melbourne weather cycling 

The joys of a lunchtime bike ride;

33.3 °C Avg Temp
26.0 °C Min Temp
37.0 °C Max Temp

..and a reminder that the BoM temperatures are inside the weather boxes, not out on the road away from trees and suffering from reflected heat

bureaucracy gibberish 

Latest piece of corporate email gibberish, "attached are the look ahead plans". We no longer get plans, we get look ahead plans

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telstra scam 

Home phone rang, yet-another-indian-call-centre , from "Telstra disconnecting my internet line". Strongly accented woman with bogus "linda miller" name. I asked her politely, "Is your mother proud of the work you do with this scam". Oo, touchy. "YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!" ...and hung up on me

melbourne airport railway 

From the press release and article in theage: Clayton, 60min to airport. Caulfield, 42min. Therefore 18 minutes to travel the 8.75km from Clayton to Caulfield... um 29km/hr. Whoa, that's um, not a very fast train

What am I missing here?

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Victim of the heat on a 34°C day, baby #ringtail #possum had fallen out of the tree and was being attacked by magpies. Rescued & returned to the tree, hopefully mum not far away
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Crushing someone is torture, stretching them out is torture. There's no fucking winning with you people.

metric australia imperial relic 

we (Aus.) changed to metric between 1964-74, so over 45 yrs ago, but there are still imperial measurements around - yesterday I passed an industrial site with a "Speed limit 8km/hr" sign, a brand new sign. When we went metric some of the limits were directly translated, whereas now people would, and do, pick a 5 or 10km/hr limit -- they're all pretty much moot, most people drive through them at around 20km/hr regardless of any "walking speed" speed limit

dinner food 

Dinner was baked flathead w/ dill, roast spuds w/ lemon & dill, zucchini w/ dill & carrots .... no dill.

Saturday dinner is fish, partner had bought huge bunch of dill when needing small amount yesterday and challenged me to use it up 😀

horror movie song idea 

Apart from being a truly awesome song, on listening through the lyrics again I reckon "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner" would make a brilliant outline for a movie

cloudflare ansible eatenbyagru 

Would really like it if the internet would stop breaking for me today. "You've requested a page on a website ( that is on the Cloudflare network. Cloudflare is currently unable to resolve your requested domain ("

Partner just had to break some poor dude's heart, after the third text msg this week replied to let him know gently that the phone number some girl had given him wasn't really hers to give

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Smiled as a I watched a skink watching me as I cut down metre high weeds along the fence

Felt like crap five minutes later as I found I've killed a different skink with the garden shears :(

They've got enough to cope with from all the local cats slaughtering them, they don't need me helping


I have cut down the offending half-dead pittosporum & now I shall have a little sit down and a mug of coffee

#stickers #query 

With an ever growing pile of acquired as loot, where should I put them? Laptop belongs to %dayjob not me. Have been loathe over the years to stick them on short/medium life hardware

covid shipping redbubble 

*sigh* ordered something from in August and order was split in two, one half arrived in two weeks, other half... didn't arrive. At eight weeks I contacted them (it was falsely marked as "recieved") and they sent another. Replacement arrived yesterday. Original arrived today

household winning 

Number one son aka "the leftovers kid" is thoroughly pleased with his new brandname thermos for lunches. Lunch today was satisfactorily hot, cheap noname year-old pot had failed and everything was room temperature by lunchtime

melbourne weather 

Weather cat has arrived inside, loudly tells us that it has started to rain outside

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