*whispers cursed toot*

Kuroshitsuji is goth Fairly OddParents

I'm Asian, which means I come from the country of A


the ending was ok, but i didn't really understand what the justification was for certain characters going to jail vs being let off the hook. it also seems like the story could have easily been spun to make Agatha the hero, fumbling her way through Wanda's mysterious sitcom fantasies and putting an end to it

oh to be a cat flying out in space at FTL speeds, served by a superintelligent AI unit

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doing a 2 week quarantine before traveling so of course deer in my backyard is the highlight of my day

tbf i just moved here last month after living in a warehouse for 7 years so it feels different

Spot living that fully automated gay space communism life with his own android butler

when I was in 5th grade, about 9 years old, I drew a pic of a woman and a bunch of other kids could not get over the fact that I gave her boobs (they didn't look crazy, just two bumps on her chest, in a t shirt) and would just be like "ALEX IS DRAWING BOOBS" So I stopped drawing boobs.

Then, about a year later a teenage friend flipped through my sketchbook and was like "cool drawings but why do all your women have flat chests?"

anyway, stop teaching your kids to be weird about body parts

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Weird how memories you think have faded away forever just randomly pop up in your head

frankly from a biologist's perspective, a complete restructuring of how gender and bodies are categorized would be useful but of course this is not how language works. nobody would want to hear someone go "announcing my new category of 'blemales' for people with these ranges of estrogen and testosterone..."

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"people who have vaginas" "people who have penises" would also be useful to shorten, but of course i can already hear the cries of one million transphobes going "u mean male and female hur hur" along with the inevitable evolution into exactly that. tbh, it IS actually an issue that discussing issues faced primarily by cis women (and people perceived as such) is super difficult if you have to dance with long-winded terminology.

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the word "sex" really needs to be divvied up into some other words that make more sense.

for example, do you even know if i'm talking about the noun or the verb?

just learned about these congo peacocks that basically look like fancy turkeys. the female looks like she has a comfy bed of moss growing on her

incredibly annoyed at online stores and services that don't provide ANY option for deleting your account.

anyway i hope all my followers are strapped for endless star trek toots because i'm watching all of them, in part to get myself through a month-long quarantine period (not sick, just traveling somewhere later this month)

just randomly remembered I once went with my brother and dad to a star trek museum, and they had a replica (?) of the Enterprise bridge. It felt kind of like the tan leather interior of a car, if the car was hella big

this actually looks like a terrible year 2000 photoshop. so, you know, not bad for 1992 state of the art television

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