Confused Mallard ducks in a puddle outside my office window

Better to have an incomplete UI and complete API than vice versa, so I'm relatively content to fill in GitHub UI gaps with API hacking.

I wrote a CSS isolator (applying LESS/SASS-style nesting to existing CSS) once in Python that required the external regex lib to avoid catastrophic backtracking. This would have solved the problem without the extra dep.

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You can emulate possessive quantifiers with forward lookahead assertions! In other words, /x++/ can be emulated with /(?=(x+))\1/ to avoid backtracking in less capable engines (Python, JavaScript). This makes my day.

Spent an hour this morning trying to make a Logitech K400 Plus work with Linux. Pairing would seem to work (`ltunify pair`) but then only the keyboard would work, not the integrated touchpad. Maddening!

Finally found the answer: After pairing, unplug the unifying receiver and plug it back in. Presto, the touchpad works!

Achievement unlocked: HTTP 431 Request Header Fields Too Large

Dropbox Paper has a great authoring experience, but folder navigation sucks, and there's no file storage alongside.

Drive has great navigation and file storage, but Google Docs authoring pales next to Paper.

Is there any way to get Paper-like authoring in Drive?

Today I replaced a Python script with a Bash script. Why?

1. Python's Pathlib has no equivalent to ln --relative

2. Easy verbosity on the Bash script with ln -v, mv -v, rm -v

3. Easier to rm -f than try/except

Normally I would advocate going the other wayโ€”Bash to Pythonโ€”but in this case it was shorter path. Of course, if this grows up, I may switch it back...

There's a key that clears all your cookies. I don't know what it is, but I just pressed it.

Some days you just hack out the bash one-liners to get the job done...

โœธโ€„for ((y=2018; y>1997; y--)); do curl -s "$y" | grep -m1 team.php | grep -Eo '[0-9]+' | xargs | (read y t; echo "INSERT INTO regular_season_winners (year, teamID) VALUES ($y, $t);"); done

INSERT INTO regular_season_winners (year, teamID) VALUES (2018, 7);
INSERT INTO regular_season_winners (year, teamID) VALUES (2017, 2);
INSERT INTO regular_season_winners (year, teamID) VALUES (2016, 0);

Turns out I'm not Google-unique after all. There's an Aron Griffis that teaches at Auburn University, and I'm reasonably certain he's not me.


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