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I make comics and picture series, both of the adult variety and for all-ages groups.

My greatest accomplishments are making people cry over pokemon, and making queer people fap to straight porn.

Art samples:

Bubblegum Lovers:

Voluntary Feminization:

Sad Litwick Comic:

How to give me $$:

Hint: the answer to both is “very”

I made some patron-only updates on my upcoming Bubblegum Lovers comic. If you’re not a patron u just gotta imagine how cute & sexy it is:

Why do my cheeks always get so red? And for no apparent reason.

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‪I don’t really like humanoid aliens and the only way I’ll like them is if they’re actually humans who colonized a planet and then over the course of hundreds of thousands of years evolved into a different species‬.

I went to this SF restaurant, went to the bathroom and was like “hmm, you don’t usually see public restrooms with windows.” Looked out the window and realized this was once a residential house where the front/interior had been heavily reconstructed

@alexlaw Bring back the good old days when men wore high heels for horseback riding and also when men wore makeup and elegant, frilly clothes

At what point will “conservative” stop meaning “try to emulate a romanticized version of 1950”? Like, can we slide this up to 2010 or something?

I mean, the word in itself is actually a misnomer as conservatives don’t actually want to conserve, they want to revert. To conserve would be like “I want to conserve Roe vs Wade”

Also what if I want to go back BEFORE 1950? Like “bring back the good old days when men and women did equal housework before the industrialization of jobs.”

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Tired: making media about LGBT people, PoC, neuroatypical folks
Wired: making media for LGBT people, PoC, neuroatypical folks

trying really hard to fight the urge to buy more alpacasso plushies, oh god they are so cute though

@alexlaw ok, I charged it for 5 hours and that was good enough for what I needed. They must expect ppl are gonna use this thing all day or something

yaaay I finally bought a thrusting dildo!

*it has a 16 hour charge time*


@alexlaw I just miss playing/snuggling with them. Or having them wake me up like clockwork (preferable to an alarm anyway). But then I think about how I have a temp job and will probably move in the next few years. I want to leave the Bay Area at some pt and it would just be 100x more difficult with a pet.

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Waaah, I want a cat but if I get one it will severely limit my ability to move to new homes...

‪I have to say something thats been bottled in me for some years—‬

I’ve seen this thing happen at least 3 times with my friends, where someone is transitioning and very supportive of various mid-transition, nonbinary, nonconforming ppl, etc... then the moment they reach some kind of “passing” point they turn around and shit on anyone who doesn’t match their binary image‬

‪It’s like a microcosm of “i got mine, fuck u” and I’ve ended friendships over this.‬

‪Anyway, pls do not do that thing‬.

Why is everyone suddenly talking about Oscar
Sesame Street is for babies.