Reminder that if you want a free, decentralized internet, and don't have any desire to get rid of capitalism, you've already lost.

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@alxcndr Because the Internet is so much better in... North Korea? China?

@rockthrower who said anti-capitalist politics need to be authoritarian?

@alxcndr Nobody, but I'm trying to think of a purely non-capitalist society that isn't authoritarian and coming up empty. Most of the liberal democracies that lean socialist have mixed economies/are hybrid systems. So I don't think it's capitalism itself that endangers a free and open Internet.

@rockthrower it's nice, you would be in feudalism times and you would still say something like Β« I really don't see how giving power to the mass can work, I don't see any example of that so far. So that must be it, there are only divine rulers who make it work. Β»

You basically fail to see that everything is in movement. Absence of proof does not make a proof of absence...

@rockthrower But anyway, let's list a few things that endanger free and open Internet:

- Big corporation being de-facto monopolies.
- DRM (soon in our browsers)
- Facebook being able to censorship museum art (because nipples are bad, m'kay?)
- Queer content being de-monitized on Youtube because advertisers said so
- Mass surveillance via ads and cooperation between fascist state structures and big companies

If you don't see how capitalism plays a part in that, I can't help you

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