Last stop in a London pub for the month before travel to a country that only thinks it knows what a pub is and someone has gifted me a free pint. Win! London can be nice.

People from another office in this complex are having a very loud-talking disciplinary meeting outside, and I'm literally ready to shout out the window that they aren't in a confidential setting, and I think the manager is well out of order, and just cut 'em some slack, it's all small stuff.

I prefer work travel. The bureaucracy makes sense; it's part of work. There is nothing restful to me about engaging with the commercial travel industry.

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Trying to build up the stamina to undertake the air travel gauntlet. This is why I usually go nowhere on my leave days.

They: "Ha ha, no the world's not getting worse, it's just that you're more informed."
Me: "So, you're saying I'm the problem?"

Highly recommend 'The New Breed' if thinking of better ways to consider our future around an increasing amount of autonomous tech is your jam. Some more notes in the ol'e blog.

Moving on to Catherine Belton's 'Putin's People' which has been in the stack a while and on the bookshop shelves longer. Felt I should move it up while it's still topical, but obviously doesn't include events of the last 3 years.

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Installed latest Thunderbird to have a play and it opened data from last time I used Thunderbird on the work machine, some time in year 1 of this job, 7 years ago.

The task list reminds me of such simpler times, when it was just supporting journalist digital security in one war, instead of all of them.

Another academic who I'd considered back in the 1990s-2000s to fairly brilliant is now a crank.

Stop and consider that most of what we capture from space is light-years of spectacular violence.

Another weekend in which I'm deciding if my life needs an egg poacher pan. Even if I don't maybe just get it to free up the mental space?

The chapter on animal trials in middle ages Europe is really worth the cover price of this book alone.

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About a third through and am going to ride out the heat behind the blinds today continuing, now that work's done but it's still nearly 40 degrees out there.

'The New Breed' is accessible, but nicely challenging in terms of concepts about AI, and how we think about machines and ourselves. We've anthropomorphized machines to a ludicrous point, where we forget the original use cases and opportunities. Really good at being critical without turning all gloom and doom.

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Write a new blog post?
"Ugh, I just don't have the time, got writers block, started but lost the idea, I'm tired, I'm over worked, I need less screen time."

Re-develop your website in this new CMS framework?
"But of course! I'll just sit here and stay up until dawn working on it!"

Made a snarky joke on the bird site about an MP who was angry people weren't traveling to their offices during the heat wave and got suspended by the AI.

I think I have some mild form of inverted seasonal affective disorder. The colder darker months don't effect me. The hot ones with the glaring sun and no cloud cover kind of sap my will to do anything. Give me the dark and cloudy days anytime.

Alaa's book makes you consider just how many of the world's top thinkers may be in a prison somewhere. Such a wide-ranging intellect, and absolute dedication to cause. What's happening to him and all political prisoners is what holds us all back. It's an angry regime brute forcing progress to stop.

Now onto what our relationship with animals can tell us about how we'll get on with smarter machines: "The New Breed" by Kate Darling.

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'Love and Thunder' was the first in-cinema film I've seen since lockdown. The last one I saw before lockdown was "JoJo Rabbit" at the same cinema in East Dulwich, so the whole cinema avoiding experience was bookended by Taika Waititi at my favourite SE London picturehouse.

Fabulous movie. I'm a fan of the more wacky MCU titles, and that one lived up.

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