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Boost if communism is in your rational self-interest

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N'oubliez jamais que l'année où la France a produit le plus de richesses c'était l'année dernière.
Que c'est 4 fois plus qu'en 1945 époque où la dette par rapport au PIB était 2 fois plus élevée.
Et c'est a cette époque qu'on a créé la Sécu.
L'histoire de la dette est une escroquerie sans nom

et au 3e jour, dieu inventa les avertissements de contenu, et il vit que c'était bon

This whole America thing isn't working out, y'all. I think we should start over.

Socialist, creates fake documentaries that are actually pretty real, cultural analysis, advertising critique. Simultaneously
ironic and serious. A full person, not a personality. Married, parent, agender, happy with that, not with the world.

Hey, #Berlin people! A new social centre is starting to organise in Neukölln and they're having a summer fest tomorrow!

More details here:

I'm showing a selection of Final Girls films, horror films made by women (suitable for a teen audience), starting around 20:30, for free of course! There will also be a vegan bbq, music, a workshop on anonymous software and encryption by @resist_berlin and a lot more, just come, it'll be gr8

(Boosts welcome)

The Italian minister for family policies just declared he wants to cancel the law that prohibits and punishes the public display of behaviours, insignia and any other element that can be traced to nazi and/or fascist ideas.

That's as clear as it gets, guys. Lega Nord is LITERALLY a fascist party.

The fediverse needs more Blk/POC trans and non binary folx.

code cannot solve all of society's problems.

code cannot fix poverty.
code cannot fix economics.
code cannot fix homelessness.

sure, we should solve these problems, but technology isn't a solution for what is ultimately a human decision to enable a cruel and unjust world through unapologetic capitalism.

the only way code can help, is by enabling people to mobilize against the systems which oppress them, which is one of the main reasons why i am working on this stuff.

*wipes a tear from eye*
their first industry kill.
they grow up so fast.

La #CGT revendique le #SalaireÀVie :

« nous proposons de passer à un salaire socialisé qui garantirait un revenu permanent à tout salarié, dès son premier emploi et jusqu’à sa mort, en y incluant toutes les phases : études, travail, formations, retraite. »

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