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“CLUB ASM” by dekadence, the assembly summer 2019 invitation for iphone. 4th place in the wild compo at revision

watch it on your phone with the jumalauta collection:

i love this track so much. keep thinking about how to make a grindcore demo that's not super corny

trying to apply rounded corners to an image on android and i'm so fucking mad

my demo from assembly summer 2019, "it's more fun to consume" by dekadence.


jumalauta collection update coming later

the video doesn't stay in sync all the way to the end either. fml

i'm getting a headache from watching my demo all day. i guess that means it's ready

my "just start coding and it'll come to you" plan hasn't worked so far

trying (and failing) to come up with an idea for a small demo for assembly. or rather trying to come up with ideas that are quick to implement in a couple days

the boozedrome speaker is busted. here's hoping we can either get it fixed or find a replacement before saturday next week. fuck

A thing I released at nordlicht but hadn't posted yet: Styleplus Inc., a modern graphics entry I made in Blender. Fullres and stages here:

I might do a reworked and longer rendered version of it sometime soon, too

Our demo got 3rd place \o/

Huge thanks to everyone who helped, especially @SuricrasiaOnline and Titus/Rabenauge for making the graphics very last-minute!

someone please explain to me the point/benefits of tiling window managers

still, it runs the aforementioned apps, a fairly recent version of ableton live, and photoshop. so by no means useless, despite 10.5 being the latest version of macos that runs on it. i'd say this makes for a pretty decent demoparty computer

this one's pretty busted. needs a new battery, more ram, preferably an ssd, and probably a good cleaning inside

the 12" powerbook was the computer i *really* wanted in 2004. i could only afford the ibook, and even that was with the help of a student loan and discount

here's something i learned after being stumped for two days: if your ppc mac hangs when you use networking, try disabling ipv6. worked for me

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