Purely peaceful protest will go no where, as history has shown. Without threat of action, disruption, maybe what some would consider "violence", protest can and will be simply ignored.

Full electric vehicle adoption is a long way off for many reasons, so easy win gas engine efficiency improvements are nice to see. arstechnica.com/cars/2022/06/p

Planted some trees today. Good to get the hands dirty for a while

I am reading a book about "accidents", but the chapter in there about blame is incredibly relevant to mass shootings. In fact a few chapters are pretty relevant, but the one on blame feels especially so.

The lie we are told over and over again. The gunman acted alone. They are solely to blame.

Its wrong. The blame for extremely predictable tragedies belongs on the systems that enable, encourage, and perpetuate those events.

Did you know #Mastodon only has about one thousand people across all these sites who are providing financial support? In addition to supporting your local instance admins, if you can please consider donating to Mastodon development.




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Disc golf course at Swan Lake state park near Carroll IIowa is a good one! Encountered more pelicans than I would have ever expected. A couple of my shots got dangerously close to going in the lake in places I would not have been going after them, but I don't mind a bit of a challenge like that from time to time.

Been playing with synth apps. Yesterday spent some time trying to learn the concepts and vocabulary, but didn't find a good concise intro. Any recommendations? I am sort of past needing it maybe, but one of my kids is interested

BTW a good clipboard manager is still a must have extensions.gnome.org/extension

Not sure if Gnome has considered just building something like this in. Seems like it would be a good candidate IMO

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My remaining nitpick is the process of upgrading finding new compatible gnome extensions is still pretty clunky.

The new Extensions Manager is great to have and seems close to solving this maybe, but not there quite yet, in my case at least flathub.org/apps/details/com.m

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Flawless upgrade!

From Ubuntu 21.10 -> 22.04

Big upside of snaps and flatpaks; no need to re-enable/fix/find-new-versions-of a bunch of PPA links

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