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How has the pandemic impacted you?
Oxfam India is undertaking a survey to understand the economic impact of the COVID-19 second wave on the Indian middle-class, their access to healthcare and their perception of the government's response to the pandemic.


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“We are like the golden duck for them.” Captain Durai, community leader on the landmark case which inspired just-out Tamil movie , on why the police targets to resolve cases quickly for “promotion”, “gold medals”. Watch the full video: youtu.be/P5Do_zKe3qs

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I would like to take this moment to appreciate the efforts of @BhimArmyKerala@twitter.com on their support to Deepa's fight. Jai Bhim. twitter.com/BhimArmyKerala/sta

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Information is power and the Indian state is forcing us to share every single byte of our personal information for profit and control.

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Back to back press conference of Chief Minister KCR indicates, he keeps track of all that is spoken, uploaded on social media.

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Padma Award for a person who was banned from Twitter for her hate speeches against Muslims.
Honouring such people is honouring hate. Period.

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Today is Aaron Swartz Remembrance Day. To my generation, Swartz was a hero who inspired global activism on open access and right to knowledge. His guerilla open access manifesto continues to define practices on opening up public information for many of us.

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According to RBI’s annual reports, it printed only ₹14.11 lakh crore demonetised notes, but got ₹15.28 lakh crore. It indicates an excess of ₹1.11 lakh crore (₹11,66,50,00,00,000) coming back to banks.
Is the excess black money exchanged and made White?

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Will you dare to touch me, asks @TelanganaCMO@twitter.com , challenging and questioning reported statement of @BJP4Telangana@twitter.com chief & @bandisanjay_bjp@twitter.com that he would send the chief to jail; between & in @ndtv@twitter.com @ndtvindia@twitter.com

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Wash your Vessels. Sweep & Mop your Home. Wash Clothes with Hand. Walk to the Grocery Store. Carry Home Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Yourself. Play with Kids. Take Stairs. Sleep More.

Invest Gym Membership Amount in SIP.

Stay Healthy. Become Wealthy 👍

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Investing :

Invest Rs 1000/- ( for example ) in 6 stocks
5 out of 6 companies go under drain or fail.
One stock becomes a
ROI = 66%

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DeMon remains a litmus test for me. Anyone who puts the blame solely on Modi and turns blindface on Nandan is either stupid or immoral. Period.

It was a piece in giant puzzle - that started with Aadhaar, had GST, IBC, FASTag, NRC, AarogyaSetu and all forms of attrocities / loot. twitter.com/amitvarma/status/1

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Been buying medicine from the same chemist in Gurgaon for last few days.

This time, we bought the wrong thing on our own mistake but he promptly agreed to refund it.

Some of our so called small unorganised stores can teach us a lot about good customer service.

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It started with , GST followed. Then came the economic slowdown & then the two lockdowns.

Now think about small businessmen & traders. A series of disasters. Savings wiped out, no cash, businesses gone bust.

Remember, it started with .

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One foolish from an illiterate that caused misery to millions. Indian economy continues to be affected by the . Never forget, never forgive.

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An elderly person being evacuated from flash flooded Vepery in Chennai. ⁦@TheQuint@twitter.com⁩

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Paytm IPO: 7 Indian and 3 Foreign Law Firms help raise India’s largest IPO

@AMS_Shardul@twitter.com @cyrilamarchand@twitter.com
@KhaitanCo@twitter.com @TrilegalLaw@twitter.com


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Dassault Aviation paid “at least 7.5 million euros in secret commissions to a middleman to help secure the sale of 36 Rafale fighter aircraft to India.” twitter.com/mediaparten/status

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