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one thing i will never get used to from going to game events is when someone knows about my work and gets excited to meet me... that is a cool feeling but also i'm supposed to be the one that's shy, not the other way around. if the person talking to me is shy, then what does that make me? confident? no. i don't think so. confidence is too big of a responsibility.

when my bird likes something he pukes on it (he feeds it. he has chosen it as his mate. this is an honor). his puke smells like yogurt and that kinda scares me... like, you're not supposed to like this smell, but do, but it's gross, but then it smells like yogurt, but yogurt is yummy, but this is not... not that i have tried it... nor intend to... not saying that i DO like how it smells... but it does smell like yogurt... ok.

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Some accounts I like:

@selfportrait - a bot that generate's a self-portrait once a day, made by @ashur
@sardinebrunch - Real nice photos of food made by @neven
@portlandmercury - feed from the Portland Mercury
@pixelfed - an up and coming federated alternative to Instagram
@prismo - an up and coming federated alternative to Reddit
@ann_leckie - really likes tea
@alienmelon - genius creator

new post:
A “10 years of experimental work” retrospective: does being a gamer automatically mean toxic fandom, and can anything be done to break away from that?
it's a long one with many observations from over the years.
if you're into my work you might find it interesting.

🚧 Cyberpet Graveyard 🚧
A graveyard of unwanted, unlovable, and unlikeable cyberpets.
Out now!
* 43 .exe's to find.
* lots to explore, including the countryside
* object is cursed, beware of download

"Everything is going to be OK"
💕 an interactive zine meets desktop labyrinth of vignettes, poetry, strange fever dream games, and broken digital spaces. 💕

🔥 itch
🔥 GJ

(the update is out now! new missing pages added)

🆒 i just published something new 🆕
A very STINKY mystery FILE 👈

~hello internet~
i just published an exciting collection of itch THEMES (custom CSS) for profile pages:
would you like your visitors to be trapped in a vortex? an earthquake? maybe you need a very tiny page?
yes? yay! now you can have these things!

my toilet keeps emitting a very loud high pitched electronic beep until i flush and then it starts again after a while. i have the weirdest ghosts.

I wrote an after GDC post about how we view and treat work made by women, and what we can do to change that... as well as my future in that context. If you are a fan of my work, or friend, please read it. It’s important. Signal boosting is also appreciated.

[life update]
yesterday i vented my friend's head off (she still has a head, it's ok).
it was about everything i was going through and putting up with (for my work)
and she said i was strong and inspiring, and that's all i needed to hear.
i'm ready to fight the world.
i love my friends. ❤️
friends are awesome. 💪

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lol love those people still doing "best of 2017" roundups. last year just doesn't quit.

why did they end up calling it "level design" instead of "obstacle course design"?
Lead Obstacle Course Designer sounds so much cooler tbh...

Happy Valentines day!
...if you are alone, try the Electric Love Potato
version 2.0 features an hour of recorded compliments and love
virtual love counts too!

TIP: if your computer is really slow when you first turn it on, that's not cause for alarm. it's just because the engine is cold. it takes a few minutes to warm up.

I gave a GDC_Lavapies talk about the historic impact (pun intended) that aquarium sims had on modern video games.

This talk includes examples such as Drakes Fortune, West of Loathing, Doom, Seemingly Pointless's games, and many more that (knowingly or unknowingly) drew from fish based physics to build their game engines.

This is a must see if you are into obscure video games history.

while watching my pet eat,
it occurred to me how amazing it must be to sit in your food while you eat it.
equally amazing to stand on what you eat.
basically pets get to eat in a lot more interesting ways than people do.
v jealous rn

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