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Hello friends! I have moved myself over to please follow my hacked-in pings.

Hello friends! I have moved myself over to please follow my hacked-in pings.

I figure if I want to be on a smaller instance I should do it sooner but ugh where?

Pretty much the first thing I said to my wife this morning was: “it’s been a long week”

Are you new to Mastodon? 

Have you seen the awesome Content Warning feature?? :blobaww:

If you're posting about sensitive topics, consider putting them behind a content warning. This puts your post body behind a "Show More" button. Some common CWs, off the top of my head:

• uspol (US Politics)
• mh (mental health)
• +, - (indicating a positive or negative take, often used with mh)

Allowing people to read certain topics at their own pace (or not at all) is one of Mastodon's greatest features.

Finally in a local coffee shop that doesn’t feel like an Apple store.

I really need a hobby that doesn’t involve looking at a screen.

Big bonus; been trying baby steps to learn Japanese so I actually vaguely recognize some of the hiragana I see in the federated timeline.

Hey I figured out how to follow people again, only took a few minutes.

Honestly most of the reason I buy games on Steam is I’m much less likely to buy a game I already own.

I Grabbed That Game For Later: The Allison Lara Story

(later rarely happens)

I waste so much tea by forgetting I brewed it and leaving it for half an hour.

Did you know there's a sequel? I just finished Dragon Age 2 also.

On one level I really don't understand the hate it gets, on the other I totally do because gamerbros wouldn't know lovely characters if they got bit by one. Fully repetitive scenery/locations but loved my squad to bits.

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2017 has taught me I'm basically incapable of dealing with stress.

Each flight of stairs in the office has 12 steps and that never changes but I count them every time anyhow.

Only eight years later I finally finished Dragon Age: Origins.

She hid under the table then tried to find scraps under food carts while I waited on a bagel.

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