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hey new ex-Tumblr peeps! I make NSFW art that is very cute and pleasant. :blobcatcoffee: I make SFW art sometimes too. I do my best to tag everything.

ugh, i'm doing the art thing where i keep re-drawing the same panel over and over a gain, unsatisfied with the result

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Idk if i can get thru them all though. It's kinda reminding me why i stopped watching most movies/tv, it's so saturated with white dudes.

Ive been procrastinating on my work by finally watching (most of) the marvel movies.
And now i know why i saw so much gay fanart of the winter soldier when it came out.

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Scientist reveal dinosaurs were normal sized and we are actually tiny

Yesterday I had the experience of explaining what "fuzzy channels" were to someone only 5 years younger than me. Makes me feel old, but it's also indicative of how quickly the internet took over and replaced television as our primary media outlet, and perhaps childhood experiences with sexual content. Of course i make gen X feel old when i say I've never seen an actual paper porno mag, much less seen them sold in corner markets

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i tried malasada for the first time and ate waaay too many of them

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Which is more common, people who have sex with blow-up dolls or people whose fetish is people transforming into blow-up dolls?

have not read the comics, though the fact that both a wacky 90's sitcom and a super srs teen drama spawned out of it is... something.

it's just kind of a single-minded way to write satanists (even fictional ones where one assumes satan is just like the current-day xtian one. obviously real satanists are something else entirely). It's like if you wrote a villain who just goes "I'm so evil! Boy do I love being BAD!" but instead of being in a cartoon it's just super dead serious.

i'm watching Sabrina and it's ok but the way the witches just reverse typical christian rituals/vocab into "unholy" "dishonor" "unrighteous" etc is so... idk, cheesy? Like why would satan think of himself that way, especially if they think the xtian god is a "false god"?

I'll never understand celebrity gossip culture

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