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I hate computers (and programming is terrible). 💩

@amdt It's the usual capitalist playbook. Buy out everything for your own use and then tell others they could just do the same.

In Denmark we are a lot more privileged than many other countries, but we're still FAR behind the US on vaccination rollout due to lack of supply.

In short: it would be nice if Americans in Japan on Twitter complaining about vaccines could check their privilege. ✌🏻

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Considering the circumstances, such as Pfizer applying for approval in Japan a good month or so after America and the EU, or that Japan is having to import from the EU (which is limiting exports)… a difference of a couple of months is little to complain about.

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My local government says it plans to vaccine ‘the rest of its residents’ (‘その他の区民のかた’) from mid-August (‘8月中旬から’).

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A BBC report says that ‘The government plans to vaccinate the rest of the adult population [under-50’s], another 21 million people, by the end of July.’

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I’m a British citizen, but even if I took a flight to the UK tomorrow, I would not be able to get vaccinated: they were just opened up to over-40’s, and it’s not clear when it could be available to me if I was in the UK.

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The vast majority of countries, regardless of whether they’re in the “West” or the “East”, or “First-”, “Second-” or “Third-World”, are not making as much progress on vaccines as America is.

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But this idea that the “West” is making incredible progress on vaccines, and Japan is ‘falling behind’, smells like the usual bullshit.

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I can empathise; I’ve been ‘staying home’ and working from home for well over a year now. I’ve not been to a café or restaurant, or travelled in that time. I’ve not seen family or friends in that time. I’m tired.

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I’m starting to get tired of the constant complaining from Americans in Japan on Twitter about how slow they feel the progress Japan’s government is making on COVID-19 vaccinations is.

This year at #elsconf: Charity auction and print sales of the Y Combinator Codex!

During this year's ELS, we will be selling prints and hosting an auction of the original of The Y Combinator Codex, a 42cm x 240cm calligraphy piece.

All proceeds, sans printing and shipping costs, go to Lisp-related organizations.

More information at

Attached: photo and a low-res scan of the piece.

#EuropeanLispSymposium #Lisp #Calligraphy #Art #Auction

Developers and testers, it’s the day you’ve been waiting for: elementary OS 6 Beta is available now! Read our announcement to find out more about the beta process as well as what’s new for you in this outstanding upcoming release.

I’m amazed at how much I thought I knew about the Soviet Union for most of my life turned out to be Cold War-era American propaganda. Thankfully, it’s a lot easier now to see through the same about China.

Nintendo-Put-the-Coffee-Pigeon-Back-in-the-Animal-Forest-Game Challenge 2021.

Since many non-editing buffers open in tabs, it’s mildly disappointing that the integrated terminal emulator’s relegated to a panel at the bottom of the window.

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I’ve been using VS Code at work the past few days to edit various Web-related projects and as far as its feature set and user interface goes… it’s not bad! 🤭

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