My 1st @openstreetmap edit, be kind to me! :)
I added a on the Big Spring McMahon–Wrinkle Airport that's used for optical calibration.
My goal's to add @osm_to QR-coded GCPs to . What do you think?
@osm_fr @SwissOSM @osmcz @sotm

Oh neat, @openstreetmap has a new community place now made in . Testing it right now with my first post about Ground Control Points tags for @osm_to and .
Nice, good move.

So cool to see a piece I did in a museum. The in shows a PCB I designed. You can see this & PCB within the exhibition as one part of other things. Go & read note for what it does :)

Exciting! is taking part in 's call-for-ideas enabling use cases on the with a lunar communications & navigation service . What do you think about our supporting crewed exploration from everywhere

Hey & people. Would you mind have a look at our GCP-file's format? Does it work w/ ODM?😇
We couldn't test it ourselves when we worked on @osm_to during 's challenge 2021

complete, now waiting.... :)
Contributed to the project @osm_to and my code for
Which project did you help?

We're happy to be part of challenge 2021. We're excited to work on it with all of you next Weekend, adding further @openstreetmap features, and earning @hacktoberfest shirts😊. How can you start @WorldSpaceWeek better than with @spaceapps?

Sehr cool bei @airbus meinen Teil zur @NASAArtemis Mission beizutragen und mit dem @NASA_Orion Spacecraft gemeinsam mit Vielen zum Mond & @NASA_Gateway zu kommen, zu bleiben, und darüber hinaus zu fliegen!
@AschbacherJosef @esa

Video fürs Wochenende > Weltraumschrott : Gefahr im All @VoxPop_ArteDE | Pollution spatiale : la menace fantôme @VoxPop_ARTE.

Video fürs Wochenende: Überleben auf dem @ARTEde | Mission: Vivre sur la Lune @ARTEfr.

What I learned w/ my 1st optical satellite tracking so far:
mission's awesome, @elonmusk.
's super 4 contrast stretching. algo works w/ sats, clouds& fallingstars.
I should get my own ?

I think I can find satellites in @Sony A7S videos now. @SpaceX mission w/ its 88 sats's a tough nut, @elonmusk. The objects I can find are still in close formation during 2021-07-01. Next step of the : orbit determination.

Let's make more !
I just backed the Kickstarter.
@JoelGHodgson, do you think you could bring your German voices @twitkalk to the for a special live event or full dubbs?

Dear community. The deadline for submitting your proposal at the next in Dubai is approaching (28Feb2021)!
Submit your Abstracts to be part of the IAC 2021 Technical Programme!
If you have a / topic feel invited to our symposium. Go to now!

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