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I just pushed the first update to the Electric Zine Maker. It features a new Authenticity Tool, windowing modes, printing enhancements, and a bunch of important bug fixes.
Here's a feature list:
If u haven't NOW is a good time to try it. It's less buggy.

It's out!
The Electric Zine Maker (public beta)
⚡️ Easily create, draw, write, and print zines!
📝 Folding instructions included!!
✂️ You can save them, and re-import them.
☺️ Made with collaboration in mind.
✨ Try it! It's free!! ✨

Personal Experiences as Games, our GDC talk about making personal games based on life stories, empathy, sharing, emotions, and many other interesting things, is on the Vault for free!
if u missed it u can catch it now.

small update!
i just finished my portfolio site of abandoned and unfinished (and also finished) work.
it's very unusual, and interesting.
you play as a little ghost exploring my homepage, and talking to skeletons:
check it out! yay!
i'm really happy about this one. :)

RUNONCE (remember_me)
A existential desktop friend that knows you have doomed it by running it, is now available on itch:
Be a friend while they are here.
Whatever you save will be all that remains.
(sharing this is appreciated!!!!)

Ok, and last one... I just posted the workshop that I gave at the UCLA Game Lab:
"The Building Weird Games With Alternative Technologies Workshop"
This is a concise overview of what I use for building my things.
It also covers politics & history surrounding web tech.

I gave a lecture at the UCLA Game Lab. 💖 I just posted the written transcript in case anyone is interested in reading it.
"Heartfelt Messages: making personal games, design notes, and awareness of the cultural repercussions that this work is in…"
Now you can read it!
The youtube recording of me talking is also in the post.

💝 a short love story told between two folders
💖 available now on itch:
💔 due to system restrictions this is a forbidden love.
(it's a very unique experience. available free!)

that “if you got stranded on a desert island” question vegans keep getting asked is kinda unrealistic. we’re not that bad at travel. it’s not like every time I step foot outside I get lost and whoops now I’m on an abandoned island, I guess I have to compromise my moral integrity and eat this meaty teddy bear.
nope. it doesn’t happen.

I just published some thoughts...
Altgames Workshop: a discussion of surrealism and personal stories in games
it's from this weekend's workshop. it features a lot of work from other devs, and commentary on why it maters & is beautiful. lots of design philosophy, technique, and observations included.

please enjoy my latest github commit,
Classic JavaScript snow for websites
* wind speed
* falling speed
* and superstorms
snow adjusts to window size (HTML5 fluid snow)
works on mobile
live demo:

~ hello internet,
please enjoy my latest github commit...
Now you can easily attract flies to your website using javascript!
* supports flies for all types of websites
* flies play an important role in the web ecosystem!
live demo:

Cyberpet Graveyard has a website!
just put this together today. it was fun. :)

hi! something new & inspiring...
all the talks from the Full Indie Summit are online:
if you're looking for something inspiring to watch, or listen to while you work, these are all really good.
Here's my talk:
mine was about artgames and speaking your truth. It's kind of a 10 year overview of my work and struggling with the "game" label and how we treat artists and should treat artists better.

my friend asked about my birthday and i told them it's in 9 days or something & naturally they ask how old i'll be...
i told them that i'm [REDACTED]
and totally shocked they're like, "holly sh*t! your kidding???" and keep saying "you're kidding..." shaking their head while looking at me...
i don't know if i feel old or flattered 🙃

ELECTRIC FILE MONITOR (antivirus scanner) now available! 🆒💥🆕🔥🆓💀
The best free preventative tool against viruses and malware. Keep your PC safe like no other competing anti-virus system.

one thing i will never get used to from going to game events is when someone knows about my work and gets excited to meet me... that is a cool feeling but also i'm supposed to be the one that's shy, not the other way around. if the person talking to me is shy, then what does that make me? confident? no. i don't think so. confidence is too big of a responsibility.

when my bird likes something he pukes on it (he feeds it. he has chosen it as his mate. this is an honor). his puke smells like yogurt and that kinda scares me... like, you're not supposed to like this smell, but do, but it's gross, but then it smells like yogurt, but yogurt is yummy, but this is not... not that i have tried it... nor intend to... not saying that i DO like how it smells... but it does smell like yogurt... ok.

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Some accounts I like:

@selfportrait - a bot that generate's a self-portrait once a day, made by @ashur
@sardinebrunch - Real nice photos of food made by @neven
@portlandmercury - feed from the Portland Mercury
@pixelfed - an up and coming federated alternative to Instagram
@prismo - an up and coming federated alternative to Reddit
@ann_leckie - really likes tea
@alienmelon - genius creator

new post:
A “10 years of experimental work” retrospective: does being a gamer automatically mean toxic fandom, and can anything be done to break away from that?
it's a long one with many observations from over the years.
if you're into my work you might find it interesting.

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