I can't wait to see results of this study. I always invert the controls whether I'm playing first-person or third-person. It's very difficult for me to train myself to do the opposite. theguardian.com/games/2020/dec

I definitely saw a boost in app store impressions on Monday, but I didn't want to do a discount thing, so no sales there.

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So 0 app sales since Sunday. I'm wondering if people were mostly buying discounted things due to Black Friday/Cyber Monday since then.

me whenever my macbook doesn't wake up the monitor and I need to check if it's still on

So glad I took up unicycling. It gives me an excuse to get outside in the day, especially when it's sunny out. Much more interesting than just going for a walk around the neighborhood.

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My app was briefly #8 in the Mac App Store rankings for paid education apps yesterday. When I went to see how many copies I sold, it was still only 1. So, that kind of tells you a bit about how much Mac apps have to pull in to get ranked.

I watched Free Solo and my palms were getting clammy at the end. Really great doc, especially for someone who knows very little about climbing.

As an attempt to be more mindful, I'm trying to reduce my internet browsing and I've taken to not listening to anything while I'm at home, no radio, no podcast, no music. I'm enjoying it so far.

It's hard to believe, but this early evening was the first time in a while where I was like, "Uh, now what? I'm bored of everything."

I got my unicycling in today, played some video games, did some coding, and then just didn't feel like watching a movie or playing a game.

I feel like the older you get, you become less prescriptive and idealistic and more pragmatic and realistic.

A lot of arguments I see online are people sticking to ideals and seeing the world in binary going up against people who see the world as shades of gray with different strategies for each situation.

As soon as I see someone arguing something in binary, I tend to steer clear as I know it'll be hard to reach a compromise in viewpoints.

It had rained, so the nearby tennis courts were empty. I practiced unicycling for about an hour half on them.

It felt good!

At the end I was trying to do laps around the entire thing. It's surprisingly tiring.

It's ridiculously sunny out, so I took an extended lunch to go practice unicycling at the nearby high school field

There's gonna be a huge uptick in cases in a week. Hoo boy.

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My nextdoor neighbor and his neighbor both set up canopies in prep for Thanksgiving. So I guess people aren't staying away.

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