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Andrew Ford Lyons

Iistening to some people argue about funeral wishes, and it's odd. Just agree to whatever. They'll be dead and won't know better, anyhow. Why make someone distressed about something they'll never see?

Looking at how Mastodon would scale across servers, it would potentially be a very fascinating ecosystem where you have entire communities deciding whether to link to other communities.

What will the mechanisms for parting ways if, say, one Mastadon instance is connected to another one that grows more and more toxic or violates one instance's ToS? Will it be vote based? Admin-only decision making? Automated process?

Wrote a blog about British MPs self-doxxing their own bad password habits on Twitter.

It seems weird and anachronistic how much television in UK is still reliant on overground TV antennas (aerials). Seeing all these things on houses is like looking at some 1950s retro land.

I have seen poor service by public run utilities and healthcare and by those in the private sector.

However, it's ONLY in the PRIVATE commercial sector that I see problems in service blamed on other providers in the supply chain, end users, regulatory constraints or somehow explained as though its actually a benefit to customers. When I've contacted a council or public agency about an issue, they more often will take ownership of the issue.

Capitalism breeds excuses and the 'not-me' culture.

Bah Humbug season is now under way.

I really hate chasing people for things. It literally translates to "we don't give a shit about what we said we'd do."

Looking for people's top productivity tips. We lock down these things for travel machines, but I'm also trying to counter some of the pain points. What are your must-have apps on your Chromebook (for those not yet onboarded to Android apps)?

What's it like to be Evgeny Morozov and have headlines repeatedly prove your thesis correct on a nearly daily basis?

If you think your trying to crack a tough problem today, just be thankful that it isn't trying to answer how to create a sustainable business model for publishing quality investigative journalism.

And if it is, you deserve a drink. Two, maybe.

That Kaspersky is able to access an NSA worker’s computer to determine it's already exploited kind of shows that the computer already had a backdoor for them to determine there was another backdoor.

Most the world is using Android devices, and there are quick wins and basic solid practices that can make these more secure.

The InfoSec fixation on "Buy an iPhone" advice is deeply flawed and doesn't help. It disincentivizes people who can't afford one, aren't in a market to get one or has any other reason for not wanting one from making solid, accessible device security choices they could be making right now.

Why are teams still still trying to group edit with Word docs on the cusp of 2018?

It seems digital security guides are back in vogue as 2017 starts to close down. Get ready for another big bunch of web pages that we look at and wonder when they're going to be updated toward the end of 2018.

These kinds of announcements are good for throwing a little bit of "win" into the day, even if they're not your wins, they're still making things ever so slightly better.

Open plan offices are like working in shopping mall food courts.

The Toot/tweet button by @effy works well with TweetDeck and a Tweet intention macro in your browser. Much smoother than IFTTT pipes.