religion easter suburbia 

Orthodox easter this weekend and we live about 100m from a Greek Orthodox Church. There's a constant trouping of old greek ladies to and from the church

Every time it gets quiet in the house I can hear in the background the chanting and service, a pleasant change from the burnouts and revving engines of Friday night in the 'burbs

Argh. Someone call me out of this meeting from hell!

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Time for another biased poll.

Do you know what CC and BCC stand for in eMail without having to look it up?

I would appreciate it if you boosted this toot. :-)

wfh coffee domesticity 

Got up, walked into kitchen put coffee pot on, back to work for a bit, coffee gurgles, back into kitchen, poured out mug of coffee for self and for spouse. Ah... today she's at work and only I'm wfh. must pay more attention to these things

help birthday present teenager 

Aargh. Sudden realisation that number one son has a 13th birthday next week and neither parental person has _any_ real idea of present ideas, seeks inspiration...

There is a rule in our house that if you empty a 1-2l plastic bottle then you have to the nearest other person on the head with it. Spouse just complained because she was bopped with the empty OJ at breakfast and empty milk at coffee o'clock

nerd hardware 

After a day of futzing around I seem to have the new PC running how I want, still no SATA cable. Pleased, job done, picks up PC and go to put it aside, and....

...accidentally hook finger into motherboard header cables and rip the lot off the board. Aarrrgh! (catweazle quote: "Nuffink works")

Half hour frantic manual searching/reading & pinhole surgery unsuited to my wompingly large hands and headers are reconnected. We boot.

The relief is palpable, I may just go and have a beer

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nerd hardware 

Inching towards getting the new PC to replace the old PC

Looks as though the beta of 21.04 is what's needed to get the combination of B550 motherboard ethernet, 3090 gpu and all working together

Now I need a sata cable, and of course I can't find any, and its hailing so I don't want to go out to the shops

cafe breakfast economics nonveg 

Out to breakfast for the first time in a very long time, one of the items is "bacon and eggs, $14" but there are extras; mushroom, another egg, relish, salmon, avocado... each at an added cost. We worked out that if you add one of every extra you have a $54.50 bacon & eggs and god knows how big a plate it would have to come on!


right then, must be time for a small whiskey

covid terminology rant 


cat melbourne curfew monash 

spouse discovers a very low key mention in recent City of Monash notice about cat/dog registration renewals -- Night time "cat curfew" comes into operation on 10-Apr-2021, the last thing we remember reading about it was an indefinite hold due to "investigation and consultation"

"from sunset or 7PM, whichever is latter" (sic) to sunrise. Um, so they're not allowed out in the dark, except for most of winter?

technology school camera 

number one son off to school camp in a few weeks, in the docs. "Camera permitted, iPod, phone, mp3, etc not permitted". What high school kid has a standalone camera these days?

cat english 

perusing bank statement, an entry makes me bust out laughing at the joys of the english language

snow boarding
surf boarding
cat boarding


For many years x was using storage y that they shouldn't... but it just worked, so the can was kicked down the road and nothing was done. Quantity of data in location y is now very large. New security restrictions about to stop x from reaching y to be applied in %short_time.

suez canal environment 

Musing that Extinction Rebellion folk seem to think it a success if they park a small truck across a main road for half an hour to "raise awareness". I wonder if the Ever Given is given' 'em any ideas


Urgent request, Client has "suddenly lost access to server xyz".

Narrator: Server xyz was decommissioned in June last year

I invented a new word and feel very proud. as in "server《elided》is much more rebootier than《elided》"

pronunciation shitpost 

Right, along with my insistence that we pronounce Yosemite to rhyme with Vegemite... I shall now pronounce cryptotoken as cryp-toto-ken to annoy both the bois and the fans

...and female to rhyme with tamale

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