still haven't got myself a record deal call that an unsigned char

Drugs, Breaking Bad spoilers (S3) 

If he were paid at the rate of his first sale, three months of 200 pounds per week would pay him $75,600,000.

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Drugs, Breaking Bad spoilers (S3) 

Here's the thing. In ABQ, Walter makes $1.2M selling 38 pounds of meth (the result of 4 days work) to Gus. In the very next episode, No Más, Gus offers him $3M for 3 months work.

Discrepancy much?

They output 200 pounds a week, as per canon. 2,400 pounds in 3 months. So while Walter's first sale to Gus netted him $31,500 per pound, this new arrangement would net him $1,250 per pound.

What am I missing?

ADHD meds are so selfish. Amphetamine this, amphetamine that, what about amphetaOURS?

I'm looking into migrating this acc and damn, narrowing down a selection of instances to consider is tough.

It's the 12th of the month, so obviously I'm thinking hey that's basically the 15th so this months is almost over.

What's with Mastodon instances only making the list of blocked instances available to their own members? Mate I want to know who you have a gripe with BEFORE I join your little club.

I caved and deleted the tweet. They still keep my accounts locked and force me to provide a phone number.

Called it.

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Guess who just figured out why their bass sounds super thin?

My recording preset has phase issues.

It has had phase issues for THE ENTIRE YEAR I'VE BEEN USING IT.

I am about go go back in time and slap the living shit out of past me. Oh my fucking god.

(I split the bass at 400 Hz and route high and low to two different tracks which are processed differently and they were out of phase the entire time.)


It's 8pm on a Sunday and I am craving a salami sandwich. Goddammit. Why now, stomach, why now?

If you think about it, it's a miracle we've survived this far. To most crises there are one or two correct answers, but a dozen ways to fuck it up. By all means, we should have gone extinct millennia ago.

My dozens of unfinished fanfics: are we a joke to you?

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Between Twitter suspending me, Black Mesa corrupting my save games, and Borderlands 2 being boring, what the hell am I gonna do with my time?

birdsite, plague 

Tweet is still up. So endangering people by spreading verifiably false misinformation about a dangerous disease is fine, but being pissed off as someone suffering from that disease is not? Gotcha.

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And they locked me out of my other accounts too because of course they did. They want a phone number, of course they do.

Let me guess, even if I get unsuspended, they will insist I provide a phone number anyway?

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birdsite, mild violence 

Guess who just got suspended by Twitter for telling a COVID denier I'd like to punch him if he denied COVID to my COVID-disabled face?


Guess who didn't get suspended for spreading COVID misinformation?

The guy I told that to.


Jazz guitarists: as you know you can substitute an E7b9 for E, and then you can substitute Bdim7, Ddim7, Fdim7 or G#dim7 for that.


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Diminished chords are a nightmare. What the fuck is a bb7? Just say you mean 6.

Diminished chord = 1 b3 and b5, right? So far so easy.

Dim7 = 1 b3 b5 and bb7.

Sooooo... 1 b3 b5 and 6.

I want to learn chord substitutions btw, that's why I'm reading this stuff in the first place.

I just crashed Black Mesa by calling in 50 airstrikes in 10 seconds :)

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