The whole Nick Clegg thing reminds me of that time Apple hired the guy who ran Dixons. There’s still something about the British accent that seduces American CEOs.

Anyway, the Dixons guy fucked it all up with a drive for cost-cutting and was swiftly canned. Who got hired instead? Angela Ahrendts, former CEO of Burberry, a company that notably was not a dying shit-heap.

In conclusion, I look forward to Facebook hiring Nicola Sturgeon after her successful campaign for independence in 2020.

I’m sympathetic to anti-subscription arguments for games, but fundamentally it comes down to what you count as “utility”. I personally don’t care about playing games I bought years ago, that’s not something I value highly.

I’m willing to give up the benefits of “total ownership” in favour of greater choice of newer games. I’m more likely to try unusual or risky games if they come as part of a subscription.

The Return of the Obra Dinn is sooo good 😬 Such a clever concept, so stylish! Really shows the virtue of a small budget, small scope (zero colour, no animation) game

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