People are shit. Use strongly implemented 2-factor authentication on your personal accounts.

The one thing that makes the Xmas season survivable is mulled wine. I'll grant it that. That in a to-go cup out on a cold day by the Thames whilst kid - with his cup-o-hot-choc - and I watch the boats pass.

Here's hoping that 2019 sees more people act on their new year's resolutions to get off the centralised services like Facebook, Twitter, etc. and move over to the Fediverse. No, not all the problems are solved here, but they feel far more solvable.

Off Tumblr, LinkedIn FB, and many others over the course of 2017 and 2018, though not yet away from Twitter, but am trending in that direction in the new year. Then the BIG one... Google.

All I want for Christmas is the 26th of December.

"Hunger looks very like evil from the wrong end of the cutlery. " - Doctor Who

My favourite Christmas period activity is getting rid of things. Burned loads of no-longer needed documents that had been filling up a shelf. Deleted more online accounts. Got rid of some old clothes. Tiny, happy culling to counter the tide of garbage that comes in.

Conspiracy is usually a mirage caused by incompetence.

I've already reached 'Bah Humbug' stage.

“The criminal is the creative artist; the detective only the critic.”

― G.K. Chesterton, The Blue Cross: A Father Brown Mystery

One way or another, time passes. The day will finish in the same amount of time, regardless of whether everything is fabulous, or complete shit. This is actually a feature of an indifferent universe.

You literally need to not have an open office environment if more than 2 people in the space are having separate phone/VOIP meetings at the same time. It doesn't work.

Thanksgiving abroad: when people call up from the US to ask how you're celebrating a thing that stopped being relevant to you long ago.

Burning a huge heap of old documents from the file boxes in the back garden was the high point of today. Old college loan docs, work letters from jobs long gone, receipts for crap I got rid of or lost years ago, bank records from closed accounts. It's life's detritus. Now smoke and ash. I feel lighter.

Sometimes it feels like this timeline is running so close to another one that I can occasionally see bits of that one from here.

So, this is my signal word for when I want to shout something but am also conscious that I probably shouldn't post it on the web.

Let nearly anyone talk long enough on how something ought to be or how people ought to act and you can understand how easily totalitarian regimes happen.

I also really find "rediscover the day" prompts in Google photos incredibly annoying. Have just disabled it, but it was one of those weird naggy things where you just get in the habit of swiping it off and then forgetting about it until the next day. When I reminisce, I want to be in the mood for it. There's something kind of weird about random pokes from some AI arbitrarily telling you what to revisit from your past.

Why aren't you on Facebook?

Often I cite something horrible that's in the public domain to answer this question: the data leaks, the hyper commodification of personal information, bad corporate citizenship and bla bla. But it's actually the manufactured dramas and bad hot takes from people I want to think better of, the flame wars over who friends whom and what they say. If Facebook taught me anything, it's that I want less from people. I want to compartmentalise what I have to know about them.

All my unread books are not appropriate for the borders involved in this trip.

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