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I was pretty proud of this track. It's gotten one listen on Bandcamp. Screaming into the void...

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Hey! I heard there's a little party called Evoke happening this weekend... The Field-FX demoshow is right before the first seminar on Saturday, with ToBach and some classic prods from Nova and Sundown. Ideal hype fuel! 10am BST,

"Enjoy your stay in Florida, sir," the official smiled giving the prawn-man his passport. The prawn smiled back, picked up his case and went to the rental lot. He put on his shades, got into the Chevy and hit the radio. Bruce Springsteen's classic "Prawn in the USA" was playing.

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the nova demoparty website has been updated with site and compo information!

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This week's Saturday Morning Demoshow will be hosted by the internationally-famous artist Kate Bush. Or @aldroid in a Kate Bush outfit. Find out which, at 10am BST Saturday on #demoscene

If you're cold, she's cold. Let her in through your window.

list of pokemon that i will never catch or evolve
• weezing - that seems like such a cruel evolution from a happy little koffing. which is probably the point, in which case it works thank you
• mr mime - creepy clown nope nope nope
• raticate - just looking at one makes my teeth hurt

Yay! Day job success: I got my code to display something.

Not the right thing, and I’m a week behind schedule, but it’s something.

I just read "Press enter to exit..." on a command line program, and I had a bit of a moment.

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Ok, I now have permission to talk about this project in full and in public. I'm working with Alan Kay to build six replicas* of a Xerox PARC Alto display for use in a museum exhibit**. Visitors will see a real Alto and then walk over to one of the replicas to futz with Smalltalk '78***.
Here's a nice writeup of a different project that rejuvenated an actual Alto.

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The Bart & Homer climate meme going around is a bit doomy for our taste. Here's a better version!

never call your function accessor getFunc(), when you can call it bringTheFuncBack()

tonight's pizza will be weird. it is topped with leftover roast (including trivet stock) from sunday which i made into a curry on monday. it's a three nations fusion

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