Me: Yo Googtown, what's the temp?

Google Home: it is currently 2°

Me: damn, why is it so cold?

Googs: on the website, they say, regions of the Earth are colder in the winter, because the tilt of the Earth etc. etc.

Me: ... I guess I deserved that.

Honestly very sad I can't change the hotword for the Google Home to "yo, Googtown!" or "go-to Googs-do."

I feel like either of these would have a lower false-positive rate.

Use paradigms that don't require Constant Flawless Vigilance

Confused deputy problems, such as the recent xorg being able to write over /etc/ files bug, dealing with CORS and XSS bugs, and so on are hard to keep on top of because the underlying paradigms require you to always be on guard. Even the best programmers will fuck up, so what hope is there for the rest of us?

Use safe paradigms, use object capabilities, design your systems so safe is the default.

In which our hero learns that gzipped tarballs are not the best way to give files to Windows users.

So a feature I think mastodon instances could really use is for instance A to "log into" an account on instance B and show the content there.

Twidere on my phone can show feeds for masto dot social, or cybre dot space, or whatever. But if I open up the cybre dot space site, it'll only show me my cybre dot space feed. There's no Mastodon web interface that asks you what instance you want to "log into" and view content from.

the only way this post could get more Snow Crash is if Domino's were secretly owned by the mafia

How do we most effectively organize against ICE? The organisation needs to go. I'm out here disconnected, needing a way to link up.

TIL that even hearing a man told a woman should perform happiness more is enough to get me to flip the shithead bit on said man. Can't decide if this calls for recalibration.

Given how often I point people to this, it's new URL is super handy:

You'd think these ideological refugees would have some sympathy for, you know, actual refugees.

I have no idea what I'm actually going to do about how I use social media in 2018, but something's got to change.

"best practices" means "a decision made by a manager that so common in the industry that he won't be fired for it even if the project fails"

Um, okay, one last bit of asking for help. I need work. I stand to lose my job in two weeks, I've done everything I can and have been working my ass off, but I still don't think I'll get off my PiP (Personal Improvement Plan). Does anyone know of dev jobs near Portland? I'll even take any jobs near Seattle. I've worked as associate dev for almost 4 years now and have been working since I've been 14. If anyone can help me secure an interview or has connections I'd be so thankful

please boost

Golang's new dependency management tool, `dep`, uses TOML. As an Enterprise YAML Architect in my day to day, this seemed like an arbitrary and upsetting choice.

So I read the GitHub issue where they made the choice.

Now I'm onboard.

Gotta learn TOML.

Mastodon is retreading a lot of ground, but it's winning in two big ways that the federated socialweb hasn't before: diversity and niceness. By niceness I mean taking code of conduct type things seriously is a big thing from the beginning, affecting the culture. On diversity side, at least seems true gender-wise, it seems that without trying my timeline has become mostly women, people on lgbt spectrum and other underrepresented groups; unusual (in a good way) in a mostly techy space.


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