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[groan] Was up until 1 AM this morning frantically backing more things up... because this creaky OS X is giving signs that it's not going to be functioning much longer. (The dreaded half-wavy screen has appeared twice in the last 24 hrs.)

I was hoping to muddle through with it until year's end, but you can't have everything. [shrug] Tomorrow it's off to the repair shop.

I'm also wayyyyy behind on following people back. 😳 Sorry, People. It's nothing you did. It's yardwork season. Leaves are coming down much earlier than they usually do here, probably because of late-summer heat blasts.

Hey, followers who like my art... don't forget to follow me over at @xenophora , too.

❀️ 🎨

I'm trying really hard to keep political rants and my yowling whenever I stub my toe or run out of coffee cordoned over here. We'll see how long *that* lasts. 🀞

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It's really great how as late as 2016 you can still find fans compiling Favorites lists while employing snide remarks about Host No. 1 right out of the gate.

πŸ™„ πŸ™„ πŸ™„

I'm sure his list is very interesting, but honestly if you can't at least bury your petty bullshit at the end of your treatise, I don't think I need to watch more than 45 seconds of it, Dickweed.

YouTube comments are still so bad they make God cry. But I did appreciate the Typo Demons providing the phrase "Suck diverse music" earlier today.

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The trouble w/having 2 instances: never knowing when to post 2X re: the same thing. Anyway...

Art mavens, if you're in before year's end, this great show has been held over (though the link is not yet updated to reflect that):

Caveat: this is a little space, with interior stairs. If you're disabled, it might be worth it to call ahead & ask about access issues.

"Usine desaffectee'" - Closed-down factory, close-up of field and graffiti

πŸ“Έ πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

I'm bummed it's too late for me to re-brand myself as "wholesome."

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Deeply saddened I cannot be on twitter for the most important of Hurricane traditions: screaming at a dumbass who says it’s good when bad things happen to people who live in states Trump won.

"Usine desaffectee'" - Closed-down factory, close-up of field and graffiti

πŸ“Έ πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

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If we're doing phone talk today, I recommend the Samsung flip whatsit which you can still get for 10-12 bucks U.S. at Kroger/Fred's. Sure it's crap, but it's cheap crap and so you can just blame yourself whenever it's not co-operating. (Which, honestly hasn't happened to me much given that I've had the same phone with a single upgrade since about 2007.)

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