It’s so fun to work end to end, from the mesher to the WebGL buffers and rendering logic. Game engine optimization is fun!

I just ordered a . I’ve never ever wanted a smart watch, but after listening to several episodes I got excited by the potential.

Move over leaf blowers, I have a new nemesis: rackety rattling refrigerators

“I was so scared of ‘the world’ and taught that it was evil. But that’s not what I experienced.”

This is a great episode. Went through a similar journey nearly 20 years ago myself, and have no regrets. My life is richer for it.

The owls are so noisy that she can’t hear the moon rise

Wake me up when people stop saying “ideation” please

It’s crazy how often I am my worst critic. Or my only critic. Be kinder to yourself, self.

Did Epic remove offline mode from Rocket League? If so, I FUCKING HATE YOU EPIC. I enjoyed playing against bots without having to worry about lag.

I have one less family member now, thanks to . Don't let your guard down. Be smart, be diligent, protect yourself, protect others.

We're only men and women doing what we can
Sometimes I think that God is working to a plan
Then other times I swear that he is improvising
Discordant and remote
Another orphan baby in failed uprising
Another real bum note

. . .

And if you're listening up there
You could consider this a prayer
Well who am I to tell you how to run your business
Man, you could strike me blind
What kind of noise we gotta make down here
Before we destroy your peace of mind

- Prefab Sprout

I do love a taste of the past! But I probably need to clean my coffee maker.

Give it to me straight, Doc! Or rather, on the rocks!

Wow I love Recompose's mission! I'd much rather become soil when I die.

Been working on a new rectangle mesher for my WebGL voxel sandbox game. Hoping it will drastically cut down on triangles/points and permit increased voxel density ... knee-height blocks instead of stomach-height. 🤞

So thankful for Georgia. Should have bought some champagne!

I’m most scared when ... squirrels yell at me

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