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Andrew Ford Lyons

The problem with most open source, federated, volunteer led tech endeavours is that they don't really work. People will always opt for what works before they opt for your ethos.

A lot of things we think are our own obligations only exist because we think other people believe they're our obligations. How much of something would you reduce doing, or what would you quit doing entirely if you thought no one actually expected you to do it, anyway?

Is it just me, or does anyone else find "rediscover the day" type prompts that happen in Facebook and on Google photos kind of annoying?

Microsoft Office has trained a generation of users how to be security averse, because the pain points to add security to its workflow are too high.

The biggest threats to project delivery are trust and optimism. The good news is that each of these are killed a little more with every deliverable.

Looking for Tachyons CSS shortcuts and fancy web things so I can see what I'm doing. Tachyons tldr is brilliant. Any others out there that do wizzy things?

Hugo/Forestry/git s a decent, quick 'n small publishing combo for flat sites. Highly recommend.

Front end designer's idea of following the spec.

When I rant about how badly open source install and setup documentation is, I'm comparing it to examples like Hugo, which is a stunning case of how to help new users bootstrap themselves into using (and liking to use) your code.

Nationalism and religion are the bookends needed to hold up a long row of horror stories. Look up Ashifa and India in the news today.

Wagtail is a really solid cms but damn people can't document.

pip versions are an annoying reminder of python version annoyances.

I like Mastodon's federated set up, but I also think there should be ways to federate pluggable functions (wall posts, messaging, contacts, photo pages, etc.) in an ethical and privacy-focused way, while still being usable.

3 weeks into Facebook deactivation. Twitter use has stayed the same. Mastodon has increased. Plan is to move into delete mode toward end of May barring any sudden need to reclaim it, after I scrape the contact details from anyone I actually want to stay in touch with but haven't already got any other way.

Submitting content to social media like...

To reveal this mystery post, boost this toot and click the link above.

Sex workers are moving from Twitter to non-commercial, open source, federated, free software social network Mastodon, on an instance called Switter because of Congress.

Every domain using 'infosec' seems to be a wasted opportunity.

I think it's kind of cool that moz://a in the Firefox browser forwards to the Mozilla blog's Open Design section. They've basically used their flagship logo to deep dive into something fairly useful instead of just having it forward to some home page.

Hope and prayers and blockchain.

Social media platforms are not built for either private or secure messaging, and it's fairly ridiculous to expect otherwise. There are plenty of other apps and methods for that. Get over the notion that a plaform needs to do everything. Facebook promotes that model, and how's that working out, eh?

This is fair warning that private toots are not encrypted or secured.