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Meta For My Lefty Mutuals 

A warning to Anarchists & Commies: if you start fighting w/each other in my TL I will use drastic measures to restore unity.

I have pics of myself getting ear-candled and strumming a banjo while stuffing daisies into cop gun barrels and I'm not afraid to use them.

Anyway: breakfast now?

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I don't cotton to all these newfangled doodads infesting my folksy, beloved .social just tell me in this thread if you're pro-poll or anti-poll. Thanks.

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US Pol - "Both Sides" 

The argument that I need to choose the fake opposition over the balls-out fascists this one time because of special circumstances is, in fact, an argument I've heard my entire life as a voter. That our circumstances are as bad, or worse, now than they were when I turned 18 makes its own point about the validity of this tactic.

Anyway, good luck & good-bye to you if this is your deal-breaker, but I won't apologize... especially since I'm one of the RW's pet targets.

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My Own Personal Art Meta :) 

Kinda' getting into writing out desc. of my art, in case ppl w/visual issues want at least a vague idea of what I'm posting. Sorry if it's dull for every1 else. You can view my pieces *w/o* all the rambling here, though:

Over there, your company will be just an occasional Aunt Joke, + info on some of the picture sources.

I don't make money from this so please don't sic any corporate lawyers on me.

Have a great week, Masto. [raises mug] β˜•οΈ πŸ₯

I thought this was a nice picture recently - silhouetted swan & sunset on the Danube, with the sun-trail catching the swan's wake nicely :)

Pol and ableism reminder 

Periodic reminder that when someone with political power is racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. you can just criticize them for that. Your points about them being unintelligent or mentally ill and other related crap are completely unnecessary and simply ableist.

Criticize people for the actual harm they are causing and maybe work on your own ableism, fatmisia, and general prejudice against people for how they look or act.

Best Potato-Themed episode of #MST3K ?

πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯” πŸ₯”

US Pol- GP Nat'l. & State 

I sure do love it when Dems scream like teething babies for Greens to run locally instead of nationally. Then they turn around and scream at local Greens using the exact same bullshit language.

Well, your precious Mueller never found diddly and also Manchik is running in OH again, you xenophobic dipshits.

So go suck a 50-lb. lemon. πŸ–•

Still dishing out that aunt-based humor because you never know when one of the other 19 Mastos age 51-59 might pass through and get a laugh. 🎭

OK, I haven't moved this pic to the correct account yet, but do enjoy some cute and some cringe-worthy 1950s "humor," anyway.

we should call this the World Wide Web more often, especially as opposed to closed networks which are not World Wide

The hogs guy tears off his rubber mask and stands revealed as... 



US Pol- Griping About Online "Left" Brand-Builders Again 

"Hi, I'm Terry. I had a secondary role in a show that went off the air forty years ago. So millions of doofuses hang onto my every word. I'm affluent but think I should tell struggling people that now's the perfect time to lie down B4 my Neolib jerkwad friends and beg to eat their shit sandwiches again. Never mind that the election's a fucking year off. My strategy is a GOOD STRATEGY! BEG to eat the shit sandwich, you little worms! BEG!!"

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US Pol - Bad Memories 

You want to make sure I quit reading your treatise right out of the gate?

Coo and gurgle about the *~*beautiful*~* family who occupied the W.H. before Trump. Or...

Yap on and on about HRC as some fucking GoT diva.

JFC, quit trying to live out a bloated, overrated fantasy franchise like you're fucking 12 years old and quit worshiping murderers and thieves just because they look all nice and refined, you chucklefucks.

πŸ™„ πŸ™„ πŸ™„

Possible Nazi-Adjacent User/Site Block 

I'm shocked, SHOCKED! to note that someone with a Buttcoin fetish thinks anti-Gab folks are "hysterical" and also that we need advertising for how great Gab's knockoff Twitter features are. πŸ™„ (You only have t scroll down about 3 posts to see the magic.)

@ A v a t a r X @

Fuck it I'm just blocking the whole instance b/c fuck Buttcoin-ers just on general principles. YMMV.

Happy Goddamn Monday. β˜•

Gab Dipshittery 

"Bawwww how dare you block a bunch of RW dinks & their pathetic attempt to rebrand as *~*feminist*~* bawww please talc my butt so I can think more better BAWWWWW!"

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gab user on .social, recommend block 

recommend you block

sadjkhllkjdsakjldas <@>

but first go and look at how dangerously delusional gab people are

#gab #userblock

Gab Dipshittery 

"A wahhhh a waaahhhh muh DIGITAL CIVIL RIGHTS someone please come change muh didieeees!!!"

US Pol - New Term(s), & Old Food 

Someone should just go ahead and give this the Wacky Packs treatment. I'd do it but the kitchen's a shambles and I've also got to feed the cat.

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