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My newsletter for May 2020: retronyms, schwa, Language Files videos, and my 8th blogiversary

Greek alphabet: *looks over at exam paper of Phoenician alphabet*
Latin alphabet: *looks over at exam paper of Greek alphabet*

Tones, drums, and whistles - linguistics and music

Bonus episode #41 of @lingthusiasm

68:Hazard:Cold is a short story by @JanelleCShane which does interesting things with the language of the main character, who’s a robot

A talk from Kelly Wright @raciolinguistic about raciolinguistic profiling, as part of a virtual speaker series at the University of Kent

Blogosphera is naturally 1st declension (the medieval form form of blogosphaera, from the Greek βλωγοσφαῖρα)

A linguistic perspective: The harmful effects of responding 'All lives matter' to 'Black lives matter'

Handy reference images for telling the differences between various languages that use the Arabic script

“oh we shouldn’t teach all children a signed language, it will only come in handy if they [checks notes] ever have to talk in a situation where it’s noisy or they need to be quiet”

Tracing languages back before recorded history

Episode 45 of @Lingthusiasm is about proto-languages!

“According to a regularly updated list maintained by the Endangered Languages Project, Covid information has been created in over 500 languages and counting"

Linguistics Jobs: Interview with a Dance Instructor and Stay-at-Home Mom from @superlinguo

A Missouri woman asked Merriam-Webster to update its definition of racism and now officials will change it - CNN

6 Resource Guides for teaching or self-teaching linguistics from @mutualintellig

Appreciation post for Tamari Jenkins (left) & Dr. Krishauna Hines-Gaither (right), who co-founded the African-American Linguistics network (AAL) in 2004

How do you sign ‘Black Lives Matter’ in ASL? For black deaf Angelenos, it’s complicated (by @sic_sonja)

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