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I wrote an online word search named . It has hyperlinks to its dictionary and instructions. Free to play. Requires . A version with web mark-up words can be found here:

I may be biased, but I was most pleased with the accessibility hackathon they ran. #HackOnMDN
Looking back at a year of countless MDN improvements, and teasing some of the cool things yet to come: @jwhitlock's first @MozDevNet Changelog of 2019

non-programmers are an important part of open source projects. non-programmer contributions are valid and useful and not second tier or otherwise less valuable.

it's easy to say programmers are the only value-add when you're fortunate enough to have enough non-programmers that you can take them for granted.

if you take away the feature requests, translations, and general chatter - many OSS projects would have never been more than flawed, narrow use case tech demos.

#Hypha DAT-1 spike complete! :success:

1. Generates strong passphrase using Diceware (EFF’s word list).

2. From the passphrase, derives Ed25519 (signing) and Curve25519 (encryption) key material.

3. Uses signing keys to create an in-browser hypercore.

4. Replicates the in-browser hypercore to the unprivileged always-on node via web socket.

5. Always-on node joins hyperswarm and replicates with native client.

Oh, dear.

Today I happened upon the arguments limit for the language.

I've used that language for years. This is the first time I encountered that compilation error.

Apparently the spec states in §4.3.3 that a method descriptor can have no more than 255 arguments, including the normally implied /this/ argument.

I used a parameter with 1000 items. That's too many for Java!

I find myself frequently exiting my to use my favorite code editor, to perform an invasive text replace across many documents. Does your IDE offer text replacements across source code documents? If so, which IDE do you use?

Internet-linked microphones are privacy-flawed & can collect & use data w/out consent, says @msjpauly.

Google Home recordings "can become part of Google’s already ultra-specific profile of you as a consumer, that companies pay Google to target with ads."

There's a psychological phenomenon (don't remember it's proper name), that the most attention is given to the beginning and to the end of a linearly ordered data (list, text, etc.).
This doesn't appear efficient though:
To get a better idea of the data, one should instead look into the middle of it. This way you get a better chance of not being bored immediately and learning something right away.

Moreover, I suppose offsetting cognitive biases in general is desirable.


Interesting fact: the very first IntelliJ IDEA had the extract method refactoring. Nobody had ever done this for Java before. This feature was implemented by Valentin Kipyatkov a few days before the end of the millennium.

Despite the federal government telling California it can't offer unemployment coverage to federal employees required to work without pay during the shutdown, the state's governor says "we're going to do it, and shame on them."

updated its app for . In this version (and maybe also prior) a post closes when we scroll beyond its last comment. Which is really easy to do. Which is really annoying.

the shit thing about telegram is the phone number requirement

what if you want to have alternative accounts?

Richiesta Link in Italiano

Cerco URI utili per bambini curiosi di imparare a conoscere l'informatica in profondità, possibilmente in italiano.

Se avete dei link da suggerirmi... alle 14 inizia la mia ultima lezione.

@maupao mia ha suggerito

Io conoscevo già

Avete altri suggerimenti?

(apprezzo i boost, fino alle 14 chiunque abbia buoni link da suggerire è il ben venuto!)

@Trysdyn @KitRedgrave @maple

To expand on what I mean for the people who do not read my posts on a regular basis (they probably have me personally blocked, but whatever), here is what is happening:

1. A user on posts a post.

2. Somebody who follows that user and is followed by a user on makes a reply or boosts the post.

3. The user on gets a copy of that interaction because it was addressed to as:Public.

4. reconstructs the thread, fetching missing objects in it.

5. Because there is no authentication requirement for fetching objects (or any other passive AP activity), now has a copy of your object.

Unfortunately, at present, this means that the best mitigation is to firewall any instance you block that you also do not want to be able to receive posts from you. It is unfortunate that this is the present situation for quite a few reasons (the topological knowledge learned from requiring authentication on fetches would be very helpful for distributing Deletes for example), but it is not a defect in Pleroma or any other ActivityPub software. Instead, it is a defect in ActivityPub itself: since there is no authentication requirement, there is no support for authenticated fetches in any of the implementations.

While it may be disturbing to see, Pleroma is just showing you that ActivityPub is leaking your data all over the fediverse and sending it to instances you don't want it on. Blame the protocol, not the messenger.

Hopefully that clarifies what is going on. You can read also my blog post about this particular issue:

It would be nice in the future if people did not make bad faith assumptions about why things are the way they are and instead reached out and actually asked about it. We are committed to improving the security posture of the fediverse.

🛎️ Website update: finally revised a short article that critiques Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation (that I am a member of) for their strategy of shunning proprietary software:


Me, starting Internet Law class w/a joke: Guys, the last time this course was taught here the cutting edge case was Napster!

[blank stares]

Me, horrified: Wait. DO YOU KNOW WHAT NAPSTER IS?

[sheepish shaking of heads]


hi! my partner @cq is looking to commission an artist who does nature/animal drawings, specifically birds. please DM her if you are this or know someone who is. thank you!

(boosts ok and appreciated)

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