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I hate computers (and programming is terrible). 💩

I still can’t get past how the people here in Tokyo will wear coats and scarfs in 20°C weather.

Ideally, I’d like to use OpenStreetMap and OSM-based applications and services as much as I can, but POI’s is also where OSM is lacking (along with addresses), and as much as I’m curious as to how it could be improved, it’s difficult to use it full-time now and I wonder whether that might always be the case.

I resent that Maps will probably be the last Google service I manage to stop using. It’s still considerably better than everything else, especially for POI data. Apple’s Maps usually doesn’t have opening times for me here. The ‘popular times’ are a good example of Google at its worst and at its best: I know this data has been collected via pervasive surveillance, yet it’s also an incredibly useful visualisation that has helped me find quiet cafés.

【地震情報 2019年10月12日】
#地震 #千葉県 #東京都 #神奈川県 #静岡県 #茨城県 #群馬県 #埼玉県 #山梨県 #長野県 #宮城県 #福島県 #栃木県 #新潟県

its the weekend baby. youknow what that means. its time to drink precisely one glass of imojōchū and install fedora silverblue

It looks like the Wiki went down with the forums after they got breached. That’ll do it! There wasn’t much of a community outside that Wiki. What other location-based games do people play?

Do people still do ? The Geohashing wiki has an invalid certificate and the map hasn’t been updated for Google’s API changes.

If you had previously tried Fedora and got a bad experience, it's time for another look.

I think Fedora hits the sweet spot between shipping up-to-date software (like Arch) *and* being reasonably usable out of the box (like Ubuntu).

I wonder whether the Free Software movement would have been more successful had Stallman decided to write a Free disk operating system for microcomputers, rather than a Free Unix-like system for minicomputers.

I get the same driving directions between home and work through central Tokyo calculated on both OpenStreetMap and Google Maps. I wouldn’t have expected that ten years ago. 😯‍✨

I’ve just realised I’ve misspelled ‘EXWM’ in that monitor. 🤦🏻‍♂️

This is the longest I’ve used . I feel like I’ve overcome the configuration tipping point where I’m finally enjoying it, and part of that is having these little system monitors and clock, whose background colour reflects the current time of day, in ’s echo area.

【地震情報 2019年10月9日】
#地震 #東京都 #埼玉県 #神奈川県 #茨城県 #千葉県

50 minutes of procrastinating later… I’m done! 😤 I was able to calculate the tax- and rebates-inclusive cost of each line item and calculate my spending in each expense category as usual. 😴

I’ve spent 40 minutes trying to get this single receipt into my ledger. Granted, a large portion of that was just rubbing my temples and seething at Abe’s miserable economic policies.

The easiest thing to do would be recording tax as an entirely separate expense. Which I absolutely refuse to do. It makes zero sense. If I spend, hypothetically, ¥108 for a piece of bread, I didn’t spend ¥100 on bread and ¥8 on tax. It makes literally no difference to me how much my cost of bread goes to the shop and how much goes to the government. Recording consumption tax separately makes as much sense as recording the shop’s unit cost and revenue for the bread in my own accounts.

Unbalanced remainder is:

I hate this so much.

8% of ¥1,258 is ¥100.64, rounded DOWN to the nearest yen is ¥100… less ¥27 for paying via Suica… which is ¥4.5 per line item… but don’t round that down otherwise the accounts won’t balance…

Japan’s new consumption tax rules and cashless payments rebate make recording how much I spend on each category of expense difficult enough that I’m considering asking till staff to split my purchases into multiple payments.

Is there a way to prevent from saving certain customizable variables, which have been set outside of the Customize interface, to the ‘custom-file’?

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