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I hate computers (and programming is terrible). 💩

History of computers and programming but as an into you get a history of weaving and industrial revolution politics and economics

I just found out Lucas Brunelle is still making cycling videos after all these years (it’s been a decade, at least) and this definitely applies to his videos as well.

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【地震情報 2020年7月9日】
#地震 #茨城県 #栃木県 #群馬県 #埼玉県 #千葉県 #神奈川県 #福島県 #東京都 #山梨県 #長野県 #宮城県 #新潟県 #静岡県

I’ve been using Magit for so long now I’ve forgotten how to use Git’s own command line interface. I’m sure there are esoteric features that would require it but I’ve yet to need any of them.

Drinking game: watch a Terry Barentsen video, and drink for every violation of a traffic law you see. 🚴🏻‍♂️

I hate how much I’m addicted to Coca-Cola. Every time I open an ice-cold bottle of the real thing and enjoy the cold, crisp taste of Coke that refreshes me best, I just can’t beat the feeling… that I’m suckling at the teat of capitalism.

I’m not particularly interested in commercial implementations and I have more than enough to explore: Smalltalk’s implementation of the original model-view-controller pattern, Squeak’s self-hosted virtual machine simulator and early versions of Morphic, and Cuis’s modern yet minimal class library.

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I’m ending this thread with Dan Banay’s very recent by-the-book (the blue one!) implementation of Smalltalk, which runs Xerox PARC’s release of Smalltalk-80 version 2 very nicely.

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I’ve never cycled along the Arakawa before. It’s nice, and a little cooler along the banks.

【地震情報 2020年6月25日】
#地震 #千葉県 #茨城県 #栃木県 #埼玉県 #東京都 #神奈川県 #山梨県 #宮城県 #山形県 #福島県 #群馬県 #新潟県 #長野県 #静岡県 #岩手県 #愛知県

Pharo’s system browser displays subclasses with indentation, and that could be a nice hack for defining a hierarchy and site map… except class names need to be unique.

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I am still thinking about static site generation with Smalltalk. It might be nice to move content models out of files and into classes… reading and parsing files wouldn’t be necessary, I could use native dictionaries, arrays, numbers etc. and authoring could be done in-image.

This is the same problem as trying to find photography of Japanese mountains which are not Mt. Fuji.

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Unsplash has hundreds of beautiful photographs of sailboats… until you realise you want one of a gaff-rigged cutter, and then it has none.

Hugo’s been the easiest to work with, but its templating — both language and inheritance rules — is a shining trapezohedron.

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I’ve used many different static site generators implemented in several languages and all of them have been an absolute hassle to install and run on the machines of coworkers using Windows.

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I am new to Smalltalk but it’s very easy to get started with. Part of that is the syntax: it fits on a postcard. It’s also the class library: it has good online (in the old sense of being installed) documentation and even when it’s missing a class or method comment, the Smalltalk is succinct, readable and easy to explore.

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