Wow I love Recompose's mission! I'd much rather become soil when I die.

Been working on a new rectangle mesher for my WebGL voxel sandbox game. Hoping it will drastically cut down on triangles/points and permit increased voxel density ... knee-height blocks instead of stomach-height. 🤞

So thankful for Georgia. Should have bought some champagne!

I’m most scared when ... squirrels yell at me

Woke up in the middle of the night, realized this might be the year I get my and the thought makes me happy

Been using PopOS for almost a year now on my Linux desktop and laptop. It’s got bugs occasionally, but I really like the integrated tiling.

I disable autocorrect on all my phones. Fuck that nose.

Damn you, mental context switching! So hard most days.

Ever wonder if your webcam is being used to spy on you as you type in passwords?

It takes me at least an hour to write anything of importance.

Crap. Using Manjaro i3 means I have no clean way to install folding@home. Urg.

"This notification is to notify you..."
Heh, nice one AWS.

Kinda wish "disable NetworkManager" wasn't the first step in doing any sort of custom/advanced networking in .

Sheldon Whitehouse has been giving Senate speeches on for years. Awesome! Need to spread the word. Seems a great way to keep up with latest bills, research, etc.

Every year or so I look for new USB wifi adapters supported by that don't require compiling the kernel or using binary blobs. Anyone know of such a website that's frequently updated and lists actual make and models to buy?

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