Listening to power metal and working on Akira.
Pretty good evening I'd say.

I wrote a blog post after a million years.
Working on Thunderbird. UX and UI challenges of an Open Source project.

ICYM, here's a quick overview of all the keyboards I went through for the past 12 months, and the lovely discovery of the Matias and Varmilo keyboards.

Star Trek lower decks feels more like Rick & Morty than a Star Trek show

I got my coffee and I got my metal playlist, time to dig into some Thunderbird development.
Today I'll be working on implementing a Search input field in the preferences tab, and adding new SVG photon icons in the Folder Pane.
What are you working on?

And after weeks of working non stop on Thunderbird, Akira, and making videos, I'm finally taking a day off from the screen with a 6 hours session.

Remember the lock and flip state of a shape in the transform panel.
Akira is getting smarter and smarter at every PR.

Also, if you're wondering how far is a first alpha release of Akira, you can track our progress and missing features from here:

Hey folks, Alex here, just a quick heads up that I will be working on Akira full time for the first 3 weeks of January, so expect more updates and news.
Meanwhile, some much needed improvements and fixes are on their way:

Other OS:
1. Lock down apps to the app store or signed apps
2. Charge devs $100/yr
3. ??
4. PROFIT (for the OS maker)

elementary OS:
1. Build cool app store but let users do what they want; it鈥檚 their device
2. Don't charge devs a yearly fee
3. Build tools to help users sideload

We don't want to give anyone false hopes, but hey, Akira is looking pretty solid lately so we decided to write down a list of must-have features for our very first alpha release.
Check it out:
No dates have been decided yet 馃槄

Just merged into master.
Progressive nobs, which move away when the object shrinks, making it super easy to grab and resize small objects without zooming in.
@albfan is a real wizard!

A new version of Sequeler is dropping soon, with improvements to PostgreSQL and fixes for handling non select query results.

Recording tutorials, a hardware retrospective review, and reading a book.
What a wild Sunday.

I just realized I've been using the Gazelle from System76 for almost 2 years now, going through OS changes, firmware updates, and a couple of flights. How is it holding up?
Video coming soon...

I drank 3 espresso and I'm listening to symphonic metal. Let's see what kind of code will come out of this...

Linux Audio Issues. Apparently, ASLA always defaults audio to 48000Hz and 16bit, so if the PulseAudio deamon or any other software is set to 44.1Hz, random issues can happen. I changed all my settings to use 48000Hz and everything seems to work. Can anyone confirm?

The Akira dark mode is looking sexier every day 馃槏

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