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Petit exemple, ou très concrètement, la surveillance des Gafam est un peu le cadet des soucis :

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ugh i really hope crossposters don't slowly choke mastodon like they did to diaspora*

if you're just crossposting everything you tweet on birdsite then what even is the point of making a mastodon account? that's glorified spam at worst, and a recipe for abandonment.

Les « participations forfaitaires et franchises » de l'assurance maladie… ou comment décourager encore un peu les pauvres de se soigner.

Vivement qu'on revienne à un régime général unifié capable de faire des investissements et de la prévention, qu'on vire les patrons et l'état de la gestion de la sécurité sociale et qu'on démentèle les mutuelles complémentaires.

heres to 1 year of freedom ! still cant believe were here 🍾🥂 this is for y’all who helped me get this far 😎🌈💕 #WeGotThis @zenalbatross @anarchakelly

Pour ceux qui avaient encore besoin d'une preuve qu'Elon Musk est un gros débile.

Repeat after me:

My experience is not everybody's experience.

My perspective is not everybody's perspective.

My "obvious" is not everybody's "obvious".

Anarchism and Human Nature, by the Libertarian Socialist Rants channel on youtube:

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#Cuba #Infoshop
– 'A group of Cuban anarchists announced "a new phase in the process of self-emancipation," with the opening of ABRA Social Center and Libertarian Library in Havana's Vedado district. This endeavor of the Alfredo López Libertarian Workshop (an anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist initiative launched in 2012, whicn forms part of the Anarchist Federation of the Caribbean and Central America), with the collaboration of allied collectives such as the Cuban Critical Observatory, seeks "to build an autonomous and sustainable space in today's Cuba."'

China gifted #Trier a #Marx statue for his birthday 😀

The Alt-Right Playbook: The Ship of Theseus

I think this is an important video.

(As it happens, the French did eventually achieve their goal in Mexico, taking Mexico City and installing Maximillien I as Emperor of Mexico. But it took them so long that the US Civil War was over, and when the Mexicans began to revolt against Maximillien and the baleful eye of the US swung south, France decided that it /really/ didn't want to have /that/ war and pulled out.)

Remember: Cinco de Mayo is not "Mexican Independence Day" (that's September 16).

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the victory of the Mexican army on May 5, 1862 over the larger, better-equipped French Army at the Battle of Puebla.

And the US has reason to celebrate it: scholars believe that if the French hadn't been thwarted at Puebla, they would have turned northward to help the Confederacy in the US Civil War, potentially changing that war's outcome.