Idk if i can play it just for the bees tho. It's not so much a boycot (since notch no longer works on it) so much as i can't play it without thinking about how it came out of him, so it just sours the experience. And im usually pretty lenient about "the creator of X is problematic" stuff, but i gotta draw a line somewhere

I haven't played Minecraft in years out of sheer spite for its creator, but damn if those bees aren't adorable...

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This food diary has hilarious, off-putting images of poop in its entries and I figured I'd share it with you all

How laying in the grass looks: soft and comfy

How it actually feels: scratchy, wet, no back or neck support, bugs getting adventurous

Spider-Man has to be taken out of the MCU because Disney couldn't each an agreement with Sony

idgaf about the MCU but I hope Tom Holland gets more roles showing him being cute and stronk Q_Q

Ppl referring to 90's/2000's adaptations of stuff like Addam's Family, Spider-Man, etc as "the originals" is the same brand of stupidity as pointing to the king james bible or dictionary as originals

On the note of China being like "1984" one thing that is interesting is apparently 1984 and Animal Farm are not banned in China. You can legally buy and read those books there. The reason given is that those books don't take place in China so it's not actually "against" China...

However, even though Chinese can read the book, apparently they're not allowed to type "1984" in social media, lol

I guess they're not really bots but more like throwaway accounts with real people spreading propaganda in a mindless robotic way. China is the real 1984....

Does America send stupid bots over to Weibo and other non-english segments of social media? Never even thought about it

Those anti-HK Chinese bots on twitter are outta control. I wonder if they really accomplish anything though? China's propaganda style is so last century

both of the food-tracking apps I'm trying will list what my "bad foods" are based on what I ate on the same day that I experience symptoms. Which is just... lol? I can believe it for stomach issues like heartburn, but for intestinal It takes anywhere between 8-24 hours for food land in your toilet, shouldn't it be looking at the previous day?

Trying to figure out what's causing my digestive issues (bloating/pain/nausea) so I went on a non-corn, non-milk, non-gluten diet. I thought it would be difficult but apparently my normal food doesn't normally have this stuff anyway (except milk teas i guess, but i don't drink those every day).

But it's not because Im healthy, I'm just so lazy about cooking I buy single-ingredient foods not requiring prep. Also surprised at how unhealthy i can still be by binging on potato chips and bacon lol

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anatomy illustrations: clear and organized with labels and outlines defining tissues

anatomy photos: unrecognizable pink and red mush

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cats are the true form of millennials because they're capable of eating their own asses

Watching the recent she ra season and hordak is giving weird angry twink vibes in some of these eps

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us politics 

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