rsvg-load.[ch] are no more. All the loading code has been moved to .

I’m sorry to post a link to surveillance capitalist YouTube but you need to watch this speech by Hannah Gadsby in full. In under eight minutes, not only does she give a masterclass in intersectional feminism but also a biting critique of the hypocrisy at the heart of neoliberalism.

(Please visit the link below in a separate browser in incognito mode if possible, it leads to YouTube, an unsafe site.)

Cool fact about Linux: I can still test three different browser engines: Blink (via Chrome), Gecko (via Firefox), and WebKit (via Epiphany Browser). There are subtle differences between Epiphany and Safari (no Web Payments, no Service Worker, no -webkit-backdrop-filter, etc.) but it's pretty close.

That's pretty good desktop coverage, and I can debug Chrome and Firefox on Android using ADB, as well as Safari on iOS using Linux is not bad for web development.

When the history of the web is written, let the record show that I was against this decision and it's part of the reason I left Microsoft. I didn't join the Edge team to help cement Google's dominance of the web.

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New side episode for the History of podcast: this is a short one, about how language bindings for were made, back in the 1.x days —

If you're spending your time complaining about the things in the second list to the people trying to make the first list happen, please check your priorities.

Things we don't need for ethical technology to reach the masses:
- multiple distros
- mutliple desktops
- multiple toolkits
- "the unix philosophy"
- server-side decorations
- themes

Things we need for ethical technology to reach the masses:
- one great, vertically integrated platform
- great hardware that ships this platform
- ethical online services, integrated with the platform
- lots of good third-party apps for the platform

TFW unsafe Rust calling C functions makes a better job of type checking than a C compiler.

I just realized Android Studio considers it OK to unpack multi-GB files into /tmp because /tmp is not mounted from tmpfs on :ubuntu:

As of a few minutes ago, less than 20% of librsvg's code remains in C:

Most of the calls to libxml2 are done from now. All the loading code will be in Rust soon.

After a long and robust recruitment process, the @gnome Foundation is pleased to announced that @ebassi will be joining us to take on the role of GTK+ Core Developer!

If you happen to use the Flatpak Rust Sdk extension, please avoid updating till tomorrow. We updated to LLVM7 and things are somewhat broken currently

YAML: the land where everything is stringly typed, but not quite™

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