nicht nur Hamsterkäufe sind schuld an der Klopapier- oder Bananenknappheit. Hier ein Erklärungsansatz:

So... for remote teaching, I am looking for more skype and zoom alternatives. For obvious reasons, I don't want to use Zoom and Skype is also not exactly a favorite.

Jitsi Meet works most of the time, but yesterday I had one student who couldn't get it to work on their mobile device.

What I need:
* something that lets me choose which camera/mic I'm using
* ideally works web browser-based
* screen sharing.

#recommendations anyone?

covid19 pandemic diary 

COVID19 class divide 

Protip: Instead of spreading misinformation, or using April fools day as an excuse to be weird and cruel - why not play a real prank on some real fuckers?

Go squat a hotel. Give the rooms to anyone expected to sleep outside.

The look on the bourgeois's face will be hilarious!

for april fool's day i would like to propose that we all collaborate on the highest of goofs: posting sincerely in love and support and kindness for one another

"hey harp that isn't a goof" listen listen hold on this is some experimental treatment for the irony-poisoned all right? lemme see if telling them it's a bit would actually work -

I heard you were at home and might have a bit of time... is the list of books you would like to share with your friends up-to-date? :D

#libre #booksharing

Habt ihr gute Ideen für Vorlesebücher (für Erwachsene)? Am liebsten deutschsprachig. Wir sind grad durch mit Karen Duve's Die entführte Prinzessin.

Colder and rainy today, so I should be inside and online some today.

How's everyone doing? Transitioning from vacation mode to resilient mutualism at a good pace?

Essen, Berlin 


FCKNZS - Kein Sex mit Nazis! 

Ich bin ja ganz gerne maskiert und vermummt, aber ich würd auch gerne noch Emotionen oder Offenheit gegenüber anderen kommunizieren können …

Heute hab ich einer Person die mit Mundschutz vorbeigefahren ist zugenickt und sie hat recht überrascht zurückgenickt, das war schön.

i get overloaded with the hot takes that i see floating around HERE and it's more homogenous and stuff i agree with but it's still a lot sometimes! and then i go to twitter and it's people who are so terminally online that their entire lives are connected to the fabric of a badly run bloated social media platform to the point of spending most of their time on there complaining about others or writing out the receipts et cetera et cetera

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"but emsenn, I don't really have anything to contribute"

That's... really not your judgement to make. You don't know /what/ your community needs, because you're only part of it, and you only have your view.

Nor do any of us truly know what our communities will need, in the future.

The wage system has skewed our ability to see productivity and utility where it truly is.

We're all part of the same living system, by definition no one is worth more.

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GPLv2 but with an extra clause stating that your readme (or ur "about" window or whatever) must include the phrase "trans rights are human rights"

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