is it not possible to report a single toot, only entire users

where the fuck is that toot that made me unintentionally spit transphobic propaganda at my closest friends I have to brutally yell at the people who posted it and retooted it

it threw the other two columns under "additional information"

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and it only caught one column of the three-column skills section (which is troff at its finest)

well the PDF importer failed to recognize when the employment history section ended and the other stuff began but caught up when it saw Education so... yay?

also update: indeed looks like 2004 google now, so I guess that's an "improvement"???

well it recognized the difference between companies and roles

that's a start

Resume uploaded successfully
We have automatically converted your document to an Indeed Resume.

I wonder how much my troff-produced document got it confused

I never did buy into cybercoders anyway

let's try indeed, monster, and dice

does indeed still have a UI from 1994?

so apparently I only have 3 years of experience with something that I started using in 2011 because lol cybercoders

also you can't delete all your resumes and upload a new one, gets confused if two resume files have the same name, and if you upload the same file it just renames the existing one without telling you

oh and it's only after I type in my question in stack overflow halfway that I see my question was already asked but entirely differently

I no longer understand what the intended use of OpenType font features are

muting nintendo livetooters, sorry

I don't care about E3 (read to find out why) and I'm not going to bother caring about Nintendo until I get a Switch, so I'm not going to be spoilered

hi my name is andlabs and I'm here to drown out your nintendo spoilers with depressing shit! I know, how dare I

@noiob so a tl;dr of my "interesting pov" could be "after the blame for the 2009 recession fell squarely on economic institutions, businesses everywhere realized that unless they did something, from then on **they** would be the ones responsible for the welfare of the poor, so they **fought. back. hard.** because how dare they"

@andlabs well, it's what capitalism will eventually lead to. I don't give a fuck about "capitalist ideals". What even are capitalist ideals other than "fuck poor people" and "aquire more wealth"?

Thanks for explaining though! That's an interesting pov

@noiob and in fact if we look back in history there's only two views on welfare that have existed:

- the poor are poor of their own volition
- the government is responsible for the welfare of the poor

and until Kayans the former was the one that won out in America, even *before* the industrial revolution that introduced "capitalism" to the world!

@noiob the thing I'm trying to say is those ideals weren't always the ideals — in fact capitalism as an economic system didn't even *address* the welfare of the poor, as it was a system for governing the relationship between businesses!

"acquire more wealth" is the first perversion that started it all, in my opinion; we wouldn't be on this slippery slope if it wasn't for the idea of laissez-faire

And when 2009 came, these institutions realized the risk of the current system ending like it should have and so pushed for extreme perversions of capitalism that barely resemble the original thing while causing more collateral damage than a bomb. (2/2)

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My premise: the actual Kali Yuga of capitalism was the period between Reagan and the 2008 recession, when the prior 40 years of the US attempting to reign in greedy companies through anti-trust actions and concern over trying to equate capitalism with freedom eroded away, when most of the companies we know and "love" today started to grow to the unfathomable sizes they are now, when banks started to become "too big to fail", when the last trust-busts proved unsuccessful. (1/2)

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