Brutal post-mortem on a very fine looking mystery/puzzle adventure. Only 3000 copies sold 😬

As they say in the piece, there are many possible reasons for the low sales. My guess is that with such intense competition, polish isn’t enough - you need an incredibly unique hook to stand out, and I couldn’t find one in the game’s description.

I hadn’t watched an ep of Bodyguard before Sunday, but it turns out that reading Wikipedia plot synopses and watching Previously Ons was a decent substitute way to catch up.

*proceeds to jump into Red Dwarf stasis booth to conserve yet more life

‪Unexpected benefit of the new Apple Watch is that Apple Pay is way faster, particularly on tube card readers - helps me avoid the wrath of London commuters.‬

‪Yup, Killing Eve is just as good as everyone says‬

I like how the major reveal in the Spider-Man game is via PowerPoint

I’ve got an appointment with a kilt maker tomorrow, AMA

@adrianhon 60% completed and my desire for a PS4 Pro has been entirely extinguished. The graphics in this game are 🔥 and the loading times are totally fine on my day 1 PS4

The first ep of @Serial Season 3 isn’t as extraordinary as S1, but it’s still captivating storytelling and crucially, much more important

What do you skip in things you otherwise like? Me:

- In Our Time eps about science
- Shouts & Murmurs in The New Yorker
- Everything after the 30 min mark in Pod Save America

In my home office in the afternoon, the sun shines directly in my eyes. With the weather being what it is in Edinburgh, every time I lower the blinds the sun goes away, and vice verse.

Clearly the only solution can be transparent LCD windows.

“…200% of your move and exercise goals will get you 200 points for each of those categories. If you stand for all 24 hours of a given day then you can get 200% of your stand goal too.”

This is bad design. Apple shouldn’t reward unhealthy behaviour.

(This is in respect to the new watchOS 5 Competitions feature rather than the usual Activity Rings stuff.)

So I tried Magic Leap recently, and while I am:

- grateful for the demo
- aware it's a prototype
- long-term positive on heads-up AR

...let's be honest, it was a bit shit. It only works well in low-light conditions and the FOV is narrow, you can see through everything, and it's uncomfortable.

I don't think we get anywhere by pretending tech is good when it isn't. This isn't even the first-gen Palmpilot.

Spider-Man on the normal PS4 is surprisingly OK! Sure, my console’s fans sound like a jet is taking off but it turns out I wasn’t utterly ruined all the Gamescom 4K HDR Pro/One X demos.

It's also awoken my "climb and collect everything" impulse, long dormant since AC2.

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