- information travels through the æther
- which is the quintessence that fills the universe beyond our terrestrial sphere
- network engineers think they can capture it in WIRES!


Google once again miscalculating subscription data, and once again not telling developers. Laughable how bad they are at this stuff.

Apparently Korean is closer to Cantonese than Mandarin, which explains why so many of the Korean words in Pachinko seemed familiar to me (e.g. “this one”).

Something to do with Cantonese being closer to Middle Chinese, retaining final consonants, etc.

Sophomoric stuff. A very small drop in Netflix subscribers doesn’t mean total streaming video hours have dropped - and even if they did, we don’t know if the replacement is more or less carbon-intensive.

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Do you want to teach Art Games & Playable Media in an intersectional feminist, queer/trans, decolonial program in the redwoods by the beach? We've had some big changes around here & are hiring lecturers for next year asap! Apply here: DM me with questions!

I have tasted the forbidden fruit of OLED TVs and now every cinema projector looks like dogshit to me – oh, the hubris!

Putting the web3/metaverseof it all aside, Disney has not demonstrated any internal expertise at "next generation storytelling" whatsoever, unless you're talking about immersive stuff at the parks rather than, say, games.

Fundamentally its tech play has been about new ways of making and distributing video content rather than digital-native stuff. So I don't know why anyone takes these kinds of grandiose strategies seriously.

Great piece by Daniel Hajjar on the Arabic music in Moon Knight! Some of the artists are essentially banned from performing in Egypt, so it’s a Big Deal for them to featured in an MCU show…

Every time I hear “the light of consciousness” I want to extinguish my own

I’m helping out on the Metafilter Transition Team to address the site’s critical needs as it moves to new ownership. If you have ideas, let us know!

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