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A crash course in “getting” Twitter, for linguists and other people in specific niches - This is a repost of a “how to twitter” article that I put up on Medium in early 2016. Medium has been getting glitchy lately, so I’m reposting it here.

📹 Beatboxing in IPA, from tiktok (Previously on the linguistics of beatboxing: a study and MRI images)

New @lingthusiasm merch!

Kiki/bouba scarves, "What the fricative" t-shirts, and more!

“Since non-standard dialects are freer to change on the basis of the human child’s linguistic and cognitive systems, non-standard dialects are, in a sense, often ‘more logical’ or ‘more elegant’ from a linguistic point of view."

June 2021: texting periods, LingComm21 meta posts, and finally a new bookshelf! June 2021: texting periods, LingComm21 meta posts, and finally a new bookshelf!I’m quoted in a New York Times Wordplay piece about ending texts with a period. Now...

June 2021: texting periods, LingComm21 meta posts, and finally a new bookshelf!

It's the fifth post in our series about designing a virtual conference for community building from the ground up, and this one is about how much it really costs to run an online event (spoiler: it's not free!)

How does people's language change when they're under the influence of various mind-altering substances?

It's bonus episode 53 of @lingthusiasm!

“Indo-European languages in general don’t distinguish between inclusive and exclusive “we.” You know, “You and me, we’re going to go to the movies” vs “Me and this other person, we’re gonna go to the movies, and we’re leaving you behind”

Linguistics Jobs: Interview with a Technical Writer - superlinguo: One thing I love about the Linguistics Jobs interview series is that each interview has relevant information about a specific job, but also lots of wonderful general advice...

How Did a Self-Taught Linguist Come to Own an Indigenous Language? - U.S. intellectual-property law, established as an economic incentive for inventors, privileges people who can write. In copying down the grammar, the stories, and the...

Scheduling online conferences for building community: The case of

The third post in our series about designing a virtual-first conference is jointly authored with @GretchenAMcC, @DrEAMMcCullough and @superlinguo

Making machines learn Fon and other African languages - Interview with @MasakhaneNLP

Episode 57 of @Lingthusiasm

Designing online conferences for building community: The case of

Three key things that make a digital-first conference different from a physical conference that's been awkwardly ported online

Breaking Down the Beat is a neat website showing what a bunch of beatboxing sounds look like from the inside of the mouth.

May 2021: 9th blogiversary and pfinally pfizer’d May 2021: 9th blogiversary and pfinally pfizer’dI hit my 9th blogiversary on All Things Linguistic! Hard to believe I’m coming up on almost an entire decade of blogging now, but at any rate,...

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