A new version of Sequeler is dropping soon, with improvements to PostgreSQL and fixes for handling non select query results.

Recording tutorials, a hardware retrospective review, and reading a book.
What a wild Sunday.

I just realized I've been using the Gazelle from System76 for almost 2 years now, going through OS changes, firmware updates, and a couple of flights. How is it holding up?
Video coming soon...

I drank 3 espresso and I'm listening to symphonic metal. Let's see what kind of code will come out of this...

Linux Audio Issues. Apparently, ASLA always defaults audio to 48000Hz and 16bit, so if the PulseAudio deamon or any other software is set to 44.1Hz, random issues can happen. I changed all my settings to use 48000Hz and everything seems to work. Can anyone confirm?

The Akira dark mode is looking sexier every day 馃槏

Tune in next Sunday for our first ever Development Vlog! Canvas updates, new features, WIP patches, and more.
Write us your questions and we will answer them live.

I'm recording a small vlog to let you know where the hell I've been for the past month.
I can squish in some questions, so, ask me anything, folks!

The marvellous @albfanjul stepped on the accelerator over the weekend and created some outstanding PRs.
Check out these WIPs for binding canvas items to z-index ordering, transform panel, and color fillings.

I'm attending a 2 hours Muay Thai seminar this morning. Poll, how hard will be to walk tomorrow from 1 to "I told you so, you're too old for this $@#!"?

How a UI can drastically improve with a few tweaks. Here's a sequence between the mock-up, first PR received, and our final revision.
Attention to details brings clarity and improves usability. It's not just a "useless but pretty coating" (actual sentence someone told me)

The super talented @albfan is working hard on the canvas. If you want to take a look and give us a hand figuring out the latest quirks related to rotating and scaling, checkout this WIP PR: github.com/akiraux/Akira/pull/

A new Vala and GTK tutorial is up! Let's learn how to create a StackSwitcher and add it to our HeaderBar. youtu.be/cub8A3kqiHw

Pushing a new Sequeler version later tonight with some big performance improvements for all you crazy people out there with 999K+ records per table.
Also, I will be reviewing and merging some juicy PRs for Akira, and publish a new Vala tutorial tomorrow.
Feels good to be back!

SQL question for all you smart cookies out there.
Which approach would you recommend to handle pagination via SQL without relying on LIMIT and OFFSET since those are super heavy when dealing with many columns on 100k+ rows?
I'm looking for a 1 statement solution.

The feeling when you look at your app after 3 months and you start deleting code and refactoring because 3-months-old-you was dumb and just pasting snippets from stack overflow.

System76 Galago Pro, Dell XPS 13, Dell Precision, or Lenovo X1 carbon?
Which one should I pick for a Linux travelling workstation?

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