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I hate computers (and programming is terrible). 💩

7–11’s got the orchestral versions of popular Christmas tunes going. Christmas in Japan is somewhat depressing so I’m not keen on getting in the mood… but perhaps I could watch Home Alone or Die Hard.

There’s no way I could get this research done without the Tree Style Tab extension for Firefox.

I’m sure that once I’ve figured this all out I won’t think it was as hard as I’m thinking it will be now… but it also seems like the kind of thing that if I fuck it up it will be difficult to fix and correct.


I’ve honestly barely touched my computer all weekend because now I’m blocking on researching a relatively secure method of key management.

On the other hand I made some progress in Pokémon Let’s Go and completed Katamari Damacy.

"EdgeHTML: a bad demise nobody much noticed" by Geoffrey Sneddon

This is so accurate and insightful and well-written that I have nothing to add.

On the Edge team, we had a *whole team* dedicated to finding compat bugs, reducing them, and reaching out to site owners with fixes. Sometimes we would reach out to a site owner and they'd say, "Sorry, you don't have enough market share for us to bother fixing this bug."

This is where we get -webkit prefixed CSS in the standard, as well as de-facto standards and "works best in Chrome." This is why both Opera and Edge switched to Chromium.

One advanced guide to generating keys recommends starting with an air-gapped machine made before Intel introduced their management engine and rotating cross-signed, short-expiration subkeys stored offline on smartcards.

I mean, yes, but also, no, come on, that threat model surely involves an APT such as an intelligence agency.

I just want to sign my commits, man.

I solved part one of day one of the Advent of Code and I was about to initialise a Git repository and make that initial commit when I remembered: I’d decided I’d create a GPG key pair and sign the commits of the next repo. I’d publish.

I’ve been dreading this day.

When I was a teenager I’d be impressed with weeks- or months-long system uptimes but these days I’d just wonder how many security updates are waiting to be installed. 😕

I spent so many years using (maybe a decade?) that I still type, ‘sudo port install’, about half the time, rather than, ‘sudo dnf install’… some habits are hard to break.

I managed to get past the decision paralysis! I trashed my config. I started using Straight (it’s great!). I gave up on Spacemacs for its complexity. While I was at it, I thought I’d give a try (over dark Solarized). That’s a handsome editor!

I was going through an old 80gb hard drive that was due to be recycled and i found very shitposty bitmap images

"It's not like I'm lisping," rms heard someone say as he shouldered his way thru the crowd. "It's like my editor's developed this massive paren deficiency."

It was an Emacs user and an Emacs joke. The #emacs channel was a place for professional dotfiles hackers. You could chat a week there and never see two lines of Java.

I thought Keybase was a particularly well-designed key server, but now it appears to be some kind of chat and file-sharing application. Did they, “pivot”?

I want to try solving the Advent of Code ( in Emacs Lisp but I’m blocking on whether I should declare, ‘.emacs’, bankruptcy and whether I should replace the default package management with, ‘straight.el’ (, or just use Spacemacs (

Which level of Dante’s Inferno is this amount of indecision and executive disfunction?

There’s a nice discussion about using everywhere on that’s got me reconsidering . 🤔

Also, in the interest of fostering the right culture, don't let entitled support requests ("pls fix asap", "how is this still broken?!", "you wasted my time") pass—push back on that tone. And move them to the bottom of the pile, obviously.

Best things I've read on today's npm brouhaha:


I can't count the number of times I've handed over control of an npm package I owned to some random person on the internet. It used to be considered a best practice, a solution to OSS maintainer burnout. Ah well.

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