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Regular reminder that my spouse searches for missing people and attempts to identify the unidentified. She focuses on minorities and those usually ignored by the police. Mainly in the USA. Currently she's learning to be a forensic geneaologist. Feel free to reach out.

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25 Years ago I majored in Political Science and Comparative Culture. I never finished that study. But it did open my eyes to the pervasiveness of politics. My posts here tend to focus on developing software, securing information, making music, and my family. I strongly believe that those unaware (or ignorant) of politics and history wind up making software that hurts lots of people.

: editing a spreadsheet template with the expects that is the default spreadsheet editor on the PC. Any other default editor will cause the designer to fail opening the template. And thanks, Qlik.

that JSch ( implementation of ssh) doesn't support the new OpenSSH private key format. This is unfortunate because that is the default for some versions of the ssh-keygen tool (mine included).

This was an interesting debugging session.

To write up my benchmarking the way I want I'll have to break it into parts. First up, how does #Java #javafx perform on #AppleSilicon under Rosetta?
Real World Apple Silicon Benchmarks Part 2: JavaFX

That awkward moment when you get tired of complicated AWS pricing models and decide to rent a LightSail VPS instead. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Calling on all my pals! We're looking for someone to join our open-source team at to contribute to the project!


5.7 is released!

🏕 Isolated tests
🌟 New Enabled/DisabledIf execution conditions
📝 Custom disabled reasons
♻️ New MethodOrderer.DisplayName
🏷 New DisplayNameGenerator.Simple
✈️ Java Flight Recorder support
🧰 Improved EngineTestKit


TIL it's *much* faster to sync an empty directory to S3 (`aws s3 sync --delete empty/ s3://bucket/prefix`) to delete all objects with a common prefix with CLI than deleting them recursively (`aws s3 rm s3://bucket/prefix/ --recursive`).

It still takes frigging long, though.

#AWS has turned adding records in Route53 into a multi-step pain in the backside

#Programming #Java #Lisp #CommonLisp #ConditionSystem

I've more or less finished Cafe Latte - an implementation of Common Lisp dynamic variables, control flow operators, and condition system in plain Java.

Ich habe mal eine Frage zu #Java unter #Debian #Linux:

Ist es egal, welche Version der JRE von OpenJDK ich nutze? Synaptic bietet mir bei #SparkyLinux die Versionen 11, 13 und 14 zur Installation an.

Die JRE soll mit der "libnss3-tools" Bibliothek ohne Probleme klarkommen.

Today is the day I uninstall and revert to .

Every time I update anything in , SSMS18 fails to start up. Just sits there, idling. It generally takes 10 minutes to start anyway.

SSMS14 did not have those problems. This product just got worse and worse over the years. Thanks but no thanks, .

#maskies videogame 

About to go live, everyone! Our lead game developer will be working on our video game, Maskie's Ice Cream Parlor. Come over to our #discord and chat with us?

Cutting Balsa Wood with Air (Oh, and a Laser)

[DIY3DTech] likes using his Ortur laser cutter for balsa wood and decided to add an air assist system to it. Some people told him it wasn’t worth the trouble, so in the video below, he compares the results o…

Original tweet :

What's worse?

Had a bit of a scare this morning after my youngest offspring stayed out longer than expected, after my admonishment to walk off the excess energy. Found them safe and sound working on a personal shelter in their secret hide-out, after walking around the neighborhood and picking up all the stray garbage. Happy parent is happy, but also more careful with my statements next time.

@fribbledom oh, okay, it’s because the golden ratio (1.618…) is very close to how many kilometers are in a mile (1.609…)

Mind blown, I never realized this coincidence:

You can use the next number in the Fibonacci sequence (1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34) to convert from miles to kilometers.

For example, 13 miles is 21 kilometers.


So FB will ban anyone at will (including Christopher Wylie) making them lose their Instagram, Whatsapp, and Oculus accounts... but won't ban Steve Bannon when he says Dr Fauci should be beheaded? And people are supposed to be ok with this? Why aren't people in jail yet?

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