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I make comics and picture series, both of the adult variety and for all-ages groups.

My greatest accomplishments are making people cry over pokemon, and making queer people fap to straight porn.

Art samples:

Bubblegum Lovers:

Voluntary Feminization:

Sad Litwick Comic:

How to give me $$:

sketch for upcoming pic set, 2 Subs No Dom (nsfw: bondage)

can't sleep because feelings

Happy Check out this rad art my dad made! I guess making art of naked people runs in the family, LOL. I'm super proud of him and couldn't ask for a better dad ☺️

This, of course, screws over all parties but racists. Asians, poor whites, cis white gays, jews, etc... all these borderline "you're one of us! *wink*" groups don't actually benefit from conservative rhetoric.

Pitting Asians against other minorities using the "model minority" myth is a common divide & conquer tactic used by racists. It's the same as how they pit poor whites against minorities/immigrants by selling poor whites on perceived racial supremacy.

Anyone looking at the asians vs harvard case should know it's organized by a white neocon, Edward Blum, who's been trying to get rid of affirmative action for years. He's just using Asians as his latest angle to achieve this.

get a new job, move to a new city, drive up the rent, push people out of their homes. then from the window of your tiny apartment, complain about the homeless camps across the street that you helped create.

It's been one billion years since the release of DRAMAtical Murder and I still use Aoba's ringtone as my ringtone, and also every time it plays I hope to god nobody recognizes it

vvv previous 2 pic sets were the #2 winner of my patreon poll for kinks. #3, which is next, is 2 Subs No Dom, which I'll be working on this month.

NSFW and CW: large insertion (female), body horror, dub-con (open to interpretation), S&M Show more

NSFW and CW: large insertion (male), body horror, size diff, dub-con (open to interpretation), tentacles, S&M Show more

I like this little art that appeared in the hallway across from my unit

this list of identities for a dating app are terrible

Today I made friends with this jankety old cat

I found one of the weird spots in this game! 😙

Sometimes ppl get angry or defensive about my art, but sometimes ppl send me messages like "this is the first time someone's drawn a character just like me!" or "i never knew I'd love this" and i think that makes it worth it.

cannot look at this phone ring without thinking it looks like Chi wearing a ball gag

I have not listened to, nor even thought about the Gorillaz in years, but I am very amused that half my feed is "OMG the new Gorillaz band member is Ace from the Powerpuff Girls?!?!" and the other half is just lots of gratuitous butt shots of 2D rollerskating in the MV