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I make comics and picture series, both of the adult variety and for all-ages groups.

My greatest accomplishments are making people cry over pokemon, and making queer people fap to straight porn.

Art samples:

Bubblegum Lovers:

Voluntary Feminization:

Sad Litwick Comic:

How to give me $$:

why am i so bad at ending phone conversations

In that last one... i learned I should be more sparing with the dark green pen <.<

Text if you can't read it--

At least once a year I experience something like this:
"I ate something bad?"
*cold* *hot* *growwl*
"what is going on"
"i've never felt so much pain"

5 min later:
"Hm, I'm fine now?"

Like it never happened

I watched the fist 2 episodes of Titans and it didn't seem any different than all the other superhero shows. i think the first ep has a few scenes where the pacing is kinda choppy.

I'm doing vote-by-mail and reading all the for/against arguments for each proposition and measure. Every time I read a proposition argument that's full of ALL CAPS SHOUTING I immediately know the argument is being made by conservatives.

I'm playing Mario Odyssey for the first time and the implications of a mind-controlling sentient hat and the colorful glee in which Mario kills everything is kinda messed up

I'm watching the Titans show that everyone complained about and no one can stop me

my overseas germs let me have a nice vacation but now they are having a field day in my throat. 😷

I was recently listening to that npr thing on "bullshit jobs" (pointless office/admin jobs where ppl have almost nothing to do so they just play solitaire all day) and all I could think was, damn, give me one of those. I'd get SO much art and writing done, and I'd actually be paid for it by the hour, LOL. starving artists with no parents or spouses apparently need to get in on the Pointless Admin game.

man, i wasn't able to draw or write at all on my trip. too much walking around followed by collapsing on the bed. guess I'll just do them all on my next weekend

trying hard to power through jet lag and failing. so sle e p y....

@alexlaw oh thank god I had NO ONE next to me the whole flight so I could stretch out and fall asleep

I'm going back to the States tonight and I really hope I don't get placed next to a baby.

though i once had another terrible experience years ago when I was placed next to someone who kept hogging the armrest, elbows poking into my side, and with the sniffles, for a 14-hour flight. jfc

there is no need for korea to have this many convenient stores. most of the time they don't even have bathrooms!

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