‪The pleasure of adding a new feature and finding something completely different that did not / should not have work(ed). Now @ARDNnews understands Positional Observation Report Formats of satellites, and least squares fixed. :) @perez_hz github.com/aerospaceresearch/o

Can a @GoPro@twitter.com camera be used to optically track ? I have one, I just went outside & checked. You can read more here aerospaceresearch.net/?page_id=1874. : It worked. Still not perfect, so I would love to ! When improved, I'll put it to @hackadayio@twitter.com

‪Metropolises in Lockdown on @ARTEde@twitter.com shows @cityoflondon@twitter.com and other empty cities that could perfectly serve for another movie in his , . This time the virus is , luckily not a rage-inducing virus and zombies! youtu.be/u-OBRGc1MCs‬

The little computer that could... help fight ! The ground station is still folding for @foldingathome@twitter.com and doing its part during the crisis. Thanks @WUSTL@twitter.com to have such a great biomedical research project!

‪Today is . As a Lower-Saxon I relate our Wadden Sea () w/ because we experience that that come to live there during the summer or use it for a flyover stop. @wmbd@twitter.com @unep@twitter.com ‬https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOMzwDzXP7I

Thank you @korn@twitter.com for this really awesome weekend on my couch watching your 'The Nothing' Album Release Concert.
Cannot believe it is already >25years! Thank you 😊.


And with what I achieved with @nasa@twitter.com @spaceapps@twitter.com @SpaceAppsStgt and @ardnnews@twitter.com, I am proud to have mentored a few bright minds.
So, concludingly, thank you both @HSBremen@twitter.com and @UniStuttgartIRS@twitter.com @Uni_Stuttgart@twitter.com for all that you have done for me!
We will stay in contact! ☺️🚀🛰

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And with what I achieved with @nasa@twitter.com @spaceapps@twitter.com @SpaceAppsStgt and @ardnnews@twitter.com, I am proud to have mentored a few bright minds.
So, concludingly, thank you both @HSBremen@twitter.com and @UniStuttgartIRS@twitter.com @Uni_Stuttgart@twitter.com for all that you have done for me!
We will stay in contact! ☺️🚀🛰

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@UniStuttgartIRS@twitter.com allowed us (@AstroEngy @MarcelFrommelt @freyanja) to bring @spaceupconf@twitter.com to Stuttgart.
This made me be more bold w/ being involved in @google@twitter.com @gsoc@twitter.com (mentor, orglead) & also it released my strength in business intelligence that started w/ my 1st @iafastro@twitter.com & @IAASmallSat@twitter.com chair. All this followed 2 innovative jobs @TesatSpacecom@twitter.com & (@AirbusSpace@twitter.com)

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10 years ago, I moved to Stuttgart to get my masters degree (Diplom) at @Uni_Stuttgart@twitter.com. I decided to specialize in systems & applications at @UniStuttgartIRS@twitter.com w/ a great mech engineering basis from @HSBremen@twitter.com. I never regretted this decision. Thank you, Dr. Röser!
This move led me to meet awesome people that I still call friends. It led me work on the awesome @TYCHOmission@twitter.com w/ @ohb_se. It brought me to @sgac (thx @Schpace) & @DGLReV.

Interested in usairforce‘s @hack_a_sat@twitter.com? Gaining control of a roque satellite & take a (pun intended) at the @secureaerospace@twitter.com at . @DefenseDigital@twitter.com @defcon@twitter.com

is now getting the global treatment, from space! @nasa@twitter.com @esa@twitter.com is launching a special @spaceapps@twitter.com edition to find solutions to the pandamic. @theglobalhack@twitter.com @WirvsVirusHack@twitter.com @actinspace@twitter.com, it‘s time to join! Everbody, it is up to all of us to participate at .


Today is to highlight jazz and its diplomatic role of uniting people in all corners of the globe. Chaired by @UNESCO@twitter.com. 🎶 @IntlJazzDay@twitter.com @UN@twitter.com


Okay, when I can't travel due to , at least I can visit my favourite city in books! This time "Orbital Mechanics for Engineering Students" @ElsevierConnect. I just want to locate in the nightsky. So fitting for the tech center in the world!

Finally binged @Finalspace@twitter.com's 2nd half of second season @netflixDE@twitter.com after WAITING for so long after watching it in Macedonia in January (@netflix@twitter.com I hate you, region blocking's SO KVN!). Show's great! Sweeter than a cookie! Finally QUINN! When ? @TBSNetwork@twitter.com @adultswim@twitter.com
... and using @NASA@twitter.com footage for the scenes in
is so sneakily subliminal! Is it? Yessss it isss! I like it! @ShadowMachine@twitter.com

Thx @SpringerNature for your free access initiative during ! I updated my "Astronautics: The Physics of Space Flight" book by Ulrich Walter @TU_Muenchen from @WileyVCH version, I found in the @elibbremen lib when I was @HSBremen, to the new one springernature.com/gp/libraria

satellites passing over with one flaring really brightly. Still trying to find good setting for my @Gopro (Nightmode, ISO200, 15secs, linear). Preparing some workflow with nova.Astrometry.net for @ARDNnews with it... (2020-04-19T20:28:25UTC)

Wow! The train photographed from the @Space_Station. Now I call that a room with a view, . The satellites are nicely pearling up. I did not expect it to see them so clearly from the . But here they are! eol.jsc.nasa.gov/SearchPhotos/

. So, what algo for detecting satellites in ? I took my new @Gopro out for a test shot during the   Saturday. Caught some sats, and also parts of the bright spring full moon. I'm trying to find a robust algorithm to find faint streaks.

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