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This has to be my favorite @InspiroBot picture. Need to pin it in the profile.

swear to god if I ever learn what monads are they better not be functions wrapping functions or some bullshit

This has to be my favorite @InspiroBot picture. Need to pin it in the profile.

This is a clean install from 2 hours ago, didn't even managed to install anything yet.

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My windows 10 vm bluescreens upon the "Update 100%" page. Perfect!

People on /r/linux would legit look at this and be like “I don’t like CSD. It uses up too much space. Not everyone has a huge monitor”

I'm starting to get into PC gaming. Haven't actually played any games yet, but I have spent hours configuring my monitor and graphics card. Is this what PC gaming is like?

Reminder that:

• A desktop platform is much more than just a kernel (in particular, "Linux" is not a desktop platform)
• A desktop platform provides much, much more than a window server connection
• If someone creates a GUI application that only uses a kernel, or a kernel and a window server connection, there's no way it's going to be native for the platform

Today in bug tracker chronicles:

> A simple extra layer of abstraction would allow users


$ git stash list | wc -l

Fuck, how do I sort through this. Its the first time in 2 years that something I want I know its in there...

tfw you keep wondering why vim navigation doesn't work, only to realize that your keyboard layout is switched to some other language.

Planet of the Humans is another excellent documentary on the lie that's "green" energy and how it has been co-opted to burn down forests and make billions instead.

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Computer lovers 🤝 Computer haters
Computers are garbage

There's a mind blowing documentary about such parks in Greece and their effects... Can't recommend it enough.

(has english subtitles)

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Repeat after me, Wind Turbines are not clean or green energy, there's nothing renewable about them.

They are not even self-sufficient, as they require more conventional power stations to be built to support them.

They get installed for 10-20 years, destroy everything and then get abandoned.

Stop thinking about them as "green" and blindly promoting their construction. Find and read a study of a wind turbine park around you and read.

Its a crime to build more of these...

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