Regresé en forma de ficha \o/

I'm back \o/

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Oh, The Awoo-Signal! Quick, to the *very top* of the Awoo-Tower!

[silhouetted by the moon] AWOOOOO! XD

Do we have nazis on When did that happen? D:

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I can't believe I have to make this shitpost but I do


Ayer compré un kilo de calabacín, un kilo de zanahoria, un kilo de pimientos y un cuarto de champiñones por menos de $5 dólares. La magia del tianguis 💞

Yesterday I bought 1 kg of zucchini, 1 kg of carrots, 1 kg of sweet peppers and 250 g of mushrooms for less than $5 dollars. Tianguis are magic 💞

Anyways, today I'll be working on Awoospace. Yesterday I lost too much time on Github.

I hate Github.

After a lot of struggling with Github, here's the Spanish translation of the FAQ:

Maybe eventually I will translate all of the documentation. Don't know yet.

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Current #practicecoding-suggestion is: We start with a rather small project, each on their own at first. To get into the groove of things. And may then move on to bigger projects.

How about... we could start with picking up the basics in the Python course at Opinions on that?

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I still need funds for so many backdue bills. Cultural identities: I'm a stay-at-home (mostly in bed) disabled, crazy, queer, and non-binary transgender, POC. My partnerfriend/caretaker is a crazy, queer, non-binary transfemme, white person. I am fighting for disability and she is working for poverty wages and caretaking for me. Please help us out if you can. $surviveandthrive on square cash and venmo. Tehribbit at gmail on PayPal. Please boost, if you're able, too. Thanks!

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Speaking of cat photos, here's Pistache. She loves that we still have moving boxes everywhere, because cardboard boxes are her natural habitat. #mastocats #catsodon

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ideas for maximizing capital:
1. lend money to people, make them pay it back with interest
2. slowly take control of government and society, make changes that influence greater borrowing
3. make it socially unthinkable to not borrow $100k+ as soon as you become an adult
4. make it socially unthinkable to not borrow another $250k+ as soon as you can afford the debt payments
5. make it economically impossible to escape debt
6. repossess humanity, melt into scrap, sell to nobody

Supongo que deberíamos de pensar en traducir toda la documentación en algún momento para hacerla más accesible... pero no sé si me alcance el tiempo/las ganas.

Por lo mientras mañana me dedicaré a la traducción del CoC de Awoospace. <3

¡Ey! Hice una traducción de la última versión del FAQ en la documentación oficial de Mastodon.

La pueden checar acá:

Todavía falta cambiar las imágenes, pero el texto ya está listo para guiar a cualquier persona nueva. :)


Ohhh, I found how to do it. Turns out it's better to work on the web version of Github than on desktop. ¬¬

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Why can't I delete a fork so I can start over? *kicks everything*

Si no puedo hacerlo le pediré a alguien más que lo haga, que era lo que no quería porque me gusta probar y entender cosas nuevas.

Pero tengo que empezar la traducción del CoC de Awoospace y no quiero que se me vaya la vida entendiendo Github. 😓

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