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Relieved we're not on fire up north right now, despite the strong winds. But JFC poor California. :(

Facebook has been censoring this post to raise funds to transport women and children of the caravan. Let's circulate the shit out of it on the #fediverse.

This journey for asylum seekers is treacherous- miles on foot, fighting sickness and fatigue and state violence.

This rad organizer Jessie Sandoval is on the ground organizing transport to those most vulnerable - making a weeks long trek on foot a short and safe trip on a bus.

More info:

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tirelessly working my lab. surrounded by sundry glass beakers and strange machinery with blinking lights & oscillating displays. alternating between reading endless reams of printed data, and staring at complex differential equations on a massive blackboard.

all to solve the mystery of why the fuck swing music randomly blew-the-fuck-up in the late 90s. :thaenkin:

Been busy, but caught up a bit with whatever that is left of fall last weekend.

The story of my life is me getting a brilliant new world-changing political treatise thought up while I'm taking a shower. Then by the time I'm washed and dressed it's all gone and nothing's left in my head but 1970s radio jingles for banks and processed cheese.

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I am a screenwriter for "Kitchen Nightmares", starring Gordon Ramsay, and all episodes go like this:

Restaurant: "We are the best, fuck off!" *serves actual rocks and dirt*

Gordon: "This is rocks and dirt!"

Restaurant: "No! You are wrong Gordon!"

Gordon: *screaming, hitting, spitting, shooting at inanimate objects with a gun*

Restaurant: "Thank you Gordon! Your tantrum saved us from ourselves! We ❀️ U!"

(over 60% of restaurants featured on kitchen nightmares end up closing afterward)

OK now that the voter masturbation is over:

Unionize your work place (with a leftist slanted union), develop relationships with other unionized workplaces in your general area, make political demands, and call general/wildcat strikes until the bribed politicians cave to your demands.

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