Hey @Fedilab: what are the chances that you can include the option for mobile users, to increase the viewed font size of messages??

Finally got my Mastodon account running on my new device, a day or so ago..

Got some work lined up for the rest of this week; and start of next. Always good.

Relaxing at home, and enjoying the stat holiday!

Last hour of semi-night shift at work... (ugh)

Just logged back into Mastodon, after an absence of nearly a month. What have I missed?? 😀

Less than an hour to go at work. I can hardly wait!!

Only 3 more hours of. Y shift... These are going to drag!!

Perhaps not.... I have a feeling I have misunderstood that feature.

Was wondering if users can setup lists to store their posts in different subjects....??

Heck, I'm such a "newbie" at this stuff.. (lol)

Can someone give me a quick rundown on the "Lists" feature of Mastalab, please? Thanks.

Stuck at work on an uneventful shift. But then - sometimes "uneventful" can be a good thing. Means less paperwork... among other things.

Watching a movie here: "Jason Bourne: Legacy". Good movie!

Hey Tooters! Just setting up Mastodon on my new device. How do I increase the viewed font size?

Took a chance and opted to sync device contacts, to the Snapchat app. Found a sm collection of my contacts that also "Snapchat".

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Just started trying out Snapchat yesterday . Got plenty to learn with that app. Any tips are gratefully received.

@Tutanota I am so glad the Tutanota team is using Mastodon! Itnwillchelp this platform get more publiciry! And help it in the competition against Twitter.

The Mastadon.technology server seems to be having maintenance issues, at the moment...

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