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Pinafore v1.11.1 

After 3 of my 5 external USB disks failed when I ran BTRFS scrub against them, I've finally forked out for a *real* NAS. Picked up a Synology DS218+ and 2 4TB WD RED's. I'd never considered a self-contained NAS b4, but this seems pretty nice. Still figuring out what it can do..

Really pleased with this Pinebook. Lost a day getting Arch/Sway installed only to find the KDE Neon image runs 3x faster. It's no XPS, but the way I figure it, I can buy a new one each year for the next 16 years for about the same price. That's assuming that Pine64 keep price as a feature going forward. Hope they do.

A long way from the Italian espresso bars. Starbucks serving up calorie bombs in KL.

One of those ' has come a long way' moments. Bought a Logitech webcam *hoping* it would work on Arch, and sure enough, plugged it in and Skype's webapp picked it up immediately. No need for drivers, config edits, it just worked 😃

@Carnet is good for storing private content, or is it just there for demo purposes? I've been using it for a while and it works well, but if privacy is required, should we be hosting this ourselves? Thanks for carnet btw, it's allowed me to move off of Keep 😃

Back in Malaysia for another stint. Such a contrast to Japan. Fukuoka felt tranquil compared to the hustle of KL.

Surprised that Mastodon does not show previews for links. Still unclear on how this whole thing integrates.

Finally have some time to play a little Zelda.. but forgot to charge the 3DS :blobpats: Frantically charging before the next flight.

@Carnet any chance to retain URL case sensitivity? Forcing lowercase seems to break IPFS links. Probably a total edge case, I know..

@pinafore Are there plans to allow for more than one column in pinafore? The interface is great, but on desktop the extra space seems a little wasted. Either way, it's really nice way to interact with Mastodon - thanks.

Sakura Hanami in Kyushu. An excuse to have a few drinks and catch the first sunshine of the year.

It's taken me more one year to create my first toot.. so yes, still figuring out whether I have much to contribute here ;-) Bio would be friendly geek, love the concept of a decentralised web, python, Linux. Currently based out of Japan but always moving around. Promise not to upload photo's of food (maybe!)


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