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"This ring is cursed," the witch said, holding it in the palm of her hand. "Whoever wears it will die."
"Oh. Wow. How soon?"
"A minute before they were fated to."
"And until then, they will have perfect health." She smiled shyly at her girlfriend. "Will you accept it?"

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god in the garden of eden, to the angels creating the animals: the chimpan-Y was a disaster. you've got one last chance to get this right

I have brushed enough fur off my dog to make a second, identically shaped dog.

He is the Banach Tarski paradog.

Aldroid boosted "My roommate got super stoned a couple weeks back and found out you can order a personalized big toblerone. He immediately forgot about it until it showed up last night"

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Open-Unmix - a new benchmark in music source separation: - finally, fully open-source & high-quality music source separation. Well done folks!

Also a falcony balcony, and a salady malady

I've got the phrase "a leopardy jeopardy" going round my head, and I feel like there will never be an opportunity in my life to do it the justice that it deserves.

Yesterday I did pole. Monday I did capoeira. This morning I went to a networking event. I think I'm nailing the don't-be-depressed game.

❌ underground laboratory
✅ de basement of science

Q: What's the frequency, Kenneth?

A: Everybody Hz.

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