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alternatively the car looks like someone's transformation fetish design.

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the more i look at that penelope pitstop car the more terrifying it becomes.

actually i just realized that sometimes women are also portrayed this way

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if humans were portrayed the way talking animals were:

Welcome to Human Town! Everyone here is a human. Come get in the primatemobile (the car's side mirrors are shaped like human ears and the headlights are shaped like eyes). Over there is the human grocery store and the post office for humans. Our culture is nothing to "ape" about! ha ha, get it? Come meet my lovely human wife in my "Home sapien."

so basically if there are catboys there also needs to be tigergorillas and lynxchimps and spidermonkeymountainlions

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in fact... all furries are apes crossed with other animals

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humans are apes so catboys are actually ape-cat chimeric hybrids

ffxiv (shadowbringers spoilers)

Can't even get ready for a shower without being interrupted by these idiots

one bisexual man and his 50 ace trans girlfriends going to pride to participate in the public kink of wearing leather vests

his privilege level is off the charts!! will no one defeat this utter chad

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minmaxing my privilege by dating 100 people of a different gender at the same time

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calculating my privilege based on the ratios of each gender that im in a relationship with

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i dont understand the stance "bisexuals in a m/f relationship have privilege and don't belong in pride" because by that logic, single gay people also have privilege?

these are all just proxies for people being downtrodden by the US's various military chokeholds and political exploits. may as well just cut to the core and complain about that, not superficial things like what name you call something. As petty as the east sea/sea of japan thing between japan and korea, as if changing names would undo any damage

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my other hot geography take is it doesn't matter if you use "america" to refer to the US or the entirety of the americas, because it's just people fighting over who gets to use some Italian colonizer's name.

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every once in a while i see ppl get miffed over americans using "asia" to mainly refer to east asia and brits using "asia" to mainly refer to south asia as if this were either fanciful idiocy or somehow wrapped in current politics, when really they're leftovers from those countries' histories of colonization and imported labor with those respective regions.


yall check out these armored spikey heels

every time i use low blow the mob's gonna get stabbed in the eye

there is one thing my bunnies did that was cute (besides being bunnies) and that was lean strongly into my hands whenever i pet then. buns be needy

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