Ring ring... Oh, hello "Richard" from "the internet department of Telstra". Um, no, you can fuck right off

bah, I suspect that an old acquaintance's acct has been taken over. no photos in it but msgs that are starting to feel like a pump'n'dump scam. Now to contact him out of band somehow...

Ponders the wisdom of requiring spouse to travel into the CBD, to attend work for six hours to get 3+ yr old work laptop upgraded from to . , could have shipped her a swap with win10 already installed

Wife went to work this morning, first time in months. The has walked around the house for three hours yowling loudly looking for her. I'd really like her to come home now!

Argh, being told that "master craftsman", "masters degree" and "ships master" are to be on the banned list or deprecated or euphemistically worked around. Does the use of the word "master" always implicitly imply the existence of slave?

That itchy tickly feeling... aha, the () are flowering in the street @lovemelbtrees

Finally gets around to rejoining , since social.mastodon.com.au, where I used to be, appears to have upped and vanished


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