> In practice,however, wealth—and therefore capital income—in Germany is extremely concentrated. On average, Germans are richer than almost anyone else in Europe. The average German is about 50 percent richer than the average Italian and twice as wealthy as the average Spaniard. The distribution of wealth is so unequal in Germany, however, that the median German household is far poorer than the median Spanish household and only about as wealthy as the median Greek or Polish household. According to a comprehensive survey by the European Central Bank, Germans on lower incomes have less net wealth, in absolute terms, than low-income Estonians and Hungarians. Many Germans either have no assets at all or owe debts greater than the assets they do own.

Falls ich mal ne Nu-Metal-Band gründe um beim aufzutreten nenn ich sie Linkenpack.

ok evtl werden die proteste gegen die #IAA ja tatsächlich groß 😁 ich finds so geil dass wir tatsächlich in schland eine diskursverschiebung hinbekommen wenn es um autos geht. gegen autos! in schland!!


i constantly think about how the FBI claimed the black panther party's free breakfast program was the most dangerous threat to the US (because, the reasoning is, that it made them look good and thus harmed the FBI's mission to slander the panther party as some sort of extremist violent group)

it's in the cointelpro memos

Das KTS in Freiburg hat die beschlagnahmten Computer von der linksunten-Razzia zurückbekommen.

"LKA, Bundespolizei und Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz haben sich gemeinsam drei Jahre die Zähne an einer stinknormalen Linux-Verschlüsselung ausgebissen."

Sowas macht doch Hoffnung.


Controversial digital art take, whining 

The medium is digital art, not Photoshop. Focusing on specific brands of program only benefits big tech companies and discourages competition. You don't see trad artist books saying they'll teach you how to paint with 'winsor and newton inks' and hyper focusing on flow rates and how much it absorbs into W&N brand paper, do you? Well you do but not nearly as much as books purportedly about digital art technique and skills are just PS technical manuals...

"Cryptocurrency is one of the worst inventions of the 21st century. [...] It has failed to be a useful currency, invented a new class of internet abuse, further enriched the rich, wasted staggering amounts of electricity, hastened climate change, ruined hundreds of otherwise promising projects, provided a climate for hundreds of scams to flourish, created shortages and price hikes for consumer hardware, and injected perverse incentives into technology everywhere. Fuck cryptocurrency."

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@adrianheine Here's a game in which you need to spend all of Jeff Bezos' money. It is pretty difficult. direkris.itch.io/you-are-jeff-

klarkommen ist doch nur was für Leute die nicht damit klarkommen nicht klarzukommen

Ok I got one more: provided Jeff Bezos would spend all his income on cocaine and sniff it with 100€ bills using each bill only for one line (for sanitary reasons) he would still have to sniff 6000 lines and discard 1kg of 100€ bills per minute.

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Well, what do we learn from that? I guess not much except that if you mess up a 16t cocaine delivery to the Port of Hamburg you should at least also try to be one of the richest people on earth because Jeff Bezos –god beware such a mishap ever happens to him– would only have to wait one or two weeks to pay off his debt if he ever finds himself in that situation.

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Chef Bossos in his current role brings home all that nice hard-earned money AFTER having split at least somewhat (emphasis "least" I guess) with admin, logistics, production, dirty-ass paramilitary soldiers and corrupt politicians.

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also, even if "Snow White" Jizz Bezoose would indeed sell a staggering 65 kilogram of cocaine per hour 24/7 on the lovely streets of Berlin, he would have to split that money at least somewhat with admin, logistics, production, dirty-ass paramilitary soldiers and corrupt politicians, making only a lousy half a million profit, whereas

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(obv this doesn't mean that he actually produces or distributes 65kg of cocaine because as you might know I strongly suspect that Jeff Bezos doesn't actually do anything remotely useful)

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Jeff Bezos makes ~65kg cocaine (street price in Berlin) per hour.

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Es sieht so aus als ob es wieder einen #Brandanschlag auf die @SJagow15@twitter.com in #Berlin #Spandau gab.
Erst vor wenigen Tagen wurde dort eingedrungen und mit einem Brandsatz der Hausflur in Brand gesetzt. twitter.com/SJagow15/status/13

Announcing Meme It So! It's a Star Trek The Next Generation Meme and GIF Generator, inspired by Frinkiac.

It has every line of dialogue spoken on STTNG tied to screencaptures. Which makes it good for looking up lines as well.


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