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I make comics and picture series, both of the adult variety and for all-ages groups.

My greatest accomplishments are making people cry over pokemon, and making queer people fap to straight porn.

Art samples:

Bubblegum Lovers:

Voluntary Feminization:

Sad Litwick Comic:

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1. Where did all this camping gear come from? Does Noctis summon it out of his body like he does with all his swords and fishing pole?

2. u rly expect me to believe all 4 dudes are squeezing into that tiny ass tent

oh no, I can't fall asleep... I'm entering the 4th hunger phase.

parts of this game feels like a mashup of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy and Fallout. Only instead of going into a bunker and encountering raiders you're getting ambushed by lawn gnomes.

@alexlaw I'm sure I'll have many things to complain about but in the meantime I like this particular take on urban fantasy atmosphere. despite the FF franchise being plagued with convoluted stories and meh gameplay I like their worldbuilding more than the tiring Ye Olde Generic Medieval Europe fantasy or Space Ranger sci-fi.

@alexlaw so, i remember when the game was announced, so many ppl were bemoaning that it's about 4 dudes, thinking it will alienate female players, but playing it is confirming to me how obvious it is that the creators were targeting a female audience by making a "lets play murder-dolls with these 4 hot shippable boys" game. Cindy is there to be the game's beard.

ok I'm gonna finally play ffxv and i will annoy you all with updates as i play.

update one: why the fuck is this game's file size so huge

Randomly thought about the Addam's Family and was reminded of this scene and it's still just as funny as when I was a kiddo:

How do you usually view webcomics?

1. Desktop PC

2. Phone

3. Tablet

4. multiple devices

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Toadette + Crown = Peachette
Pink Toad + Crown = Peach
Red Toad + Plumber Hat = Mario
Green Toad + Plumber Hat = Luigi

Human + Red Lipstick = Pauline

yeah that's right i just blew your MIND

Are there any PS4 exclusives that make it worth buying (besides Spider-Man)?

playing w action scenes. not sure about using chemical formulas as SFX, but... meh.

whenever i tell skincare enthusiasts that I test out new products by applying it on one half of my body but not the other for a few months to control for placebo effect, they look at me like i'm from crazy town.

but i mean, wouldnt u want to know if something works or not???

One of the guys at my workplace is such an asshole. He's extremely bitter, a compulsive liar and likes to talk smack about everyone behind their backs. I don't know how to deal with it.

was letting a coworker know their Amazon package arrived and my phone tried to autocorrect it to "i received your amazing package"

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The tale of the Strong and Beautiful Princess and her adventures that completely ignore the systemic issues with monarchical hierarchies

@alexlaw in Japanese, Duolingo kind of sounds like "duo apple"
I wonder if Japanese speakers wonder why the app mascot is an owl.

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