i’ve never had a hard time quitting a habit but i sure have a hard time quitting twitter with the gluten-induced ADD going on 🤕

✅ gonna spend the rest of the day writing and eating my feelings

watching pottery videos at my infusion appt. thank science for the internet and ipads

soon, 100% of our furniture will be reclining. cuz you can’t freakin get a high back that supports your head unless it’s a freakin recliner. at least they’re comfy

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tired of being uncomfortable the whole time i play video games or watch TV, we’re replacing our low backed sofa with a pair of recliners. at least i found some kinda cool vintage ones mastodon.social/media/6WjypDFA mastodon.social/media/aAHmo0ix

our friend heads up a scout troop and the kids are gonna camp on our land this weekend.

nothin like calls with a lawyer first thing in the AM… at least it's goodish news.

working on a new cheat sheet to cover/counter every roadblock to shipping a product/project… this is not the final form, i know it's too hard to read. this is visual thinking.

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Serious and important plea: any US people here who have ordered medications from Canada, online or by mail/in person? Any pharmacies or resources to recommend? (I'd appreciate replies limited to helpful advice—thanks!)

i crocheted a scarf. so nice to have something to do with my hands that isn’t a phone mastodon.social/media/NTO6i_Kg

we’re drinking whiskey and watching Lindsey Ellis’ 7-part series teaching film criticism using Transformers youtu.be/PRXI__Wixas

i fucking love video essays.

what are your favorites?

still went nauseous and cotton-eared in the car today but less than yesterday, and it didn’t last as long

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how weird is it to know “i feel sick cuz the car is moving my body and my brain is sloshing around in my skull”?

very weird

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