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“CLUB ASM” by dekadence, the assembly summer 2019 invitation for iphone. 4th place in the wild compo at revision

watch it on your phone with the jumalauta collection:

Jori Kemppi - Felt Cute, Might Delete Later EP

Found some old tracks from 2014-2016 while cleaning up my Dropbox. Original project files or even lossless mixdowns don't exist anymore, so these will remain unfinished and unmastered. Enjoy!

trying to get back into making tracks again after barely being able to for the last couple years. so i’m kinda challenging myself to both slowly learning my hardware and just to make and release something. here’s the first thing:

crypto art makes me consider getting back into making weird little art apps and just releasing them on the app store as before, sidestepping all the crypto horseshit

me, ten years later: hey, what if i started making the exact same thing by myself but with no effects whatsoever

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we finally made a good-ish capture of one of the first demos i had more input on. it’s pretty rough but i still like the soundtrack i made. “form” by dekadence, 2008, for nokia series 60

discreant is five years old. we played our old rehearsal tape release again to celebrate

the intergalactic fm iphone app is finally updated, and with a new look to boot! get it at

i updated my windows 10 window management app to contain magnet-style global hotkeys for setting window positions and sizes. might be of interest to people who use magnet on the mac. code is a mess. binary on the releases page

i made a demo. “special disco version” by jumalauta, for iphone. 3rd place in the jml20v demo compo

“serial” by dekadence, our atari st demo released at sommarhack 2020 last weekend.

boozedrome 3. coming this summer.

our amiga demo released at revision 2020.

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