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Llevo días buscando alguien de la familia para usar jami. La respuesta es el silencio o bien, el último me dice que zoom defrauda. Ya pero jami no es zoom. Pero ya no hay forma. Sólo quieren usar WhatsApp o dúo. En fin

Reivindico el espejismo de intentar ser uno mismo.

Ese viaje hacia la nada, que consiste en la certeza de encontrar en tu mirada, la belleza.

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Get a crash course in cybersecurity fundamentals featuring themes from the show, Mr. Robot, with Electronic Frontier Alliance member @techlearningc.  Join them for their Mr. Robot Hacker Happy Hour on Monday, March 30. eff.org/event/mr-robots-hacker

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¿Quieres hacer videoconferencias con la familia o los amigos? Así de fácil es montar un servidor de #Jitsi!! voidnull.es/como-instalar-jits #linux #VPS #Cloud

«Lo que me preocupa con más urgencia es el desciframiento de los neurodatos: la privacidad máxima de una persona es lo que piensa, pero ahora ya empieza a ser posible descifrarlo»

«Lo estamos haciendo a diario en los laboratorios con ratones, en cuanto las compañías privadas tengan acceso a esta información, ríete tú de los problemas de privacidad que hemos tenido hasta ahora con los móviles. Por eso necesitamos neuroderechos, porque es un problema de derechos humanos»


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Did you know that Plasma Mobile apps from KDE are working well on PureOS too? :) This is Kaidan, a Kirigami XMPP client, working smoothly on a Librem 5 @kaidan @kde

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Nothing like realising that the feature you spent the whole week struggling with implementing actually isn’t necessary and you can achieve the same thing differently and far more cleanly. Oh, well, that’s development :)

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You’re not seeing Facebook’s eerily accurate ads because they’re listening to you, it’s because they’re tracking everything you do whether you’re using one of their products or not.

t.co/geIyvDjt6g tweeted by @Firefox

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I'd like to report a murder.

(The opening lines of Greta Thunberg's speech at Davos)

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#KDE ESPAÑA - Asociación cultural KDE España

Akademy-es 2020, la reunión anual en España de usuarios y desarrolladores de KDE, se celebrará en Málaga del 24 al 26 de abril dentro del gran evento libre Opensouthcode
¿Quieres participar como ponente?

Para proponer actividades se deberá enviar un correo a akademy-es-org@kde-espana.org antes del 29 de febrero del 2020 con un resumen breve de la presentación.

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“Are all those trees definitely dead, or is there a possibility some will come back from the roots? ”

Answering that question is the reason I took this expedition. In a normal or I guess "old-fashioned" bushfire, some percentage of the trees die but many come back after a year or two. This fire burned a lot hotter than anything we've seen before. Compounding this is the general lack of rain going back 10-20 years. Many trees were already struggling to stay alive. In the native woodland on my property, half the trees are dead. We've been losing about 10-15 per year to the drought. This number should be one or two in normal times. The same thing that has been happening on my property is happening to the national forest - and that's why there was such a big fire. The trees are all drying up and dying. After a few years without significant water, the wood splits internally near the trunk, and once it has been damaged like this, it can't pump nutrients to its branches any more.  So to get back to the original question, most of these trees are going to die. A few came through without being significantly burned and if we get good rain in the next year or two, they'll survive. If we don't, they won't.

Also, what happened in Tasmania over the last several years has been well researched - some forests there have been through two or more fires in a short time span. This kills the seedlings and epicormic shoots and the only thing that survives after that is weeds that blow in. Those forests are wiped out and could take centuries for trees to come back. They are just forests full of dead black sticks and sparse weeds. This is what we desperately need to prevent happening in the Blue Mountains, but I don't know if we aren't already past the point of no return just based on how hot this fire burned.

Qué historia más bonita.

Cuatro mujeres conviviendo 40 años en familia, compartiendo la vida y gestionando los conflictos.

«Una convivencia que se sustenta [...] en el amor y el respeto»

«Las ideas cristianas y socialistas están en los orígenes de esta comunidad»

«Para superar las dificultades, las relaciones humanas requieren muchas horas»


Experimentos y observaciones en neurociencia y psicología social, que explican por qué nos cuesta tanto cambiar de opinión y aceptar argumentos que nos contradicen.

Aunque esos argumentos estén basados en la evidencia y nuestras opiniones sean contrastablemente falsas, nuestro cerebro está adaptado para ser altamente impermeable a lo que es contrario a su concepción del mundo que le rodea.


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Data = Energy = CO2

That is why is a great idea to help you clean up your data in a playful way and to help stopping climate change at the same time. Available cross-plattform and as an app for @nextcloud: apps.nextcloud.com/apps/keepor

Reduce your one file at a time : )


Eco-anxiety climbs as fires, smoke and animal deaths trigger fear and trauma

“Eco-anxiety is not unfounded, as there is substantial evidence supporting the harmful impacts of climate change. It is very normal to experience anxiety when we're faced with a threat, and some anxiety is helpful and adaptive. If we don't feel anxious, we don't change our behaviour. But really high levels of anxiety can become overwhelming and even paralysing.”

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