A more succint way of putting the theming question: "Good apps, many apps, themes. Choose any two"

Its ironic how their hatred towards GNOME and their holy mission of conversion is causing real harm to their "Savior" project.

PS. the actual KDE community is wonderful and welcoming. Don't let those idiots on /r/linux and the like fool you, they are not part of KDE thankfully.

This is unacceptable behavior and needs to be called out no matter what side it advocates for or if their arguments hold any ground.

Internet is going crazy about GNOME "themes" again. The funniest part are all those toxic evangelist that try to convert frustrated people to another desktop platform.

You can be proud, you are doing a disservice to the KDE community and make them look like arrogant assholes.

Worst of all is that they are not even involved in KDE and if they tried, they would get kicked out. Evangelists only want to brew conflict between projects and trash the mainstream option to feel superior.

PSA: Restyling apps automatically doesn't work, and trying to do it is a dick move towards app developers.


Google Docs, but each time you want to type a character you have to:
1. Fork the document
2. Clone the original doc (and this takes time since it downloads its whole history)
3. Add your fork as a remote
4. Make a new branch
5. Fire up an editor, type the character
6. Stage the line
7. Make a commit, come up with an explanatory message
8. Push the commit to your fork
9. Make a pull request to the original doc
10. Wait for the owner to accept it
11. Pull from the original doc
12. Get rid of your branch

The year is 2028. Unicode 21 now includes 16,777,216 different heart emojis, one for every possible 24-bit color.

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Tired: “don’t forget to turn off your computer on dec 31st 1999!”
Wired: “don’t forget to turn off your computer on jan 1st 2038”
Inspired: “don’t forget to turn off your computer right now. Go away. It’s not worth it. Leave it.”

@federicomena Some of the Flatpak bashing seems to forget that both Flatpak and Snap are being made by groups of people who've had to put up with building distributions using RPM & DEB for decades.

“Breaking political silence” is what privileged people do when the shit finally hits their fan too.

> Microsoft be like: Hey companies this is our Enterprise Linux subsystem, it can run lolcat and cowsay

GNOME Podcasts 0.4.6 is out!

* Felix implemented support for MPRIS2, which means that Podcasts now integrates with the Playback controls of your Desktop
* @brainblasted Ported Hyper to 0.12 and added support for openssl 1.1.
* 9 more translation languages/dialects were added.
* The UX continues to get more polished and a handful of bugs were fixed.

The best part is that you can get it right now, minutes after the release, from Flathub!


We built this shitty
We built this shitty on technical debt

The bane of the touch typist: having to type {:?} in debug println.

Flatpak + GNOME Builder have seriously spoiled me as a development tools. If a repo has a flatpak manifest I can just clone it in GNOME Builder and the dependencies are automatically fetched and the app is built with a push of a button, without having to install development libraries manually on my machine.
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