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hey new ex-Tumblr peeps! I make NSFW art that is very cute and pleasant. :blobcatcoffee: I make SFW art sometimes too. I do my best to tag everything.

apparently there's an essential oil called Ho Wood and Lush put it in an eggplant-shaped bath bomb 🍆

@alexlaw i wish I could have posted this as a teen. when i was a teen i got no end of shit from other teens who cared about new celebrities and old people who would become distraught at the passage of time when i didn't know some old celebrity or movie.

truth is i just don't watch any movies or stan celebs. how am i supposed to learn the names of all these same-faced people who get recycled every few years (especially the women, because of sexism).

people who refer to actor names when talking about characters in a movie: ugh

people who actually get annoyed when you use the character names instead of the actor names: why???

people who guffaw when you don't know who White Hollywood Celebrity #3674 is: STOP

@alexlaw my only takeaway memories of TWEWY was

1. this is the only game actually making use of all the DS functions

2. dialogue actually a pretty good representation of how teenagers think/talk

3. WHY CAN'T THEY SHOW THE ARMOR, don't make me *imagine* all the boys in lolita dresses

4. music stuck in my head for years afterwards

it's been 1 million years since I've played The World Ends With You. I don't remember the story very well but they seem to have updated some dialogue, there are references to Gen Z and baby boomers, lol

when did "praxis" become a social justice word? i feel weird cuz one of my old pics from a few years ago has praxis in the title but i dont want people inferring political messages about it.

apparently ppl are most mad about her suggestion of only keeping 30 physical books.

I'm just gonna say, ive met waaay more ppl who are obnoxious about thinking physical books are the One True Way to Read and that ebooks, books on tape, etc are somehow illegitimate or inferior. So i guess in that light, I'm not surprised that the ONE time someone dares to go against the grain, the book snobs are getting all worked up about it

Why is my 🐦 feed so full of marie kondo stuff? ppl are having heated discussions over someone who's made a career out of spring cleaning.

@alexlaw boys in ridiculously short skirts hnnnngggghh :heart_fire: :AAAAAA: :blobaww:

@alexlaw anyway here's some neat bleepbloops I found randomly via google play, made by a teenage girl:

I listen to a lot of electronic music, and unlike most other genres, they tend not to put their face or identity front and center. On one hand it's nice, I don't care much about a musician's image. but on the other hand, if I do look them up 90% of the time it's yet another european white dude. Most curated music (via radio, networking, or just consumer bias etc) results in unseen discrimination. But it's harder for me to seek out women/poc in this genre if I have to basically google every name.

this baby jesus hanging above one of the doorways in my building

cats are the true form of millennials because they're capable of eating their own asses

@alexlaw actually not as expensive as the skincare stuff, since that's consumable so u have to keep buying, whereas dildz last a billion years. also 99% of skincare stuff is either useless snake oil or meant for some very specific skin condition. the only thing i took away from it was finding some sunscreens that aren't goopy and bad-smelling.

i managed to escape being sucked into the niche rabbitholes of mechanical keyboards and korean skincare, but in the end i may be falling into the world of... indie dildo makers. and dildos are expensive, so fuck my wallet i guess

@alexlaw ok apparently the designs were done by the guy who did designs for Aeon Flux and Rugrats so I guess that explains it

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