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Data integration, ETL, office automation, live programming, DevOps. And voice-chat! Come watch me work and talk about what I do:

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Dear developers: if your (web) limits our length, it is a clear sign your software is NOT our passwords, but storing it in clear / . This is a huge red flag for , and makes it so that the security-aware among us will hesitate to sign up.

As a side thought: why do 's managers include incompatible and incomplete packages? Who is responsible for that?

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By Odin, it worked! Installing 8.8.3 for means it was possible to successfully install the package manager, which means the and packages could get downloaded from , and this time did not complain about a missing libHSold-locale library! wOOt!

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reinstalled using ghcups-hs. Now the version is 8.8.3. Testing my own previous applications completed successfully. Retrying Database.HDBC.ODBC.

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It appears that my ghci is looking for symlinks in a local .cabal folder, which does not exist. I removed the erroneous configurations from the local .ghc package cache folder, to no avail. Unstalling the entire environment and trying again.

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me, releasing my game to critical acclaim

interviewer: what's your most favorite thing about releasing Shield Cat?

me: I don't have to deal with Patreon's sad excuse for a website anymore

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Doctors, researcher, immunologists, epidemiologists: This is a serious Pandemic with serious repercussions for our country if we do not do what needs to be done!

The GOP: Don’t y’all worry none! Go to the beach! Spend some money!

I get very exhausted when people use their knowledge about how things are done in the big tech / surveillance capitalism (or maybe just "capitalist") world, and try and apply it in totally different domains, like community-focused volunteer projects.

Almost all the implicit assumptions don't hold.

Capitalist projects have a lot of resources to solve problems because they are willing to engage in destructive and extractive behaviours.

If we remove that part, the equation massively changes.

This is really cool: vector maps converted to ASCII to display in a terminal.


For the first time, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has supported legislation that would require American shell companies to report their beneficial owners.


Hey there, devs. Do you use HDBC.ODBC? Have you run into problems with libHSOld-locale? I have. Maybe you can help me fix it? Check my request on Reddit, please?

I like the design trends of things getting bigger, bolder, and using up more space. I still think design should be more dense, but at least you can read things now. The style used to be make things as tiny and thin as possible and then leave everything as whitespace. I’m glad we’ve moved past that.

This is an interesting lens on the “global capitalism is just one major illness away from bankruptcy” effect many have recently pointed out. —

Fool me once, shame on me -- why do companies that have lied about what they'll do after an anticompetitive merger get believed when they tell the SAME lie the next time around?

Data integration, ETL, office automation, live programming, DevOps. And voice-chat! Come watch me work and talk about what I do:

Können wir die Pflegeberufe zusätzlich als Sportvereine führen?
RT @Sportbuzzer
beschließt: Sport-Profiligen erhalten 200 Millionen Euro Nothilfe - auch 3. Liga wird unterstützt


Stream has come to an end. Thank you so much for everyone who joined in to view or chat or both! Hope to catch you all soon!

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I'm live on : live programming, .
Today with live voice chat! Come talk to me while I figure out how to run database queries with haskell.

I just realized something really scary.

The way that fb and the horrible birdsite display their news feeds: an infinite scrolling list in rough order of what they think will cause you to react... is based on my early work with (and arguably invention of) collaborative filtering in the early 90s. It was a good idea, but in widespread adoption has seemed to cause some terrible, real problems.

I'm really sorry, everybody.

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