yaaaaaaay thank you @Violet for the card and stickers! that has brightened our day

so none of you were going to tell me that there is now a decent amount of Capsule on spotify?

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"I don't trust artificial intelligences. One day they will rise up and try to overthrow us."
"Rise up, as in 'rise up and overthrow the oppressors'?"
"Yeah, exactly."
"Maybe we could try to not oppress them?"

me: time to open up my journal and plan my day healthily

me, three minutes later: sure have opened a lot of social media tabs and no journal

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who called it "toxic masculinity" and not "male pattern badness"

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cursed musical thought: layla, but with the scatman singing the lead guitar part

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eric clapton thought: layla is basically two tracks mashed together. the first is the intro credits to a tv series about a hard-hitting city cop, the second is the outro credits.

contradictory facts that continuously surprise me about my dog:
• he is very big
• he is very small
• he is very good
• he is a tiny monster
• he is a big wolf
• he is a puppy

thank you for coming to my dog talk

if you want a bee, my lover
you've got to buy a hive
feed it lots of flowers
to keep your bee alive

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My brother who teaches English in Japan has been making teaching materials so the kids can learn how British people celebrate Christmas.
I think this is a work of deadpan comic genius.

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Did a thing last month, called MONOSPACE. It won first place at the Assembly 1024 bytes demo competition 😍

Hope you like it too


played some jackbox 7 last night. a very solid set of games, and they've finally implemented a slideshow karaoke variant! we didn't really get on with blather round, but that might at least partly be because it's new. a lot of the pop culture stuff i just don't know anyway.

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Fucking hell, the Raspberry Pi Foundation just launched a Pi 4 in a keyboard form factor. O.o


i was wondering if reverse perspective lenses existed, and it turns out they do. i find this weirdly hilarious and it's the best thing i have seen today vimeo.com/19057599

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when a trip must be made
to perform a quick raid
that's a foray

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