So I know you're thinking "Minneapolis? Where have I heard that name before?"

The major similarity here is that neither browser can commit to a shape.
Firefox is mostly square, but can't stick to it.
Chrome is all over the place. Every rounded corner gets its own radius, based on ???

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Left: Chrome
Right: Firefox

You can see the differences eventually, but not quickly enough.

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Most days I have Firefox and Chrome running in different tabs, for different stuff.
Before the Chrome redesign, I could spot the difference immediately, but now Chrome just aped Firefox's design.

We're watching Regular Show, and my daughter immediately recognized that one of the characters was supposed to be David Bowie.
Just saying, I'm pretty good at this parenting thing.

This is the one Vape Shop Jimmyfranks didn't use, because he didn't get the reference.

Oops, had a typo and was broken for two days. I dunno if anyone noticed...

Every time I remember Riff Raff exists I want to outlaw irony.


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