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Tea Time!! Show more

I hope 101 passes in my state today. Dropped off my ballot just before dusk. 🤞

Dinners! Show more

Dinners! Show more

Now re-watching *Future War* :

🔥 🐲 💧 🔦

"Brain Guy looked like this in High School." 🏫

"Okay, my theory is that the director shot the entire film without looking at it." 🕶

"Ah, The Crips like to go down to the reflecting pool for their gang retreats." ⛲️

Sales Pitch Show more

Left-Punching Show more

Mockin' The FFFitness Biz With Help From Found Footage Fest! Show more

Trying to get back into the habit of posting Photoshop-ed ephemera. The last time I was serious about it, I still had a full-sized screen. Now I don't, so it's scroll scroll scroll and get irritated all the time. [grumble]

iTunes is still cutting-edge tech to me and last summer I went on a massive music-loading bender. Can you tell?

At the risk of stating the obvious: yeah, this is a movie you should watch, if you haven't already.


Memes were a lot weirder when my folks were young. Does anyone know how that poor woman can smile with a 5,000-lb. bowl of soup resting on her foot? o_0

I told the boring overgrown edgelord on that fandom board how tedious their "anti-PC" act is. Their response: "Thanks for your denial. It proves my point."

Every fandom edgelord needs to spend time in a dunking booth full of piranha, clad in nothing but swim trunks made of fresh poison oak.

@cypnk Governments do exist to serve the people. The important question is: Which people?

Tons of activity at the front-yard bird feeder this morning. But the cat was busy with his breakfast, so only I noticed.

A pretty song before bed. (I think for a while on Le Birdhouse I was posting this every time some toad started croaking about Russia.)


🎹 🛏 🌃 ❄️

Sweets, Sweat Show more

Just got back from looking at cat hotels. The cat can for sure afford more luxurious accommodations than we ever could. :angery: :coolcat: