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Meta For My Lefty Mutuals 

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I don't cotton to all these newfangled doodads infesting my folksy, beloved .social just tell me in this thread if you're pro-poll or anti-poll. Thanks.

β˜• β˜• β˜• β˜• β˜•

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US Pol - "Both Sides" 

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My Own Personal Art Meta :) 

Best Potato-Themed episode of #MST3K ?

πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯”

US Pol- GP Nat'l. & State 

Still dishing out that aunt-based humor because you never know when one of the other 19 Mastos age 51-59 might pass through and get a laugh. 🎭

OK, I haven't moved this pic to the correct account yet, but do enjoy some cute and some cringe-worthy 1950s "humor," anyway.

we should call this the World Wide Web more often, especially as opposed to closed networks which are not World Wide

The hogs guy tears off his rubber mask and stands revealed as... 

US Pol- Griping About Online "Left" Brand-Builders Again 

🎡 Mamas, don't let your cowgirls grow up to be centrists 🎡

US Pol - Bad Memories 

Possible Nazi-Adjacent User/Site Block 

Gab Dipshittery 

Fuck monarchy but I have deep respect for Queen Elizabeth refusing to die because she hates her son so much.

gab user on .social, recommend block 

Gab Dipshittery 

US Pol - New Term(s), & Old Food 

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