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I hate computers (and programming is terrible). 💩

Before leaving I got airport sushi for breakfast. This worked well, I think I’ll do this again. 🍣😋

① Yes, ② some do, ③ not as much as you’d think, ④ some do, ⑤ in Silicon Valley they sure do!

‘There are few pieces of software as widely misunderstood as []. Emacs is frequently advertised and discussed as a text editor, but please be clear on this: Emacs is not just a text editor.’—Christoffer Stjernlöf, Why You Should Buy Into the Emacs Platform (

Today I learned about overlays, a programming technique used on computers with limited RAM (such as minicomputers or early home computers) to enable use of programs larger than the available working memory. 🔗

VSCodium: binary releases of VS Code without MS branding/telemetry/licensing

This Miso Chanko Nabe is nearly cooked and looks delicious, I can’t wait to tuck in! 🤤

【地震情報 2018年9月18日】
#地震 #埼玉県 #茨城県 #栃木県 #群馬県 #東京都 #千葉県 #神奈川県 #福島県 #山梨県 #長野県 #静岡県

I’ve had the Generation I Pokémon battle theme stuck in my head since waking up this morning.

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I hate that almost all of the content about old personal computers on YouTube is about games. I like games as much as the next boy who grew up with a PC, but can we get some love for whatever implementation of BASIC came with the machine? How about the kinds of word processing software available? Let’s not forgot these were general-purpose machines!

I love programmers who invoke Dijkstra’s name as you would a deity.

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“I need to change some of my
behavior, and I want to apologize to the people that my personal
behavior hurt and possibly drove away from kernel development

I did not expect to see this kind of introspection from Linus Torvalds

I love that the default Emacs scratch buffer text got into Mario Golf (GBC) somehow. I wonder if this was a mis-copy-and-paste from a developer, or if it was another case of a compiler taking random memory contents and using them for padding in the ROM...

I took my Teenage Engineering OP-1 out of the drawer and the battery was flat! Has it been that long since I last used it? I feel bad about that.

【地震情報 2018年9月14日】
#地震 #福島県 #茨城県 #群馬県 #埼玉県 #千葉県 #宮城県 #栃木県 #東京都 #山形県 #神奈川県 #新潟県 #長野県

In three months I’ll have been at the translation company for six years, and I’d rather it didn’t become ten. I’ve been here, at the company and in Tokyo, since I graduated but it feels too long. Maybe it’s just that it’s longer than I spent studying my joint degree, which was five years. 🤔

The diagram was originally published on’s weblog in 2012, and has been reposted and adjusted by others countless times since. 🔗

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