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For linguistics in monthly audio chats, listen to me on Lingthusiasm, a podcast that's enthusiastic about linguistics!

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A comic about the weird world of the Voynich Manuscript (which is not solved yet)

Ænglisc Ἐτυμολογικal Speling Réforme - atop-the-hill: cwicseolfor: hbmmaster: Sē Ænglisc dingua is...

7 years of All Things Linguistic - It’s my seven year blogiversary! Here are my favourite posts this year:

Looking forward to all the other Pikachu movies: the Arrival crossover featuring Linguist Pikachu

You heard about it, but I was there - A new @lingthusiasm episode about evidentiality!

A video of an Oksapmin woman demonstrating the Oksapmin base-27 counting system

The Dictionary of Difficult Words (Jane Solomon & Louise Lockhart) - Review on @superlinguo

I spent last week recording my own audiobook for BECAUSE INTERNET. Here are some tweets about doing so:

Word length in Greenlandic - tulunnguaq: So we know from my previous posts A nice long word and Another...

I don’t actually think we should do this on a regular basis, but it makes for an interesting writing exercise

Waiting for the "but" - I think this xkcd comic is probably exploiting the Gricean maxim of quantity

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