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This has to be my favorite @InspiroBot picture. Need to pin it in the profile.

Xiph is responsible for developing and hosting Ogg family of codec, Vorbis, Theora, Opus, etc among other things.

Consider donating if you can, if for nothing else, these Primer videos alone. Its a 501c3 for you Americans out there.

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My entertainment for this evening was rewatching the Xiph primers on digital media and I can't recommend them enough.

If you were ever remotely curious about anything releated to audio and/or video you *should* watch them. They are *amazing*.


Oh I want to setup fedora after a fresh install? Sure, let me curl that gist I made 3 months ago and run it!

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lifehack: instead of keeping random scripts *somewhere* in your computer, upload them in gists.

App developers are incentivized to keep their software working. When something breaks, the end user blames the app, not its 4th subdependency down the chain, which the end user doesn't even know exists. If the app developer goes to that subdependency and asks them to pretty please not make a backwards-incompatible change, it can spiral into semantic bickering over what actually constitutes a breaking change and what doesn't. At the end of the day, it's just easier for the app dev to bundle.

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Is there some wiki page where I can lookup kernel config args and figure out what they do?

You can still leave a comment that will notify everyone, why should you be able to reopen issues GITLAB??

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"How do I get this working?"

a. This ain't a support forum
b. Here's how
-> closes issue

But I did it and now I have sideffect C cause it did exactly what I asked for..
reporter reopnes issue?!...

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Do you remember how a Python crypto package requiring was reported as a disaster filling landfills with abandoned computers, because Rust didn't support s360 and hppa platforms?

Here are Debian stats for these platforms:

They've logged 8 users of each these platforms. Eight.

These platforms add up to one tenth of one percent of Debian users, by most generous interpretation of these stats.

I need a browser extension that replaces all occurrences of "Gnome" with either GNOME or gnome.

Up now: a blog post on how you can use the flatpak CLI to develop, test, and create distribution tarballs for your applications:

Casual reminders that 9/10 comments on the internet don't know shit about what they are talking.

Debian: *still ships alpha*

Ubuntu: Hey mate, your 0.2 that you wrote in a delusional fever that doesn't even work anymore? Delish.

me: Oh no.

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