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“CLUB ASM” by dekadence, the assembly summer 2019 invitation for iphone. 4th place in the wild compo at revision

watch it on your phone with the jumalauta collection:

cable and power management are still a big question mark. i think i'll just have to mutilate the back cover of the mac classic case so that i can reach the power button. not too interested in arduino servo hacks

sarpaneva lunations pre-selected in the "calendar and astronomy" category at this year's gphg. no reason for mentioning this 😊


the apple watch's watch faces may be a bit on the boring side but at least they're not whatever the hell all this is

i love this track so much. keep thinking about how to make a grindcore demo that's not super corny

trying to apply rounded corners to an image on android and i'm so fucking mad

my demo from assembly summer 2019, "it's more fun to consume" by dekadence.


jumalauta collection update coming later

the video doesn't stay in sync all the way to the end either. fml

i'm getting a headache from watching my demo all day. i guess that means it's ready

my "just start coding and it'll come to you" plan hasn't worked so far

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