Coded a bit on our project @osm_to and improved the qr-code detection with a 2step approach. I would like to test it with the first images of people doing . So if you have a drone, please go to the & send me some :).

Saturdays are best when you can wake up slowly and watch nice videos like the from . Now I am awake and can say nice job,
@quintusquanten. »Automated GCPs for «
@osm_to is well explained in the nick of time :)

Let's celebrate today. I will party 👨‍🚀🥳at @maschinenraum today. And there is another @yurisnight near you, not just in Germany, everywhere! Where will you be for ?

Uff, the last day of 's students application phase is always the busiest. Thank u all, students, to ask us and everyone in our chat. Now it is time for us to view your applications to . Expect more questions from us :)

Hey & community! Do you want to present at ? We have our 26th IAA Syposium on Missions B4 for you. Hurry up! Only days left until 28.February to submit an abstract at See you !

It was really cool working with you all on the projects in October 2018. And I hope you will also join for this year's . Until then, let's keep on working on our open-source projects. It was/is a pleasure.

And made by @MarvinRaiser would be protecting the spacecraft against Micro-Meteoroids and Orbital Debris () during future Ares missions.

could have tracked Mark Watney so that he got never lost in the Martian sandstorm in the first place. His team would have found him within minutes.

All of the participants (@MarvinRaiser @A_r_n_i @mfa @SterrUwe @blagica_13) want to somehow with their 2018 projects.
Like Johanssen in the before, they won the local . fans!

What a lovely weather outside! It's almost spring time & it looks like all the planes are coming back from the South! :)
Just kidding, I do a field experiment w/ my @ardnnews groundstations. I count 12 planes and even 3 oldtimer propeller aircrafts. . Thx @krautspace @dezentrale

So excited! Kept the promise we made for to add capabilities to our stations @ARDNnews. I ordered the first M8N that fits to our mission statement of simple tracking. Cannot wait to get it for stations.

Thanks to @JulianWelte @quintusquanten. Working for the first time with and during our in @krautspace. I learned a lot today and will try to reproduce it until our next meetup. You can find our notes here...

Now that you watched it, you can go to and read more about this cool documentary :) and how you were tricked and manipulated to think what the director wanted you to think.

One of the best "documentaries" I know ;): "Kubrick, Nixon und der Mann im Mond | Dark Side of the Moon" by William Karel . This docu plays good with your expectation as did Kubrick's 2001: A Odyssey with your mind. Now go watch! :)

In bus: Kid (3yrs) asks Mom: Why are there no lands w/ the same name?
M replies: There's just 1 . Other Earths are not yet found & are too far away.
K: Then we take a rocket & find one.
M: This trip takes really long.
K: Then I take enough toys w/ me!
That's the spirit! :)


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