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zone of the puppers: 2nd petter

oh cool that filmmaker iq video on mockbusters got reuploaded

> This is a re-upload due to some content claims made on Turkish Star Wars.

> the claims were about Turkish Star Wars itself, not the stuff that it steals from



@fox right here *points to your nose*

fact: foxes are good

@colon_three every websie does it now, it's the hip new thing, and reek vanished in november and no one is maintaining anti adblockers

@lambadalambda holy shit football got serious

@Fenreliania this is why you develop the skills to code and document well

@revenant oh yeah and I need to finish going through the list too fuck, too many playlists to go through

@revenant I still hold you showed me that list because of track 18

@lambadalambda text to speech technology needs to get a bit more erotic

I now wonder if there's braille erotica, and whether I still remember enough braille to read it...

are there any non-euclidean tiling window managers

be the horny you want to see in the world


@thefishcrow probably getting the accent identity wrong