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I've officially been blogging on All Things Linguistic for ten years now!

Here are some of my favourite posts and other activities from the past year:

My newsletter for February 2022: Teaching with Because Internet survey and Lingthusiasm liveshow in April

I’m tired of fictional linguists who know all the things about all the languages, give me more who are like "looks like Proto-Alpha-Centaurian, you definitely need to talk to my old friend from grad school"

Linguistics Jobs: Interview with a Customer Success Manager - superlinguo: This month’s interview is with Nicole Yamamoto, who works remotely from Mexico City as a Customer Success Manager. In this interview, Nicole shares how her studies in...

the japanese “-ne?” particle and the british slang term “innit” serve the same function

zwoelffarben: lemonsharks: elalmadelmar: brunhiddensmusings: championoftheravenqueen: headspace-hotel: mrcloudyfun: absolxguardian: hownottolearnalanguage: I’m kind of glad to hear that everyone does this. Because it means it isn’t colonizer...

“Gretchen: I was looking up other languages’ word for “cheese,” and I saw the Dutch “kaas” (/kɑːs/), which, I don’t speak any Dutch, but there’s one Dutch word that I know which is “pindakaas,” and “pindakaas” literally translates as...”

Behind the scenes on how linguists come up with research topics

It's a new bonus episode of @lingthusiasm!

Original Cool Ranch Cheese and Dried Cranberry Oatmeal, The Brain Squirrels oatmeal box, and more cursed cereal ideas from neural nets and @JanelleCShane

the linguist experience of
a) learning the international phonetic alphabet so you can pronounce all the languages
b) deliberately doing not-quite-accurate pronunciation even though you now Know Better so that people don’t overestimate your fluency

2022 LingComm Grants - We’re excited to be bringing back the LingComm Grants for another year!

Now with 4 x $500 LingComm Project Grants PLUS 10 x $100 LingComm Startup Grants!

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