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I don't cotton to all these newfangled doodads infesting my folksy, beloved .social just tell me in this thread if you're pro-poll or anti-poll. Thanks.

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US Pol - "Both Sides" 

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My Own Personal Art Meta :) 

Gab Troll: (here be crude language) 

Green Party Member/Former Candidate Kevin Zeese talking about pro-Maduro folks (recently) inside the U.S. Embassy

Honor yer' Mom by cuing up *I Accuse My Parents*

"Just fold the exotic dancer right into the cake! That way you save a step."

"Oh yes, Satan. Speak to me through this song."

"I never wore the shoes."

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I don't normally do Instagram things, but if you're near #Vancouver , B.C. and need a fabulous orange #cat ... here's Chester from #TinyKittens ready and waiting for you:


US Pol - More Flashbacks 

US Pol - More Flashbacks 

Food-Related Snark 

Food-Related Snark 

:greensun: Climate collapse is class war

:greensun: Capitalism and centralisation have devastated our planet

:greensun: Direct Action and Autonomy - not looking to elected representatives for reform

:greensun: Climate issues are social issues

:greensun: Consensus is key - All Power to the People!

:greensun: Anti-Fascism

:greensun: Rejection of the state and police

:greensun: The climate struggle is an internationalist struggle

Food & The Chronically Out Of Touch (ie - me) 

US Pol - Overrated Books, Misogyny, SA 

I'm assuming the ideal #Easter #MST3K matinee would be *Bloodlust* followed by *The Chicken Of Tomorrow* short. Then if you weren't borderline homicidal, I guess you could follow with *Beast Of Yucca Flats* since it has that incredible climactic bunny scene.

"You Know, I'd Like To Put My Finger On That Trigger Once Again..." 

Feeling a bit somber this #Caturday as I noticed earlier this week that #WalterChandoha passed away in January. But heck he was 99 years old! A good life, and one filled with great pre-Cheezburger cat photos. In memory of him, I'm linking to the handful of his pics I own.

🐾 🐾 Thanks for all the kitty love, Mistah' C. #20thCenturyPhotography #20thCenturyAdvertising

US Pol - Gloating Old Fart Flashback 

US Pol - Gloating Old Fart Flashback 

US Pol - Gloating Old Fart Flashback 

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