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fedora mumblings 

Now since the apps are Flatpak, by default all use their own Keyfile GSettings backend. So the when weather changes the key/format it doesn't affect the other apps.

gnome-shell even is reading the key from the host (naturally)

So yea, you got 3 different places not being aware of the others existing and keep displaying things in Fahrenheit.

<2/2 Weather>

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fedora mumblings 

There is a fun bug between weather, calendar and the shell widget.

Weather default to Fahrenheit 🤮 cause it doesn't know how to use locales yet, but it has a switch to change to Celsius.

Now that switch is essentially doing:

`gsettings set org.gnome.GWeather temperature-unit "centigrade"`

Which then gnome-shell and Calendar read to use the preferred format.


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fedora mumblings 

Interesting, there appears to be a Sushi installed, I don't recall that being there by default on regular fedora.

I wonder how it work given that it can't preview most media since the Fedora runtime lacks the *vast* majority of codecs.

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fedora mumblings 

Looks like also, silverblue 33 comes without a Mail client, video app or Music app.. Wonder where they want to go with this.

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fedora mumblings 

Cool, it installs apps as Flatpaks it seems, except they are rpm builds that are using the org.gnome.* ids and build against the Fedora runtime...

Firefox seems to still be part of the image though, can't uninstall it after replacing it with the Flathub build..

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Tap to click being disabled by default is going to drive me mad one of these days...

I've *spent* minutes in the installer thinking it was doing something and the UI had not updated, but it turns out my click was never registered...

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Last time I tried daily driving this it was called “Atomic Workstation” and docker made me revert back to regular Fedora WS within a month. Lets see how it fares now. Fairly excited that toolbox exists and its at least *less* painful to manage containers.

Why do my neighbours listen to Chrismas music already aaaa

Casual reminder that "Linux" is not an operating system...

I've come to realize I can't decide if I like #GNOME or #KDE Plasma better so I split the difference and use one on my laptop and the other on my desktop. 🤷‍♂️

Also, these are both amazing projects. Please contribute or donate!

Me: sends support email to laptop vendor

"The laptop display suddenly turns off, all connections are dropped, and requires a hard reset"


"Fedora kernel too new, could you try Ubuntu OEM kernel?"


If you want to only support Ubuntu machines, that's fine, but maybe have the decency to not brand yourself as a generic "Linux" vendor?

For fuck sake, this thing came with a "Tux" sticker...

I'll be talking about #Flathub tomorrow at 18:15 UTC on LAS2020. Drop by to listen about what and how we have been doing this year and what are the plans for the future.

2020 is almost done, and people still believe distributing apps as appimages is a good idea...

We have finally released Tutanota on Flathub. It is now the official version, please rate! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Random idea, computer case but with HEPA instead of normal dust filters.

That way the more you use the computer, the cleaner the room air gets.

I am thinking of changing the default DPI in rsvg-convert from 90 (historical default) to 96 (CSS preferred). Would this break your usage?

(How to know: run "rsvg-convert -d 96 ..." and see if that breaks your expected results horribly.)

Please boost.

Remember remember...


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