Please join me in asking Netflix for a way to disable the damn auto preview feature on Roku. Still find it distracting when I'm trying to browse or find something.

I've exclusively used Firefox on Android for years, but after listening to a recent Changelog episode about Brave, I'm giving Brave another shot. It's super fast since it's based on Chromium. Quite nice!

If you use open source projects at work, consider asking your employer to subscribe to Tidelift. It's a great way to pay OSS maintainers.

Messed around with display:grid in CSS for the first time yesterday. Works well. Working on version 2 of my image backup system and the web UI for browsing+sharing. Backblaze B2, Python Flask backend, vanilla JavaScript. Successor to my collections project:

Nearly a year of large home projects is coming to a close. Can't wait to get back to using my free time for leisure, personal projects, and simply doing nothing.

Election is tomorrow. Filled with dread today. Things could get better if more ppl were engaged, without blindly trusting their party of choice. Trust but verify!

ProTip: In your Terraform AWS Launch Template, send the instance profile name parameter but pass it an ARN. Hooray, you've now broken auto-scaling! Name != ARN.

First toot! Been following Mastodon for a while. Especially loved the Changelog episode with Eugen.


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