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For linguistics in monthly audio chats, listen to me on Lingthusiasm, a podcast that's enthusiastic about linguistics!

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Bonus 48 of @lingthusiasm

Q&A about naming dogs, modifying English, linguistics research, and more

📹 History of Swear Words is a newish Netflix series featuring some familiar lingcomm names, including Nicole Holliday, Kory Stamper, and Anne Charity Hudley.

A Teach Yourself Linguistics Linkfest from Mutual Intelligibility - A long list of free internet resources from @mutualintellig

Writing Systems

The final episode of @TheCrashCourse Linguistics

All societies have spoken or signed language, but not all languages have a written form.

“Lauren: A slightly fancier test, but one that I think shows how complicated our presupposed knowledge is, is something that’s called “projecting” in the literature, which I'm going to demonstrate with an example from Pride and Prejudice"

Superlinguo 2020 in review - superlinguo: 2020 felt like a year of lurching from one chaotic moment to another. Particular low-lights included attempting to teach with a toddler underfoot, and that small matter of a global pandemic. Putting...

Computational Linguistics: @TheCrashCourse Linguistics #15

Computers are pretty great, and we use them for different language tasks every day. But teaching computers to understand language is surprisingly difficult!

I’m honoured to have received the Linguistic Society of America’s Language, Linguistics, and the Public Award this year!

Here is the (lightly edited) text of the acceptance speech which I gave on January 13, 2021 at the virtual awards ceremony...

Linguistics Jobs: Interview with a Metadata Specialist and Genealogist @ManleyMallory on @superlinguo

World Languages: @TheCrashCourse Linguistics #14 on the complicated question of how many languages there are in the world

“Gretchen: What I really like about determiners is that they’re these tiny little words, and they can really drastically change the course of a story you’re talking about, just by influencing the perspective that you have with it”

The annual meeting is a big linguistics conference which is happening online this year, meaning it's much easier (and cheaper!) to attend!

This is the English word I want to get tattooed on my wrist. It means “to keep breathing even though the water rises all around you.”

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