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For linguistics in monthly audio chats, listen to me on Lingthusiasm, a podcast that's enthusiastic about linguistics!

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How to explain linguistics to your friends and family this holiday season (revised & updated!)

Linguistics Christmas Jokes:

What do you put on top of an ungrammatical Linguistmas tree?

The German word "wichtig" ("important") is related to the English word "weighty"

Taking a travelling taxidermic museum to remote indigenous communities to ask about animal names

LanguageGuesser - Discover languages, discover music! - A game where you guess languages from music videos

Bonus #22 @lingthusiasm - Q&A about old words, ears, Australian English & more (with optional video version!)

Transcript for @lingthusiasm Episode 26: Why do C and G come in hard and soft versions? Palatalization

We can’t afford to ignore diversity in linguistic research: Kensy’s wager (via @superlinguo)

Linguistics Jobs: Interview with an Agency Owner & Executive Editor on @superlinguo

Why do Greek, Czech & Swedish have more online resources than other languages with a couple million speakers?

The Small Island Where 500 People Speak Nine Different Languages - @MichaelErard on @RuthJSinger's research

Essentials of Linguistics, an Open Access intro linguistics textbook by @candersHamilton

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