(said before The Big One hits the bay area and I die in a collapsing warehouse loft)

tiny earthquake 😚

do your best to grow strong, little tecto plates

My workplace put out a fresh bowl of room temperature soda in the break room, right next to the very exciting halloween decoration. Really captures the company spirit of "meh, we get paid to come here πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ"

though in japanese specifically, the gendering of one's self and other people is more complicated than just that, the pronouns are not indicative of gender identity the way we think of it but more like a neutral/masc/fem spectrum that is also intertwined with all the other social categories (age/status/etc), so it probably makes English "announce your pronouns and try to remember others" seem like a simpler system.

Thinking about pronouns, having gendered 3rd person pronouns but not gendered 1st person pronouns means it's up to other people to gender the subject correctly instead of giving that power to the subject. And so we try to normalize pronoun announcements and hope others go along with it. Whereas some languages like Japanese there are multiple gendered versions of "I/me" that you only need to refer to yourself in one sentence ("I♀️ am Jesse") to suggest your identity.

the thrilling conclusion, tonight b/c i was impatient

(this one is not spoilery... but still, it doesn't make sense anyway lol)

anyway, posting this before twitter sees it lol
The thrilling conclusion.... maybe tomorrow

(comic is SFW but light Promare spoilers... although if you haven't seen the movie, this comic won't make sense anyway)

Trying to get references for the station interior in Promare and...
what kind of set-up is this? πŸ˜‚ The lone bed sitting in the recreation area, and then it's all shoved in the corner of just one giant supply room?

What will the 21st century equivalent of a Renaissance Fair look like 1000 years from now

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Ive never watched the series this is parodying but I can't stop thinking about this hilarious video. The timing of his delivery and music and the art is all perfect. Even after watching both the original scene it's based on and the official dubbed version I have to say it's actually this parody that sounds the best:


promare spoilers 

Had a sudden memory of early 2000s internet when artists' only forms of promoting content were things like webrings and link exchanges where you just list your friends sites as hyperlinks on a separate page

Two other Alex Laws followed me back to back on Instagram??? Is there a secret Alex Law club

Ugh Promare was so good and so stupid. Not "stupid good." Just stupid. And good.

i guess you could say Promare is 

images not working so i cant upload a pic of sirfetchd on a ponyta

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Our media storage provider Wasabi is having issues again, so uploading files may not work, and some files may not download correctly either. Sorry for the inconvenience

Supposedly an earthquake just happened in SF but I didn't feel it πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Anything below 6.0 may as well be a truck passing by or the wind blowing

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