What can we do to ensure Libra is unsuccessful?

Libra: already backed by all your favorite brands and financial systems.

Why tf would I want to use a Facebook currency

Watched another video about Societies of Control. This is really inline with my thinking of the modern world. youtube.com/watch?v=rPeBEcsmWT

Apparently there are virtual influencers out there with a gazillion more followers than me

If you love to listen to the Jet Set Radio soundtrack, what else can you listen to that's sort of similar?

Ahahaha, somebody sent an email to the wrong email alias and now 900 employees got it and a bunch are responding "take me off this list!!"

FYI - the link above is for the old version. I haven't posted the new one yet. Still need to build a sample app and implement the "syncing" code.

I'm still floored how unnecessarily complicated the original implementation was. Clarity of thought == clarity of code.

I was rewriting my SlouchDB "distributed single-user database" yesterday and I don't know if it's because I'm a way better dev from a year or two ago, but it basically took very little effort. The old implementation is hard to reason about and the new one is super easier. I credit functional programming techniques. 😎


Think about the arrogance of “debate me” and “change my mind” culture. As if these people are the arbiters of truth or justice and it’s your job to convince them of your beliefs. Nah, I don’t have to convince you shit.

In about six months, I’ve already filled up half of my 250 page Leuchtturm notebook.

I highly recommend these notebooks. The paper quality and dot quality are great.

I’m obsessed with designing all my software with pen and paper now

I might need to stop going on twitter because I'm old and don't know any of the celebs and e-celebs it recommends in the trending topics

Sometimes when life gives you opportunities and you're not sure about it, just go for it.

I ran into a former coworker I didn't know too well and decided to grab a drink with him. Turned out we are very similar people and we had an amazing night chatting about life. One of those nights where you don't expectations and later realize you just connected authentically with another human being.

Still laughing at this thing somebody posted on twitter

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