Oh yes, this place exists! I remember that!

I released my second (ambient) album in November 2020: Split Infinity.

It's very ... spacey.


(Also available on all major platforms and stuff.)

I released an (ambient) album in December 2019, if anyone’s interested.

(Also available on all major platforms.)

Year’s nearly over. I’m sure next year will be quite a year, too: time will tell. If nothing else, 2020 at least *sounds* like a year from the future.

Keybase adding support for this so people actually know where I am has reminded me I should probably use this a bit more. Not that I usually actually use birdsite either.

It's just occurred to me I'm literally having tea and crumpets for breakfast. Oh _god_ I'm so English.

Eating breakfast and getting ready to head to the UK Games Expo today.


It's Friday 💜

Time to eat something and relax~

So, Wire (wire.com/) has started opening its server-side code:


They had already released a subset of the client code (same location as above) and have committed to releasing both client & server source code in full.

A review of Wire's security by @veorq and @marver can be found here: research.kudelskisecurity.com/

I guess I should clarify what I said in earlier toots: We're asking you newbs to put cws in political toots not because it's etched in Mastodon dot social's rules, but because it's a social norm established by the community before you came along. Please respect our customs, we already have an idea of what we want this place to be


- Similarly, I have no good way to link to a particular toot in a way I could mention out of band, and then take that link and view it in such a way I can easily interact with it.

- No lists, so no lower-volume views of subsets of the social graph.

- DMs are another selective/lower-volume view. Putting them in-band with other notifications makes them get lost more easily. A long-standing group DM has mostly moved back to Twitter for the moment.

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I think the biggest source of 'nowishness' here is the relative difficulty of producing more selective/lower-volume views of my stream.

- I can browse a particular user's feed, but I either have to search them by name and view in a column in the Mastodon UI, or view their user page by URL, and then I can't fave/RT/reply. I find myself only doing this for a couple of high-priority humans, and I did it more widely on Twitter.

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actually it's kind of crazy that mastodon is literally the only social network that lets you boost/retweet/share with only one click

I'm not sure if I'm seeing duplicate posts, or if I just have a really bad memory.

I'm not sure if I'm seeing duplicate posts, or if I just have a really bad memory.

Getting that "not sure if well yet" feeling. I _think_ I am, but don't want to jinx it.

The mastodon.social instance is under extremely heavy load, I don't do tracking so I don't know where exactly people are coming from but I know there's been a few high profile mentions of Mastodon in media/on Twitter. If this keeps up I will scale up further (I know all the arguments about this instance growing too big in the federation, but if the internet is already at your doorstep, should you go down or scale up? Scale up imo)

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