Idle thought: is nostalgia bad? Should we move on more and leave the past in the past?

Programming lacks pedagogical diversity. As a community we have a strong tendency toward self-directed, exploratory learning. Most other disciplines tend to have a healthy debate between whether explanation or exploration should predominate, but programming has a strong preference toward the latter, though there's evidence that the former works well. #StrangeLoop

Nothing worse than seeing a clickbaity tweet with a photo but the photo won’t load

I saved that Caroline Calloway article on my phone before taking off on the plane so I could read it and be current. My take: this is how all white girls behave right?

Ugh I ate too much bbq earlier since I'm in St. Louis and my stomach was too full 😞

me explaining a task in daily standup, making it seem more difficult than it actually is

Or a ceramic "Cup Noodle" cup. Apparently Mr. Noodles is a Canadian brand that yall might not be familiar with

I want a ceramic Mr. Noodles cup that I can use for tea or coffee

These Apple events have always been about marketing but they seem to be getting more clearly marketing. Everything is super scripted and corporate.

Imagine those guys hustling their hip hop CDs on street corners except it’s shareware CD-ROMs

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