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“CLUB ASM” by dekadence, the assembly summer 2019 invitation for iphone. 4th place in the wild compo at revision

watch it on your phone with the jumalauta collection:

the jumalauta data science committee has prepared a presentation for you:

“vesilintu” by dekadence, our assembly 2022 demo for wonderswan color:

i made the music for this little sinclair ql prod. it uh sounds really great

boozedrome 5 compo stream:

saturday next week: live event at boozembly hills, where voting will be open and this year’s cassette will be available!

boozedrome 5 starts on saturday 14:00 finnish time. 10+ brand new amigacore tracks.

“you have no rights”, our hi-res demo for atari st released at sommarhack 2022.

due to unforeseen circumstances, i am now a "dock on the bottom" guy after a decade+ of being a "dock on the right" guy. apologies

although i *will* deal with app store bullshit soon anyway, since i'm going to add this demo to the jumalauta collection. pride in my work and so on

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stating the obvious, but it's pretty nice to be able to just release a zip file containing the demo, instead of having to fuck around with app store bullshit

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Hardcore Software Engineering, my contribution to JML Färjän this weekend. A 256 byte production for the TIC-80, second place in the combined demo/intro competition.

"nausea" by dekadence, my latest demo, this time on macOS. 3rd place in the jumalauta färjan 2022 demo compo

finally realized both pcsx2 and ridge racer 5 work on my mac, so now i’m living my best life

i had a typo in my bio on here and it only took me circa five years to notice

we also wrote a bunch of tools while making this demo, including a 4-channel .mod converter (and a player) and graphics converter. someone might find them useful

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we made a demo for the bandai wonderswan, which came 2nd in the oldschool demo compo at revision 2022. take a look

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