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“CLUB ASM” by dekadence, the assembly summer 2019 invitation for iphone. 4th place in the wild compo at revision

watch it on your phone with the jumalauta collection:

i updated my windows 10 window management app to contain magnet-style global hotkeys for setting window positions and sizes. might be of interest to people who use magnet on the mac. code is a mess. binary on the releases page

i made a demo. “special disco version” by jumalauta, for iphone. 3rd place in the jml20v demo compo

“serial” by dekadence, our atari st demo released at sommarhack 2020 last weekend.

boozedrome 3. coming this summer.

our amiga demo released at revision 2020.

here's discreant playing our controversial new hit song, "super mario 64 sucks" live

PURORESU NO SEISHIN - A PICO-8 demo, and a love letter to Japanese professional wrestling, from Jumalauta. Released at Instanssi 2020, won first place in the demo compo. Code, music and graphics by me, some graphics are based on CC photos that are credited in the video description.

Cart, binaries and source code available for download on Pouet.

i just can't stand mac os 9. i'll rather use panther, even if it's slow as shit and takes up half the 6 GB hard drive

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if you could, please vote for discreant on this page so that we could play more gigs (potentially at the tuska metal festival, if we do really well!)

our atari xl 16k intro, "beertime xl", with music by me. came 2nd in the compo i think. my first 8bit atari track ever

It's Independence Day, so I'm spending this day celebrating a true Finnish hero.

discreant, a band featuring me, @jorikemppi and britelite, won the music compo at vortex 2019 with this song, "punch a nazi". have a listen, won't you

anyway i'm having fun trying to learn how to make demos for neo geo

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so am i correct in assuming that (demo) programming on old ass machines can basically be summarized as "lots and lots of tables (and maybe shifting)"

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