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This has to be my favorite @InspiroBot picture. Need to pin it in the profile.

I’m currently looking for work. If anyone has any programming contracts available, please let me know.

At this point in time, if anyone can help me by supporting me on Patreon I’d greatly appreciate it while I persue a stable income.

Exactly one year ago, I made my first contribution to KDE. So many things happened since then, my C++/Qt skills improved so much, and Plasma Mobile also grew so much. Thank you KDE! #KDE #plasmamobile


Why don't you just add an option? Please?

PHP: Don't try to write a clever regex to validate email addresses, the range of valid addresses is far far wider than you could possibly imagine. Just don't.

Also PHP:

A few GTK4 widgets, 3d transformations and css...

For some reason video uploading doesn't work right now, so see for a video.

Gets even funnier when it turns out your product is loosely based on a completely different thing, and you keep publicly demonstrating that you don't understand the how and why the base product was designed or how its elements interact together.

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How to not do design:

"90% of the screenshots on reddit of our product have $X third party thing, we should built it in! It's so obvious!"


Find someone who loves you as much as the FSF loves RMS.

No, wait, that is a toxic relationship. Don't do that. Learn the signs and ensure you're not in one.

@zorotl @Taweret yeah, theres an account that i follow on twitter that shows changes to nyt articles and headlines, they posted this immediately after they posted the article

Anyone who thinks Linux can't be a personality has never met an arch user

Signal is getting into cryptocurrency so I've deleted my account and removed it. No way, no how.

I wrote a little personal thing on the 10 year anniversary of GNOME 3.

I wasn't around at the time, but I'd love some stories from those days from the people who were!

When you are using earbuds you most likely imagining how half the shit sounds

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