In this post Dave Winer really nails the difference between being an independent developer (or other creative) and working for a BigCo.

Either mode has challenges. For example: next paycheck problems vs recognition/impact problems.

Probability of breakthrough impact low for either, so pick your poison. I've done tried both with some success. Different choices for different life phases.

An example of an adoption speedbump

How is somebody new supposed to know what this jargon (and that on the previous screen) means? What's a domain? I could make a reasonable guess that worked, but could the typical twitter users. Needs reasonable defaults. And where's the cancel button.

5) expanded model for controlling who sees posts

4) new economic model to support all the servers needed to scale

What would be need for this to really take off. Unfortunately, so many things and network -effect is essential:

First impression -- it's probably too similar to twitter out of the gate. Benefit of distributed, open timeline platform not obvious enough to convert non-techie users. Needs a killer user facing feature and 500 char posts probably isn't it.


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