Hello Devs at ! Can anyone please tell me when you will be taking new orders??

The EU Commission is planning what Apple stopped after backslash from privacy groups: Automatic CSAM scanning of your private communication. Act now to stop surveillance! 💪👇

CSAM Scanning: EU Commission's lies uncovered - Surveillance will not save the children. We have analyzed our telecommunication surveillance orders. Data shows that the EU's CSAM scanning will not have the intended effect 👉 tutanota.com/blog/posts/eu-csa

Does anyone here happen to know whether anyone is working on keys that are larger than AES-256?? Just curious....

Devs or anyone: Is there some way to block all non-English posts from even appearing in a user's home screen (or anywhere else in) of the Mastodon app?

Does anyone know if there is an instance for discussing Mastodon and offering feature suggestions??

I wish the would make it possible for users to edit a post, after it's been published. Would be handy.

The Mitto AG surveillance case - or why we must never backdoor encryption: A single employee leaked sensitive data to secret services, potentially also to Russia.

Hey @Fedilab: what are the chances that you can include the option for mobile users, to increase the viewed font size of messages??

Finally got my Mastodon account running on my new device, a day or so ago..

Got some work lined up for the rest of this week; and start of next. Always good.

Just logged back into Mastodon, after an absence of nearly a month. What have I missed?? 😀

Only 3 more hours of. Y shift... These are going to drag!!

Perhaps not.... I have a feeling I have misunderstood that feature.

Was wondering if users can setup lists to store their posts in different subjects....??

Can someone give me a quick rundown on the "Lists" feature of Mastalab, please? Thanks.

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