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Regular reminder that my spouse searches for missing people and attempts to identify the unidentified. She focuses on minorities and those usually ignored by the police. Mainly in the USA. Currently she's learning to be a forensic geneaologist. Feel free to reach out.

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25 Years ago I majored in Political Science and Comparative Culture. I never finished that study. But it did open my eyes to the pervasiveness of politics. My posts here tend to focus on developing software, securing information, making music, and my family. I strongly believe that those unaware (or ignorant) of politics and history wind up making software that hurts lots of people.

Today in choices: entry forms that allow more characters than validation processes. Looking at you, .

@rugk It is a reimplementation of Rust using GCC suite. It will enable use of Rust on platforms that LLVM doesn't support, easier bootstrapping, LLVM-free Linux build, and a second implementation to test against to avoid "bug-compatible" behaviors. It may also eventually have better perf/fewer bugs than LLVM.

birdsite, bitcoin, wealth disparities, white man has impressively bad take 


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#remmel, the iOS front end for #lemmy hasn’t been able to access anything for about a month. I’m tired of waiting for it to be fixed. I’m back to accessing Lemmy via web browser.

Looking to use for building software projects and testing / deploying them as part of your pipe lines? I have 5 years of experience with Gradle, which culminated in the following draconian :

Gradle used to have a ton of rough edges that I hope have been smoothed out over the years. But I have not upgraded in 2 years (because every upgrade would break something else). So maybe some of my defenses can be removed?

Want to speed up your browsing when visiting all kinds of web sites? Here's a hosts file to help with that:

New personal hell: Dealing with #OpenJVM tuning because #OpenStreetMap is starting to reach the limits in urban parts of the US of what #JOSM can actually load with default #Java settings.

USA: FCC set up a subsidy to get broadband internet connection. Check out if you qualify:

Some input validators really hate password managers. Today's find: mobile website. Their login screen rejects credentials if filled in automatically by . And thanks.

@dredmorbius @joeyh @pluralistic Already at least one attempt to invalidate evidence collected by celebrite: Also, interesting take by Schneier, says that if users are not aware that their phone is booby-trapped by signal against celebrite, they may not be liable for it.

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Wer beim Bahnfahren auf einen Aufzug angewiesen ist, wegen Kinderwagen, schwerem Gepäck, Rollstuhl oder Rollator muss Glück haben. Denn dass Aufzüge der Deutschen Bahn ausfallen, ist keine Seltenheit. Das sie repariert werden aber leider schon.

Proud instructional designer is proud: a manual I created was described as "handy-dandy"!

News4Teachers hat einen wirklich schlechten "Artikel" (eher eine Aufzählung aller platten Pseudorargumente) veröffentlicht, warum eine Schule ohne Microsoft Produkte nicht leben kann. Für DSS habe ich dazu eine kleine Antwort verfasst.

Gerne weiterteilen, gerne auch auf der Birdsite, wenn ihr dort vertreten seid.

@fedilz #fedilz #twlz

Es ist ein bisschen tragisch, aber Samsungs Stock-ROM ist leider geil. Ich finde noch zwei Jahre nach Kauf neue praktische Features. Samsungs ROMs sind AOSP immer mindestens 2 Jahre voraus.

How the GOP is yet again lying about Biden, and how they’re lying about Kamala, how good they are at lying, and why it matters -- all on today's podcast with @cliffschecter and me. Lies, lies, and more Republican Lies

@Anke negative bonus points when it's impossible to hit a nice round value, like skipping from 49% to 51%

Good god WHY do some app designers use sliders, and sliders only, for stuff?
I don't want to have to fiddle to hit the number I want, just show me a numpad and let me enter it!

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