Cross-platform testing. Plz ignore. Posting from Mastodon. Tagging a mutual connection @alysonsee so that they (I) can see if that accounts is getting notifications from this one.

Where can I ask questions about ?

I'm wondering why links don't end up as a previews. For example, I've verified on iframely that the link below has oEmbed and Open Graph tags in it. And yet, it doesn't pull in a preview when I post it.

@alysonsee Commenting from Mastodon.
1. Post federation - Yes but can't see likes from other sites.
2. Embedded media - No picture. Appears as a link (text is title of link per Giphy).
3. Links: Link 1(to Wikipedia) - Yes. Link 2 (to Youtube) - Yes but text is title of link per Youtube rather than "Link 2".
4. Markup - None
5. Uploaded media - Yes

I'm psyched to have nabbed a beta account. I've encountered my first bug. @pixelfed @dansup where do you want issues reported?

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Just deployed some tweaks, you can like and comment without a redirect if you have JS enabled!

Registration is open for 1 hour.


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