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"The forest of Skund was indeed enchanted, which was nothing unusual on the Disc, and was also the only forest in the whole universe to be called–in the local language–Your Finger You Fool, which was the literal meaning of the word Skund" –Pratchett

Crash Course Linguistics #9 - Vowels

In English, we have 5 (well, sometimes 6) vowel letters, but way more vowel sounds. That’s where the IPA can help us!

Superlinguo Seasonal Gift Guide 2020 - superlinguo: If you’re shopping for the holiday season or the conference season, this year’s gift guide has got you covered. Once again, I’ve curated the best linguistics products online for the linguist...

Bonus 45: Crash Course behind the scenes with Jessi Grieser - lingthusiasm: Bonus 45: Crash Course behind the scenes with Jessi Grieser A big project for Lingthusiasm in 2020 has been collaborating on a series of 10 minute intro linguistics...

people: you're in xkcd!!!
me: no I don't think you understand, I'm inside the stomach of the Eldritch Spirit of the Brown One (it's very cozy in here and the wifi is surprisingly good)

Linguistics Jobs: Interview with an ESL teacher, coach and podcaster from @superlinguo

I got sent a review copy of The Language Lover’s Puzzle Book by Alex Bellos, so here are a few sneak peek images from the inside.

Crash Course Linguistics #8 - Phonetics 1 (Consonants)

The letters in a word don’t always match the sounds they represent, and people can pronounce words in different ways.

Linguistics Halloween Jokes - This is your annual reminder that if you have a linguistics Halloween costume (from this or previous years), I DEFINITELY want to see it.

Previously, for inspiration:

August 2020: Virtual hallway experiments and bouba/kiki video - August 2020: Virtual hallway experiments and bouba/kiki video Because Internet was featured in the New York Times Paperback Row, a list of books that came out in paperback...

New draft emoji include 3 proposals I co-wrote!

I’m excited to be working on proposing more hand and face emoji along with @superlinguo and @jenniferdaniel!

Sociolinguistics: @TheCrashCourse Linguistics #7

Language is an important part of our identities, and the ways we feel about how others use language is influenced by society.

📹 It’s pronounced GIF It’s a new video from the ongoing collaboration with me, Tom Scott, and Molly Ruhl, featuring corpus research of Michael Dow on why people find it so hard to agree on how to pronounce “gif”.

Check out the 2020 LingComm Grant winners - @blacklangpod, Trundling Wombat, @jazicharnica, War of Words

Let me introduce to you to five clay model dogs found beneath a palace doorway at Nineveh. They guard against devils and demons and are modelled after real dogs that lived there over 2650 years ago

Their names are Loud is his bark!, Biter of his...

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