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hey new ex-Tumblr peeps! I make NSFW art that is very cute and pleasant. :blobcatcoffee: I make SFW art sometimes too. I do my best to tag everything.

yall i feel like i need a fuckn social media manager to offload all my crap to these tumblr alts all day while I'm at work or something. god damn it.

me, an hour later: What's a site with tumblr-like site structure and reddit-like userbase? oh my god, it's TWITTER.

@alexlaw there was even that time I had a live art show in Oakland and sold sex comics in person, and i was initially worried that if I advertised to 30K people that some creeps might show up but instead everyone was NICE and all the books were sold out by the end of the show. i was so happy about it 😭

regardless of inevitable drama on masto or pillow or wherever, I'm glad I've always been relatively free of it. 99% of the people who like me and my art are really chill and awesome and i love u all✨

@alexlaw I mean, bright side is it's reddit site structure + tumblr userbase and not the other way around. tumblr always gets a bad rap for its userbase but reddit has SO much drama and it's always way more dangerous-- people "sleuthing" for terrorists whenever an attack occurs, being a treehouse for right wingers and incels to conspire harassment campaigns against whoever they deem their enemy of the year. give me the vapid fandom drama or splitting hairs over social justice nuances any day.

friend: so what is pillowfort exactly?

me: i guess it's a bit like a fusion of tumblr and reddit---

me: oh god

what OTL means: an emoticon of a person on their hands and knees.

what my brain sees: On The Lose. One True Lose. Out To Lunch....

i mean, english also has a bunch of words for revenge (retaliation, retribution, payback, redemption, etc...) it's just i gotta peruse a bunch of example sentences to figure out what the right one is, all so I can just translate "Yamask's Revenge" the title of some pokemon fancomic i did a year ago.

*me, trying to upload all my art to pixiv*

ok, pixiv has a mostly japanese userbase. I should try to translate some things to make it more accessible.

*looks up words in japanese*

*there are like 10 different words for "revenge" all with different connotations*

lol i had to delete and re write a toot 3 times bc of my sausage fingers 👉👉

If you like to toot about science, if you make comics, if u make games, or if u think your commentary on those subjects is somewhat witty, comment here and I will follow u.

also RT so more ppl can see this

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Give 👏🏼trans👏🏼people👏🏼the👏🏼power👏🏼of👏🏼pyrokinesis

for some reason pillowfort always capitalizes "bats" into "BATS" when i tag my pics

@alexlaw ok, i should clarify: *I* am unlikely to make toots about science. I just want to follow people who do.

If you like to toot about science, comment here and I will follow u.

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I wonder how Mastodon will be affected by FOSTA/SESTA in 2019? Seems like any place with anything even remotely NSFW would be vulnerable. I also wonder how dating apps like Tinder would be affected.

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