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There's out there who will sue US-American companies if their don't comply to government-mandated guidelines. Lawyer up and request counter expertise from an accessibility expert. In the cases I've witnessed, the scammer produces a report generated by an automated tool, hoping to blow hard. The available tools however all disclaim: don't rely on automation. Check everything manually. Hire an expert.

Just a friendly reminder to people that if you ever consider wiping your phone, you'll lose your authentication software, so... yeah, lesson learned. At least I only seem to have lost my Discord account.

Wheelchairs, Venting, Info Request 

Xah Talk Show 2019-09-15
rot13, bash, perl, ruby, clojure leiningen, linux Mac Windows keybinding, emacs efficiency

i really love modern tv show editing where quiet moments cant be heard at all whatsoever unless youre at max volume, and loud moments break your speakers. this is a perfect system

silly security training. the correct answer is escort to reception, every time

*All* intelligence performs better in a scope, but artificial intelligence is even worse at setting its own scope than humans are

ML algorithms get their reputation for high CPU usage and large data requirements because they are operating on n-dimensional matrices for excessive values of n. Other computational fields avoid quadratic behavior. AI says, "Hold my beer"

Anything that reduces the value of n for an application is going to reduce resource requirements, whether that's making the task more specific or discovering new constraints to apply early in the evaluation process

That's how gatekeepers and rent seekers get made irrelevant

🎶 i've got 99 problems and luftballoons are all of them 🎶

Basically, "notarizing" is a new name Apple made up for signed apps, which means that literally 100% of software for Mac will now have to be Apple-approved

and they're already putting conditions for approving that software, which we should be very thankful they have relaxed or something

Any suggestions on free software to analyze logs? In particular #Apache access and #fail2ban logs?

Since it's text I can do everything I want manually, but I figure somebody else has already written up some scripts for this.


"which results in a nonsensical rule insisting that localhost-to-localhost traffic needs to be masqueraded. Remarkably, this seems to not completely break the entire universe, "


Hi, everyone! :blobartist:

We're looking for audio-visual artists who want their stuff displayed online.

Anything from animation shorts to music videos as long as it's yours and/or CC.

The idea is to build up a sort of community 'TV' (stream), for fedi peeps to watch and have fun! :blobaww:

Cc: @seven

#OTV #WeAreNameless #CallForArtists

The computers on the Voyager probes have over 40 years of uptime, and have been patched at distances measured in light-hours. How?

Reliability, redundancy, reconfigurability.

Radiation-hardened parts, cross-connectible backups, all memory is RAM.

They've patched 'em to have better data compression and more efficient forward error correction as distance resulted in reduced bandwidth.

Can cache data when there's no signal. Have turned off instruments to save power.


if any of you lovelies out there have questions about using/ buying makeup because maybe you didn't get to play with it growing up, or whatever, you're completely free to ask me anything. big brand, indie, high end, affordable, dupes, accessibility tools, my knowledge of it is pretty wide.

Jeez, talk about signs, signifiers and signifieds and JavaScript is amazing and absolutely hilarious!

In Icelandic, cardinals 1-4 are gendered.
In Norwegian/Swedish, only 1 is gendered, I think.

Einn, ein, eit
Tveir, tvær, tvö
Þrír, þrjár, þrjú
Fjórir, fjórar, fjögur

🇳🇴 Nynorsk
Éin, éi, eitt

And also a follow up on my traefik story, where an upgrade of the go version dropped the defaults for TLS connections down to SSLv3, instead of TLS1.0.

The wonderful team around traefik solved the problem and released a new version within 2 days:

That's how things should work!

#traefik #infosec #security #TLS #SSL

It’s a very fast bridge! ;-)
When you're taking photos from a high speed train, the camera's vertical scan speed matters.

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