*sigh* those researchers and their skilz

"You can simply put the beacon in the return envelop which was sent to you and drop it off at any post offices or post boxes at you convince" ... "You can sign out from Ethica and delect the app after returning the beacon."

Happy as well, to all who celebrate; according to vicpol 'tis a week in which pedestrians must remove their headphones & pay extra attention to not being driven over

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Amazing amount of confusion as I browsed around some websites looking at summaries of candidates in our electorate. In mid 2021 the suburb of Hughesdale moved from Higgins to Hotham.

Some current sites still show the old boundary, one ABC summary[1] says the opposite, that Hughesdale moved from Hotham to Higgins although it shows it in Hotham!

[1] abc.net.au/news/elections/fede

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Everybody and their brother on my Facebook page is uploading pictures of themselves, their kids, their parents, etc. to this new app called "New Profile Picture". Upon checking the Whois registration, I noticed something a bit sus.


Is it ok to drink a beer while doing out of hours scheduled server maintenance?

not for my cow-orker in malvern, been out all morning for him

auspol freedumbs 

Ugh, one of the local Oakleigh cafes has a few large UAP posters in the windows, amusingly, was completely empty of customers.

Shame really, I used to enjoy their coffee & food, they make a nice egg&bacon roll, but, so do others that aren't plastered with UAP. Plenty of other cafes to choose from

junk food 

wow, since when have potato cakes been $3 each

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Day 856 🌧 finders keepers
Daily #cycling photos; found a #prawn on #mycommute and nearly crashed when I braked too hard on the wet path

work whinge 

Today I am in the office. 3m away is a PC with a high end GPU card. The fan spins up to full volume with a roar then dies away to nothing, this takes seven seconds, then repeats. It has been doing this constantly since I got here at 8.45. I may just scream

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Meta bit in this thread: Elon Musk just bought twitter, so we may be about to witness what happens when a formerly-badly-moderated site deliberately turns off moderation.

We've seen this before loads of times, and it's predictable - the site fills up with toxic people who scare off first the normies and then each other and it collapses in on itself within months. But I don't believe we've ever seen it happen with a website as big as twitter. This is gonna be fascinating/horrifying to watch.

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bureaucraptic gibberish 

"Thank you for joining today’s Info Session on our Principles Aligned Institutionally-Contextualised <subject elided> Training Project."

spam scam bitcoin 

Anyone know if there's somewhere to log the bitcoin addresses that the spammers/scammers try on with the "all your device are bilong to me, pay me l00t"

eg today's, "My bitcoin payment address for transfering: bc1qmhf3yz5d4uge6xnw2lmy4jw20d2qlhj97vxldp"

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