Reclaiming pizza from the italians because most of its ingredients come from the Americas. Put some pineapple and pumpkin on that bitch, idgaf.

what if plants and animals were reversed. like what if there were giant animals half-way planted in the ground--lots of them for miles. and little plants running around.


the unrealistic thing about that stormblood culinarian questline is not just that you're trying to solve marital issues via food, but that the doman father was willing to accept a foreigner son after being presented cross-cultural food. If you showed an asian cultural nationalists a tie between 2 cultures they typically seethe through their teeth that their culture is the true origin of the dish or clothes or whatever.

Ppl going "remember this decade? wasn't life so simple back then? Wish we could go back to that 😭"

99% chance it only seemed nice and simple because you were a child.

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A wedding dress is just a fursuit of your wifesona

girls only want one thing and it's disgusting (catboy ear wiggles)

me over here, an enlightened smoothbrain who understands 0 languages

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lol-ing at k-drama twitter repeating the same translation purity conversation as anime twitter

what's funny is this started years ago after looking up sports anime doujin and just never stopped

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more mainstream social media sites keep recommending blaseball to me even though i haven't a clue what that is and at this point I'm too afraid to ask

there's just a lot of stuff like that where i can't help but think these assumptions would not be in place if they just bothered to, you know, ask someone with a vagina lol. There was another time when some article came out showing human vaginal stress triggering the release of endorphins, and everyone thought it meant women were biologically meant to be submissive or feel pain during sex or whatever, when it's probably more likely triggered during childbirth

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not even talking about the typical alpha wolves or chimps stuff. one thing i see floating around is the idea that female cats feel pain when mating, because male cat penises have little barbs. And also that the barbs must be for raking out other male cat's sperm. Can't find any real sources that indicate the female cat is actually in pain. How do we know it isn't just Studded For Her Pleasure? Also multiple sperm sources can contribute to a single litter, so the sperm competition is low

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every once in a while i see someone spout some animal behavior evopsych BS that's obviously derived from unchecked human gender biases, specific cishet dude perspectives

realizing the "i need female friends >> oopsie all my friends transitioned to male/nb" thing is prooooobably why i still can't find anyone to watch Spice World with me.

a lot of korean movies/tv remind me of 90s american movies/tv. idk how to put it, they just do

apparently the word barber used to refer to medieval surgeons. wonder how it changed to haircutters.

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