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For linguistics in monthly audio chats, listen to me on Lingthusiasm, a podcast that's enthusiastic about linguistics!

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There is still (barely!) time to be a person who has preordered Because Internet, if you are a fan of internet language or would like to see what this illustrious group of humans is so excited about! 

My book on internet language is out Tuesday!

My book launch party is happening in Montreal on July 31st! Event details and to get tickets:

📷 allthingslinguistic: I started fact-checking a book about emoji and the book was so hilaribad it turned into a thread-review. Here are some highlights: full thread-review here. I’m not linking to the book, because no one should buy it. ...

How VERY ONLINE People Revolutionized The English Language - I'm on @cracked Podcast @Earwolf w @AlexSchmidty

New Publication: Emoji as Digital Gestures in Language@Internet [Open Access] - Me with @superlinguo!

Emoji aren't ruining language: they’re a natural substitute for gesture 🔥🔥 - A paper by Lauren Gawne & me!

The latest bonus episode from @lingthusiasm is about unique words only your family uses - familects!

Linguistics Jobs: Interview with an Internet Linguist - It's me on @superlinguo's blog!

Language Museums of the World - A 138-page pdf of 80 language museums in 31 countries, via @languagewriter

AIs named by AIs - Hot Pie, Absently Tilting To One Side, Charming But Irrational, and more

Parents, are your teens secretly texting about languages using ISO-639-3 codes??

Puzzle 6: A Crossword Puzzle Walks Into a Bar - A crossword puzzle themed around classic jokes

aksen, a village sign languages used in the rural lower Nebilyer and Kaugel Valleys in Papua New Guinea

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