All my unread books are not appropriate for the borders involved in this trip.

Holiday scenes. After kickin' the ball at the park, taking the scenic route home...
Kid: I'm tired, let's go the short way.
Me: you're worse than whiney Luke Skywalker on Tattooine.
Kid: You're worse than moany Episode II Anakin.
Me: you're worse than tantrum throwing Kilo Ren.
Kid: You're worse than old man Han Solo who couldn't raise his own child to not kill him.
Me: Ouch, well done.
We went the shorter way.

Trying to leave Poitiers for Paris is hard work. Rail service seems to actually dedicate resources to making it more difficult.

Why yes, I did engage in a 2-day low level gaslighting campaign against an old racist French man targeting my family and others with his bile, until he decided to stay in his house. How were your holidays?

Trapped in a small rural French village populated by what seems like a small, geriatric wing of the National Front.

The media is so biased in favour of dolphins. Have you ever seen criticism of them in the news? No.

Thinking globally and acting locally can just lead your neighbours to despise and avoid you if your worldview is actually full of crap.

The problem with leaving Facebook is that suddenly people around you who are still on Facebook think you're missing something and start reading meme jokes out loud to you, which carries with it the awkwardness that you still don't think they're funny and but are needing to feign interest because social dynamics is a thing.

“Though it might be nice to imagine there once was a time when man lived in harmony with nature, it’s not clear that he ever really did.” ― Elizabeth Kolbert, The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History

I haven't yet read Elizabeth Kolbert's "The Sixth Extinction,' and only came across it recently, but the extracts make me think it's somehow been shipping sections into my head for a while.

Email is horrible for planning travel. Two work journeys, one just before the next. Each involving different organisations, involving differing locations, and yet both using the exact same subject line. That was going to go badly.

When people say we need to live in harmony with nature, this is true, but I doubt many people appreciate how this would actually play out in practice, or would even find it preferable to how we currently do things. When you think of all the other species who do live this way, realise that it's not by choice. We would be the first to accomplish that.

Humans may have been far better at dealing with community sizes of about 125 people or less, and residing on an area of terrain that made running into other similarly-sized groups a difficult task to pull off. That might be a clue about our species' footprint requirements. That could be a hint about our ideal population size.

Another day went by, one you would t see again and which brought you that much more forward in time to your last. How did it go?

All these groups can basically rally around the idea that "This once-proud country of ours is falling into the hands of the wrong people" and "before it gets back on the right track, some heads are going to roll."

"That was how Rudolf Hoess, Commandant of Auschwitz, could alternate over the loudspeakers of Auschwitz great music and calls for corpse-carriers."

"That is how my father-in-law could contain in one mind an indifference toward slave women and love for a blue vase."

"That was how a household as contradictory as one composed of Jones, Father Keeley, Vice-Bundesführer Krapptauer, and the Black Fuehrer could exist in relative harmony."

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