I just realized that in D'ni it actually *is* spelled "Mist", and now I feel like I have a lot of apologies to make to a certain Tumblr tag.

I’ve decided to get into cross-stitch. I wanted something productive I could do that wasn’t *more* programming, since I do enough of that at work right now.

I may be diving into the deep end with my first project, but I’m working on the Age 233 pattern that Geri/Cloudmarsh made: cloudmarsh.tumblr.com/post/146 mastodon.social/media/OS0dMaoz mastodon.social/media/DqRx-70Z

How, in this day and age when seemingly everyone has contact lists on their phones and voicemail messages that include the recipient’s name, do I still keep getting wrong number dialers?

Leave it to @ihorner to make an oblique reference to a certain upstart social media platform with a fuzzy mascot friend during a faux British panel comedy show. Y’nerd ;)


, , , or fans looking for a place to chat: the previously-unofficial Cyan Chat Discord server is now an official place to hang out! Come join us.


Well, this year's is completely off the charts. Literally.

Highest amount raised ($720,000 and counting). Longest run (going for another 4 hours at this point). Largest live auction ($12,000). Most points (17).

I'm running on less than 2 hours of sleep and at this point I can't even.

I submitted our entry for the game jam with 11 minutes left to go. It's nowhere near as fleshed out as I was hoping it would be, but it's *functional*. Now I'm going to chill for the rest of the night and party in the DB chat. Maybe I'll come back to it this weekend to do more polish.


TLJ is the best Star Wars since Empire, literally do not @ me.

I kind of worry that the next Star Wars is going to capitulate to the tiny but extremely loud minority of people who think The Last Jedi is an "SJW wankfest garbage fire", and undo all of the (extremely good) work that Rian did trying to push the series outside of its comfort zone.

Especially since JJ is back in the director's chair. He knows how to make a good Star Wars movie, but TLJ was also basically a series of subversions to every mystery box that JJ set up in TFA. So.

So the Pikachu Detective movie looks extremely absurd and I will be there to watch it on opening night because I find it inexplicably compelling.

Well, I've got a character controller started, and a camera that tracks the player as they move. Still a TON of stuff left to do, but I feel like some of the trickiest stuff is at least on the way to being dealt with.

Pixel art shift banners for the game jam game I'm making. (contrary to what you may have concluded from my earlier toots, I actually can do art things 😉)

On a related note, check out these awesome sprite placeholders for destructible blocks and one of the enemies.

(my artist for this game jam is napping at the moment and I needed a game object to work with)

Hooray, the level-generation code for my Desert Bus Game Jam game / Downwell-alike is working!

Now I just have to figure out what is causing this absurd connection-devouring retry logic. It's not in my code, and StatHat's c# class library just uses a raw WebRequest, which *shouldn't* do any kind of crazy eternal retry activity. Is it an Azure App Service quirk?

Well, in today's edition of bug-hunting rabbit holes, it turns out my intermittent webapp crashes aren't being *caused* by a failure to connect to SQL Azure. Failing to connect to SQL Azure is a symptom of an underlying issue. Namely, the app is exhausting available TCP/socket connections. For some reason, if a call to StatHat's API ever happens to fail, it gets stuck in a loop trying to talk to the endpoint until it consumes every available socket & gets blackholed by Azure's resource manager.

So now that spoop times are over, what's the macOS Mojave color scheme everyone is moving to now? Light + Red or Green for Christmas, or are we sticking with Dark + Orange through Thanksgiving?

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