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i just posted the talk transcript from today's Spring 2021 Lecture Series... (my talk on tiny non-commercial tools, fantasy consoles, and tools-as-games)
it also links to the recorded stream. all of today's speakers were amazing! 💕

this is part of an almost-week-long event. tomorrow's will be 🤯 and 🔥!! check out the website here:
these are all streamed.

i took some time to write about a few games that spoke to me lately
"5 beautiful altgames (tiny special things found on that are deeply meaningful)"
SkateRPG, Riba, Constacia, Maskless, mk Celeste & more…

I wrote about open sourcing Tetrageddon Games...
...this also includes a small update about the Electric Zine Maker, and a personal life update (because this is my blog and i can do that).
thank you! hope you enjoy the open source stuff!

All of Tetrageddon Games (the website and Flash games) is open source again:
I just posted this. There's lots of weird javascript and html stuff included... probably fun to mull around in. At the very least all the animated gifs could be useful to someone :D

i just posted the transcript of my web art jam talk:
The browser is a creative playground!
...on creating for the browser, going over a bunch of free open source browser based tools, and also talking about why building for the web is so meaningful.

Stray website cats are here!
A simple javascript file that makes your website appealing to stray internet cats...
live demo:
github download:
Personality features include...
* Cuddly
* Likes being held
* Dead eyed stare
* best on desktop, OK on mobile

i wrote a post about what's planned for the Electric Zine Maker, the UI stuff, and the new template update that went out yesterday...
"New templates for the Electric Zine Maker and more on what’s planned for it!"'s a dev update.
yay! thank you!! 💖

i just published a new blog post about tool making:

"The inspired brilliance of Katelabs, a foray into glitch tools, and what zine culture has taught me about games & software dev…"

a bunch of new tool recommendations too!
excited to share this one ❤️

i wrote a post
“Relax, babe. It’s just business.” – Game Journalism
on Stephen Totilo’s leaving Kotaku, and how Those In Charge managed to avoid responsibility for it because they're privileged enough to...

please read it and share.
this matters and you should stop ignoring this.

i just published my post about writing for games, narrative design, and more!
"Games are giant weird story machines! (video games, their stories, and building stories for systems)"
talking about games like Celeste, “Lucah: Born of a Dream, Knife Sisters, Anodyne, Yume Nikki...

there are A LOT of recommendations here. i'm really excited to finally share this.
i also talk about writing for experimental systems.

i just posted this exploration of indie horror games and all the amazing things they do with environments, story, mood...
"Exploring the beautiful world of indie horror games (why work from smaller devs, and indie devs, is so meaningful)"
i talk about the Dread X Collection, Paratopic, Kitty Horrorshow's work, and other devs who's work i love

Just posted the announcement where i talk about the new
"New is here! (Cybermonkey has died, a broken desktop haunted by skeletons of the past, and more…)"
go try it! it's good!

it's out! i published it!
~ new Tetrageddon Games is here!
a new space for all the games
on a desktop haunted by skeletons of the past
Flash is gone, so is Cybermonkey
and more!
(warning: flashing colors)

i just published my talk about the amazing world of tool making!

"Start making tools! (on making experimental art tools & why it’s valuable for indie gamedevs to make them)"

it's all about the philosophy of building them, and an overview of the space…

tiny update: i posted Monkey Fortunetell on itch, that a version of it can live on outside of browsers.
i'm currently working on a re-launch of tetrageddon games, so that it can live on after the Flash Player stops being supported. it's been shaping up beautifully and i can't wait to share more of it!

i just posted another talk transcript. this one also includes the recorded video! this is about the Flash game movement, my early Flash work, and how Flash games informed what we have in indie games today...
it's very much about the historic context of this type of web work, and also more about what it means to lose it / why preservation of amateur work is important... it goes over a lot!

i just published the talk I gave as a blog post.
This is a GOOD one!
"A short history of Flash & the forgotten Flash Website movement (when websites were the new emerging artform)"
all about Flash, in defense of what we lost, and what it means for us moving forward.

I just made this cute little thing and am tremendously proud of it because it's fun for websites...

Pet Cursor is a simple javascript file that turns your website's cursor into a cute pet! (for the desktop)
Now your visitors can play as a cute creature as they browse your site!


* Uses CSS's cursor:url() & animates it.
* Easy to customize!
* Works in most browsers
(that's it. i peaked.)

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