Volunteers 3D-Print Unobtainable $11,000 Valve For $1 To Keep Covid-19 Patients Alive; Original Manufacturer Threatens To Sue - techdirt.com/articles/20200317 patents more important than patients, of course...

White supremacy –and indeed all manifestations of racism and every other sin that plagues the human race– thrives where the true Gospel has been forgotten, where man has set himself up as a god, each doing what is right in his own eyes and measuring the world against himself: judging his neighbor against the color of his own skin. The antidote is the Lamb that takes away the sins of the world: the unblemished Christ by whose standard all, black white and middle eastern, are wretches alike.

Gözlerim klimaya kaldırıyorum,
Yardım nerden gelir?
Yardımın yeri, soğuğu üfleyen,
Klimam senden gelir.

You know a programmer is frustrated when their commit messages stoop to this. “How's the bug hunting, catch anything today?” “No.”


Regarding the popularity of :
I believe hosting companies are playing here a vital role

WordPress has grew to be a large part of the internet - greatly facilitated by one-click-installs provided by hosting company.

I think in today day and age where so much tools are available we should see more hosting company dedicated to provide one-click instal for but also rocketchat, nextcloud, etc


I'm looking forward to seeing how many times features in the next major dump of compromised passwords.

That feeling on the train in the morning when your Bluetooth headset won't connect to anything and you realize it's because your phone is at home.

“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” — Psalm 73:26

@Vavassor If you want help with Tusky issue triage let me know. I'm not much of a Java or Android programmer but I could help out some with organizing issues.

> “Exceptions to free speech don't get used to help the powerless. They get used to help the powerful.”

The Seductive Appeal of the "Nazi Exception" — popehat.com/2017/04/18/the-sed

This cartoon reminds me of an experiment I once read about (not sure if a literary device or actual events), about a teacher who proved the failure of socialism to his students who thought it was the best idea ever.

The students argued that socialism was the future, so he told them that their exam marks would be evenly shared.

Exam 1: Most slacked, few worked hard, decent average.
Exam 2: The hard workers didn't bother, since they wouldn't be rewarded. Everyone failed.

Github hesabı olan 'deki yazılım geliştiricilerinin sıralaması:

Github Türkiye İstatistikleri — alpcanaydin.github.io/github-s

@TheKinrar For some reason mastodon.social has dropped off the instances chart. It seems to still be reflected in the total user count, but it's not given a row in the table at all.

@gled Why do you have TWO follow bots on the same instance with roughly the same description going around following people?

I just went around and did some basic nmap-ing on the most popular Mastodon instances, and there's some seriously sketchy stuff in there. Publicly reachable Postgres servers, tons of open internal HTTP ports, SSH with password login, multiple Mastodon instances that seem to be running on mail server VMs, …

I guess if you're just running a single-user instance for yourself, sure, but those are all 2000+ user instances.

Does anybody know of an interface that generates print editions of the Transport Map layer a la Field Papers?

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