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Andrew Ford Lyons

“Airplane mode" as a political chant would be pretty unrecognisable to the world just a couple of decades ago.

Here's some more stuff on the Catalan cyber war with the Spanish state government, including some interesting bits about Russian troll farms that came to the Catalan defence (unsolicited)

it was a "new coversheets on all the TPS reports" kind of morning, but things got better.

We need to make tactical alliances. Tactically, if someone expresses support for equal rights for one group while coming up with excuses why another can't have them, or why their needs aren't as important, you should tell that person to fuck off. They aren't ready to be a part of your movement.

What are people using to from their mobiles? Checked out on the Android play shop but nothing looks like the killer app, and there's nothing native.

Dark web drug markets suddenly closed. Were they all in fact coming from the same hosting infrastructure?

Other interesting things from the morning is the Google translate of this alert from the Security Service of which is warning of a "possible large-scale cyberattack on state structures and private companies". The alert says that it's likely to rely on software updates, which would mean a lot of machines are already rigged.

This blog by Seamus is a good read before jumping into the deep end of what I think will eventually be known as the 'Ulysses' of secure Chromebook management documentation for uses in complex or hostile environment situations.

So I had to come over here to not go against my own internal policies to say, the duvet is actually a horrible design for a bed cover. Lumpy, and usually has 2 options: too warm or not warm enough. It's proof that the pillow cover concept has limited capacity.

The thing today will likely see an uptick in my Mastodon usage. Over there I'll be retweeting some interesting points mostly by women who are still marginalised by and critical of mainstream movements that still eye a pecking order in how to prioritise equal rights. I even shut off all my IFTT stuff. Hard to the core, obvs.

I am very secessionist sympathising when the goal of those leaving is to increase liberty or opportunity as opposed to limiting it in some way. This is why I'm mainly against Brexit. Not because the EU is fabulous, but it's a work in progress that's better than what the Brexiteers have in mind: being inwards-looking, penny-pinching, border-control nuts afraid of the world. But I get Scotland. I get -- to some extent -- Catalonia and the Kurdish ambitions. The American South, no. but Cascadia...

Some of the technical methods the Catalonia independence movement employed to counter censorship and internet attacks launched by the Spanish government.

This is an interesting article on how @google attacked this journalist for reporting on claims by the company that a Plus button would improve content ranking on the search engine.

I wrote a bunch of stuff about robots in a blog post. I'm still not sure why.

Just now signed up with Mastodon, so here's a first post. Pretty boring, but it will get increasingly weird over time, trust me.

Who'm I?