Feeling incredibly energized at work this morning solving. Music and solving a terribly inefficient query after a nice long weekend.

I had really hoped that I was done with code generated from psd files, but such is not true.

Are you up for a coding challenge? FreshBooks is sponsoring PUSH, a coding competition with a $5000 grand prize. Sign up at pushcode.ca

You: English pronunciation is random and lawless. It is a chaos language no one can make sense of.

And then you long
For the days of trippin' down
The long road just reading the
Signs that show you the way to
A higher place you meditate to
Feel the quiet of the earth
That was back
When we used to be alright

Coworker dropped his phone onto his closed laptop yesterday, hit the apple logo and cracked it. Now the screen looks like this. The one vulnerable point!

My absolute number one and two asks of _any_ social media client:

1) Remember my last-read position.

2) If I've missed a lot, so you splice my timeline with a "Show More" stitch between last-read and latest posts, backfill those posts _upward_ to preserve my reading position! (Tweetbot does this right)

Back to school accomplished. Now I have to try to deal with this crazy work week.

The odd feeling you get when you put in a partial code fix, and somehow if fixes everything...

I’ve shared this on that other site, but let’s mention it here, too: I’ve got a new book coming out next March!

THE BAYERN AGENDA is a science-fiction/espionage adventure set against the backdrop of a galactic cold war.


I am continually impressed by how good the Pixel 2's camera is in low light.

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