Quick reminder if you're following me here:

I'm mostly @ajroach42@retro.social .social
these days.

i've hacked the gibson
now to install mastodon on it

@troublesome0@octodon.social I love the phrase "DIY Nerd"

top adventure and or heist films? pre: 2000 (pre: 1990 preferred.)

hey friends, can you help me out? i'm looking for dev work.

i do python+js (django, node, etc) and have a background in web stuff and databases.

here's a recent resume: gist.github.com/garbados/db5ca

every lead helps ❤

Nerds! I need a cosplay idea that I can assemble by myself in two weeks for less than $100!

I've been invited to the renfest, and I want to be ren-fest-y.

@ajroach42 a related question, are there any MUDs that ship ready to play?

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Hi! I'm looking for examples of mainframe games.

(That is, multiplayer games that are played by the users of a shared server over ssh/telnet.)

Linux BBS games would also work, I guess. Games can be turn based or real time.

MUDs fall in to this box, as do a few games in the bsd-games package.

Whatcha got?

I should use this account more.

I'm mostly at @ajroach42@retro.social, but I check in here. Feel free to engage with me.

Eventually, I'll probably make this account mostly my "professional-ish" account, and that one mostly my "personal-ish" account.

But for now, I'm here, and there, and everywhere.

I guess I could explain that last bit some.

A long time ago I was planning to do a sitcom for youtube or whatever about some super heroes from the 30s, with their original origin stories updated to modern times.

Characters that are unquestionably in the public domain, like Micro-Face, the original Blue Beetle, The Black Terror, The Shield, etc.

It was overzelous, and we couldn't pull it off the way I wanted to.

So we're doing it different now (more, but unlisted)

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Okay, so!

I've been talking with @TaxDan about the next project I'll undertake.

I'm done with the design, and most of the way through the coding for my current project.

Stuff is going well.

I just had a lot of fatty food (avocado, cream cheese, raw tuna) and some eggs. I'm drinking a latte.

I should feel better soon. If I don't I'll reach for the hotsauce.

Anyone wanna brainstorm computer games, game console features, or super heroes/costumes/plots?

Also I found out that my parent's new printer works with my iPhone and that's almost as cool (but more practical) as when I first printed via AppleTalk with my Newton Messagepad.

This is your world, whatever makes you happy you can put in it. Go crazy. If we're going to have animals around we all have to be concerned about them and take care of them. You need the dark in order to show the light. We'll play with clouds today.

An ancient kobold with an unsettlingly happy grin

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