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we need a people's search engine that marks, down-ranks, and/or outright omits capitalist and imperialist propaganda from search results

@mattcropp I have a question for the people of, specifically coop workers.

I'm following the work of Bernard Friot, a french sociologist and economist (he's a communist).

He suggests to socialize the whole GDP and put it under the democratic control of the workers.

My question: how many of you would be willing to share the sales turnover between coops into one big fund, and democratically decide what to do with it (from an investment PoV). Like some kind of meta coop I guess?

paid parental leave for parents, paid transition leave for trans people

I just want every single person reading this, and every person in general, to be able to live comfortably and always have enough food to eat and the medications they need to take and be able to pursue their ambitions and dreams without having to constantly worry about being able to survive

On Amazon being an appalling company, I agree. It's not just the warehouse staff who get abused either.

But here's the thing.

This isn't a problem unique to Amazon. Many companies behave in similar ways. They're just not as big or well known as Amazon, and so stories about them don't get into the technology news.

This is a Capitalism problem, not an Amazon problem. It's also about the failure of unions to act in the interests of workers and to adapt their organizing methods to a post-industrial setting.

Did you know that the Monopoly was inspired (stolen) from another game: The Landlord's Game? [1]

It was invented by a woman, Lizzie Magie [2], who intented to explain anti-monopolistic economics through the game.

The game had 2 scenario, one monopolistic, the other anti-monopolistic. The former heavily inspired Charles Darrow to create the Monopoly and sell it to the Parkers Brothers.


organize your workplace. organize your neighborhood. organize your church. organize your apartment. organize your classmates. organize your brunch club. there's not a landlord, banker, or boss in the world who can stand up to the collective power of the people. communism will win

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In Spanish we don't say "I love you." We say "¡ayuda! Estoy retenido contra mi voluntad en una oficina de google en la ciudad de México ... forzado a traducir cosas al español." which means "help! I'm being held against my will in a google office in mexico city... forced to translate things into spanish." and I think that's beautiful.

There are a lot of stories painting cops as heroes and generally as good people dealing with the worst that humanity can give.

The thing is, we all know cops are far from being that. I mean let's remember right?

So I was thinking, imagine the equivalent of the police but in a communist, or even better, an anarchist society?

How a detective story in such society would unfold? It would not only tell the story of such society but explain how this "police" works.

Your thoughts?

Débat CoopCycle #1 : Impasse de l'uberisation: quelle solution?

Avec du Friot et du @coopcycle dedans.