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Hi I'm Amadeus! 🎉

So since I wasn't even using Twitter very actively I figured I'd make a Mastodon account to collect dust as well. 😉 I like the energy and concept behind this platform at the moment, let's see where this journey takes me. 😊

I'm curious about this community so don't hesitate to reach out! 😊

Working with Prosemirror sometimes feels like working with a spellbook with seven seals: every time you crack one, a whole new world of possibilities unlocks. 🤣

Positive side-effect of dogfooding your own hydration tracking app: drinking way more water just to see if it works correctly. 👌

Thought I might as well share what I’m currently working on while I have some spare time and energy. 😊

This is Hydrt, a little app that can hopefully help some people keep track of how much water they’re drinking throughout the day so they can stay hydrated. 🎉

It’s not out yet, but I’ll try posting a little more about it soon. 👍

I have just reached inbox zero in my private mails. 😍 Let's see how long it'll last. 🤣

Last week GitHub announced that they would be sunsetting Atom by the end of the year.

Here are some thoughts on the matter and some alternatives you could switch to:

Dear neighbours, if you know that your kids have a tendency to drag furniture through your entire apartment at sunrise, could you please at least stick some felt tips under its legs so it's a little less loud for everybody trying to get some much needed sleep? 😒😭

Currently checking out as an alternative to since the latter seems to have lost a bit of it's momentum, but still is my go-to static site generator. (It's awesome! 😁)

I remember times when I would do basically all my learning of technologies via YouTube tutorials. Until I noticed that oftentimes what people do on YouTube is not always completely correct—or the ideal / recommend way to do something.

Nowadays, I read through the documentation of a project to inform myself before trying it out. Oftentimes, the quality of the docs says a lot about the quality of a project IMO. 😊

Things I like about summer:

- lots of daylight
- being able to go out without a jacket

Things I don't like about summer:

- the fricking BUGS 😒😡🔥

I'm so ready for decent hardware running GNOME Shell mobile and something I can slide that phone into, like that Razer dock from a few years back to use as my mobile workstation.

Everything the Ubuntu Edge could have been, but GTK based. True convergence.

Too bad it seems like the companies which could make something like that prefer selling you multiple devices instead. (Not to mention them wanting to wall you into their own gardens.)

So yeah, there's a bookmarking feature. 👌 Unfortunately, it isn't supported in the Android app yet...

One of the things I love about Flamingo for Twitter is that I can have it set up so that double tapping a Tweet bookmarks it. I use that all the time to save things for later when I'm browsingy timeline while short on time. 😊

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Source / for reference:

I guess it was just a question of time considering Atom was built by GitHub and that is now owned by Microsoft, which obviously want to tie as many users as possible to VS Code...

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So Atom is really dead? 😭 I never liked VS Code—any other good editors that are simple, yet powerful? (Besides Sublime)

(Probably) annual complaint that Chrome OS still doesn't remember screen brightness between reboots... 😒

I mean at least the boot screen is dark now, but why, just why can't there be a setting to persist brightness?

I get the whole “it might be too dim if it was last used in a dark room and you're now turning it on in the sun”, but I literally always use my Chromebook in the exact same circumstances. 😒

Anyway, that should get it off my chest for this year, hopefully. 🤣

I have a huge amount of respect for people who just stick with hobbies for 10 years or more. Looking back, I've tried and been passionate about a lot of things for a time, but eventually they always evolved or dropped off.

I haven't created a 3D model in more than a year.
I haven't even really illustrated anything in forever.
I haven't recorded an audiobook in six years.
I haven't even written a novel in five years.

I know it's subjective, but I feel awed by those who just stick with stuff.

I had big plans for my week off. Bottom line now that it's over: yet another started project, nothing finished, only very limited time actually spent winding down and relaxing.

I definitely still need to improve my vacation-game. 🤔😅

We do things not because they are easy, but because we thought they were going to be easy.

Is there a way to bookmark posts on to save them for later? Sometimes I just want o get to the top of my feed quickly and come back to interesting articles when I have time. 🤔

I think it's a testament to how likeable I find Mastodon that I find myself spending more time procrastinating on it than on any other social media platform that I use. 😅

I wonder how long that'll last. 🤔

@hootalex I love your profile image. Such simplicity, yet a clever description of what you do. And that colour!

That's it. Just had to say that. 😅

Have a great day!

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