Playing Monster Train on Fedora Linux via Flatpak Steam and it's running great.

I recommend using `gamemode` to auto-tune your system for best performance.

Use `wget --content-disposition` when downloading files to use the filename provided by the server in the response header instead of the pathname.

The more I write TypeScript the more I've returned to using basic for(const foo of baz) { ... } loops instead of array methods .map or .reduce.

I find easier to read and understand what's going on with a for loop.

One of the best day-to-day internet speed improvements you can make is switching your DNS provider. I recommend using Steve Gibson's DNS Benchmark tool to find your best alternative DNS provider

My personal DNS provider is NextDNS

While they might not be the absolute fastest, they are basically a dedicated PiHole. You can even choose IP filter lists similar to uBlock Origin.

Discovered a great open-source Windows cleaning app called Bulk Crap Uninstaller that makes it quick and easy to remove software and clean left-over files.

Signal is suffering technical difficulties due to its recent popularity. Now is the time to support open-source privacy software

Going back to mindfulness meditation and its having a nice calming effect.

Firefox's Picture in Picture feature is amazing.

While not a complete privacy-focused email service, has been a pleasure to use and it's a small step to de-googlifing my online life.

Gifsicle is the go-to tool for all things GIF related. It has saved me so many MB in optimized animated GIFs.

Note: It recently merged in the giflossy project with the flag --lossy which can dramatically reduce file sizes.

Big fan of the tldr terminal app tealdeer that lets you quickly look up common command line tool options.

I'm always forgetting the correct argument order for creating a symlilnk.

` ln -s path/to/file_or_directory path/to/symlink `

JetBrains Mono has become my go-to programming font of choice. Clean, simple and open-source

` :not(:last-child) { ... } `

CSS selector for all but the last element. Useful for adding gaps in flexbox elements.

I like to set a `data-active` prop on Preact elements then use a CSS attribute selector `[data-active]` to style active elements. It saves the messy concatenation of CSS class names.

I've got into the habit of writing my own helper functions instead of installing single use NPM packages. It's had the advantage of gaining a deeper understanding of how the code works and making me a better programmer.

For example, here I learnt about Magic Number bytes used for file signatures to identify image types without having to decode them.

PS. The inability to edit posts is a mixed blessing for the dyslexic among us.

On that note, Language Tools as a Firefox extension is a great sanity typo checker. That and taking the time to re-read a post before hitting send which is always sensible.

I've said it before but TypeScript has made be a better coder.

I'm from a background of hacking stuff together. No formal computer science background, just peek and poke'n C64, Amiga and PC. So when it comes to writing code that should _work_, having the comfort of types is a real comfort.

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