I'm fed up with all these Giveaway and Contest services and plugins that are stupid expensive just for ridiculously simple features, so I decided to create a Gutenberg Block to achieve the same result. Here's a little WIP.

Finally overcame procrastination, reset my Kickstarter password, and contributed 100 bucks to the Akira campaign!

We really need something better than Inkscape for UI design, and this seems like the most promising attempt in a long time. The campaign still has 2 weeks and is at 30%, so I'm hopeful they can still make it.


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Hitting my favorite Linux Dungeon Master @BryanLunduke@twitter.com to share a project that aims at rocking the Linux design world.

馃惁馃敆: twitter.com/alecaddd/status/10

A good discussion happening on GitHub regarding the layout of Akira.
Layers panel to the right or to the left? Despite you might think, there's a reason behind it.


FOSS community should read this. Open design is possible given the right process, right tools, and learning how to work as a team.

We also need an open source version of Abstract lol


cc/ @alecaddd

Akira is on the right track to be fully funded, but we need your help.
Share the campaign, write a blog post, talk about it on your podcast, make a video about it, and help us reach more people. A professional UX design tool on Linux is possible!

Who can decipher this ancient glyph found in a dark cave somewhere in North America?

Brasero, a CD/DVD writer app, is unmaintained but still widely used. Would you like to maintain it? gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/brasero

I want to see more designer types contribute to and create FOSS and for that we need an environment that sustains them, so I'm putting my money where my mouth is and backing Akira: kickstarter.com/projects/aleca

Sure it's a kickstarter, but ay least I can do to encourage more designer oriented projects in FOSS

Have you checked out the Kickstarter for Akira yet? Following Sequeler and Taxi, Alessandro Castellani's latest app is a UI/UX design tool for elementary OS. Back Akira to help him hire on some stellar developers to bring this tool to life. buff.ly/2FGHLMD

If you missed the Live Streaming, here's the recording you can watch.

While answering your questions, we talked about the reasons behind Akira, differences with other apps, the team, money, and showed a working prototype.


In 1 hour I'm streaming a live interactive video broadcast on @Kickstarter. Join me! t.co/VP7J8gy2wI

@Gargron hi, I just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a free and open source design tool for UI and UX designers. It would be awesome to get a shoutout 馃槃
Thank you so much for your work with Mastodon

Do you want to completely change the Linux Desktop environment forever?

Help me and other 3 developers build Akira, the first and only Native Vector Graphic Tool for UX Designers.

Regain your independence from proprietary apps, help us make Akira happen!


Oh well, I shipped a small bug with the new version of Sequeler. I'm a genius!
If you upgraded and all your connections are gone, don't worry, they haven't been canceled, I just accidentally pushed the use of the `Devel` GSettings schema. A fix will ship tomorrow.

A new version of Sequeler is available on the elementary OS AppCenter. WARNING: This version introduces SSH tunneling and lots of drastic code refactor to handle async and multi-threads methods. BACKUP YOUR CONNECTIONS before updating!!!

Slowly and consistently updating the UI of Taxi while refactoring the entire code base. This is gonna be awesome

One of my many millions of new years resolutions is to paint more.
What about some YouTube live painting with Krita on elementary OS?

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