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Researching new ways to write software that make it easier for newcomers to understand rather than for insiders to maintain. Systems that build easy, reward curiosity. akkartik.name/about

Author of Mu: github.com/akkartik/mu. Using it to teach kids programming 1:1: akkartik.name/post/mu

. Ethos: ship with all deps, gradually streamline their code for own situation, get ideas for improvements, send patches upstream. Implies: can't have too many deps!

Here's Johnson v. Burns from a few years earlier, to give you a better example of just how ferocious Johnson could be.


(This is the last boxing video I'll share, probably. I haven't seen many others.)

RT @MajorSheep@twitter.com: “You will board my space freighter and restore the heart of the Jedi.” #moana #thelastjedi

@natecull That's one benefit of a power only USB cable. I have one from PortaPow that means my phone doesn't communicate with whatever is charging it. Good for public charging points or hotel built in USB power points (never trust them)

Reminder that Project Gutenberg Canada exists


The site is formatted like it's from 1994, but it's got dozens and dozens of digitised books that are in the Canadian Public Domain


Observation: A difference between #SharedCapitalism and #EconomicDemocracy is that the profitable sale of an #employeeowned company is a triumph for advocates of the former, but a tragedy for advocates of the latter.


This might sound silly, but I think part of the reason there’s so much tech illiteracy is because computers are easier to use

Because they’re easy to use, fewer people take the time to delve into them deeply to understand what their machines could really do

Take Macs (let’s leave aside the proprietary issue for now😉). Each is a smorgasbords of tools and technology that most people never find out exists let alone use

If computers were harder, you’d actually have to learn them

You: What a lovely robot!

Me: Yes, it's a state of the art Von Neumann Replicator. Can do absolutely anything.

You: Anything, huh? Say, is there any guarantee that if I turn it on, I'll be able to ever turn it off again?

Me (proudly): Absolutely no guarantee at all! Because of the Halting Problem, see. Robot behaviour is totally mathematically intractable. Nobody can predict. It might make you a sandwich. Might make you INTO a sandwich. Only way to find out for sure is turn it on!

You: Um.

Starting now the Berlin Wall has been down longer than it was up:
Construction began 13-Aug-1961. Demolition began 9-Nov-1989. 10284 days. 5 January 2018 is 10284 days since the wall began coming down.

@ayy @Patrickme IMO this is why the Roman Empire fell. Nativists tend to believe it was barbarians but few have bothered to study Roman history beyond their military history. IMO the biggest clue was that people in Rome proper didn't have to pay taxes in the late empire; the empire was being supported entirely by its periphery, by the people with the least interest in its survival.

@Patrickme @ayy The thing that's made America less great is our distance from our immigrant roots. A smaller fraction of us than ever have fled or were born to people who fled shitty conditions, so we don't appreciate what we have and we don't feel like we should have to work for anything. Hence the desire to exclude people willing to work harder for less money.


The poem on the statue of liberty specifically talks about countries sending their wretched refuse. It's offering a better life, not limiting that better life only to wealthy countries.


Hi I am Adam.

Don't hold it against me but i am a java/front end developer by day, but am interested in VMs, Unikernel, OpenBSD and Haskell, hoping to combine all 4 at sometime in the future! (github.com/adamsteen/solo5)

I have a few things committed to OpenBSD and hope for a few more into the future!

I run OpenBSD on a few different pieces of hardware (amd64, arm64 and octeon) and am in the market for a sparc64 machine as we speak.

the year is 2028, you're searching for a new laptop. Most of them use 48-core ARMv13 CPUs, clocked at the strange value of 555 mhz. After filtering out those that use LTO-10 tape storage, you find one that sticks out at you. It's a pastel teal convertible and the logo looks like a screaming skull. In the checkout you're given the choice between Windows 10.9b and MINIX 6. You flip a coin to make the choice, and it lands on its edge.

Maŭbe I can just toot ĝith mŭ esperanto keŭboard on all the time. Probablŭ no one ĝill notice...

Teaching Le Guin, anarchism Show more

Everytime I look at something written in mathematical notation I can prevent myself from thinking "this is exactly what we do NOT want to do in programming: one letter variable, super super dense code, no comments, symbols/infix operators instead of obvious functions names"

And the result speak for itself : you need to **study math** things to understand it.

We you need to do that for programming you are just reading shitty code not meant to be share with humans.

Math is just shitty code.

Once upon a time, S.R. Bourne wrote the Bourne Shell.

It is clear that he went insane at some point, and wanted all the C to look like shell scripts! From V7 Unix: mastodon.sdf.org/media/NYSv36V