Seven-spotted ladybug / Coccinella septempunctata / Zevenstippelig lieveheersbeestje

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Inventing a new view to explain filmic curve as a scene -> display range mapping zone by zone for next #darktable. It should make it easier to get.

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The darktable user manual is largely outdated. Problem is it uses an esoteric kind of XML required by a brittle software stack (Saxon) to be compiled into HTML or PDF.
This complexity steers away many contributors.
But thanks to Chris Elston, @secretlifeofmatt and @paperdigits, it is being rewritten in Markdown with a better "tutorial" approach.
Contribute :

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3.4 will let you define exports size directly in pixels (as in 3.2 and before) but also from the physical printing size × printing DPI.

Long-asked feature…

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