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The Amazon Rainforest has been burning for 3 weeks straight and it’s only just being spoken about. Please, help raise awareness of the death and destruction of many types of wildlife. It’s only a matter of time before the whole rainforest is gone. #PrayforAmazonia

🐦🔗: twitter.com/its_emmx/status/11

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If you use Firefox or Chrome, we developed an easy way you can help people bypass censorship.

Our Snowflake extension turns your browser into a proxy that connects Tor users in censored regions to the Tor network. snowflake.torproject.org/

condenadas a 16 años de prisión en por repartir flores el 8 de marzo en el metro sin ponerse el velo y por defender su libertad de no ponérselo si no les da la gana.

Campaña de pidiendo su liberación inmediata y la anulación del juicio injusto:

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's government embarrassing themselves and its country, once again, with their change rubbish hypocrisy. Australia needs to wake up and put them out.


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Disconcerting strong correlations between prevalence among the population and in the US (with a very big sample of N>355,000 white respondents, N>77,000 black respondents).

Despite the need for further , it leads to this question: could a public policy to improve coverage help reduce racial prejudice?


The recent reductions in levels in big predators achieved by more restrictive emission regulations, are being jeopardised by the increasing sea temperatures caused by .

Interesting article describing the existing research on this topic and funny anecdotes as how scientists developed the model for mercury bioaccumulation in tuna, inspired by Michael Phelps eating patterns when he was swimming in competitions.


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Our dataset from live human brain cells, which contains electrophysiological, morphological & transcriptomic properties gathered from individual cells, is publicly available to accelerate research worldwide. Access via
👉 celltypes.brain-map.org

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Do you earn more than 32,400USD a year?

If you do, you are the 1%. In my latest article, I give examples of ballpark ecological accounting to determine how you can offset your negative impacts on the world: carbon emissions, animal cruelty, water scarcity, waste management, and loss of biodiversity.

We can change things.


Is it serious to fall asleep while and seeing the actual code with the I needed in the dream itself?

I might need a break, although I'm afraid instead of relaxing I would exit the loop.

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EFF has found a clear consensus among the experts: the political consequences of Ola Bini's arrest appear to be outweighing any actual evidence the police have against him. eff.org/deeplinks/2019/08/ecua

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Just watched #TheGreatHack on #Netflix. What I appreciated about this #documentary on #Facebook and the whole #CambridgeAnalytica scandal, is that it's one of the few #privacy #documentaries to get that protecting personal data isn't just about not seeing personalized ads for stuff you're more likely to want. It's about protecting ourselves from mass psychological manipulation and behavior modification techniques. These are techniques that actually work *best* when people believe they don't.

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"It's very clear not only that this man is abusing this woman, because ostensibly she has cheated, but that the company that is selling this product is on the side of the abuser."

- EFF's @evacide talks to @dwnews about the stealth dangers of stalkerware and spouseware twitter.com/CarlNasman/status/

"Shared reality" as an antidote to "alternative facts".

La «realidad en común» como antídoto contra los «hechos alternativos».


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Reposting my tweet earlier this week, which I forgot to share in Mastodon so here comes.

If you are at all interested in how badly broken this “digital universe” we currently live in is, you should watch this presentation vimeo.com/342972799 and think through your approach of what kind of future for humanity you want.

With great minds like @laura and @aral, there is always hope.

#SurveillanceCapitalism #privacy #InstitutionalCorruption

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