Let's make more !
I just backed the Kickstarter.
@JoelGHodgson, do you think you could bring your German voices @twitkalk to the for a special live event or full dubbs? kickstarter.com/projects/mst3k

Dear community. The deadline for submitting your proposal at the next in Dubai is approaching (28Feb2021)!
Submit your Abstracts to be part of the IAC 2021 Technical Programme!
If you have a / topic feel invited to our symposium. Go to www.iafastro.org now!

Hey , we just received your cubesat with our groundstation w/ an here in . Next step for me: Uploading *wav to for you here drive.google.com/drive/folders … and me trying to decode it with your decoder.

, interessiert mitzumachen am ?
Postet unten drunter...

„Open Data Day 2021 will take place on Saturday 6th March opendataday.org

Find out more about the global celebration of and how your community can join in at


Oh for sure I will go full Trans-lunar Injection with 2nd season of ! 1st season was a blast, and I'll subscribe to and board the rocket in February again.
Watching it after my dayjob :). THX


Shooting this 2020 video directly after tough+successful months of CDR & our (@blagica_13❤️) wedding was fun. And now it's even public on . Spoiler: It's about : instagram.com/p/CJZHXAWqU8B/ Can't wait for 2021 !

Cool, got some great suggestions from people of & to implement the (NWR) by into so it also works in the US. Will try to code it. Will need to get a sample recording for it. Pls send! weather.gov/nwr/station_listin

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Now directly scans all blocks with dongles.
Hey internet and @LimeMicro @LimeSDR_org, how do I use the with ? Any hint for me, because I did not find something yet. A link to an example/tutorial would be nice 😀

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gift: How to calibrate your aka what’s my frequency?
Using for frequency correcting my experiment.
0.15ppm (@esa@twitter.com backed),
other RTLSDRs >37ppm.
> aerospaceresearch.net/?page_id=2111

Most unexpected & sort of funniest answer from hotline when asked after 1hr of waiting when our pizzas will arrive: Ah, that's you. Sorry, your pizzas were stolen from the scooter. Delivery boy is okay. We already baked new ones & you'll get it in 10 minutes.

CEST (UTC+2) > CET (UTC+1)
"Die Stunde, die es nicht gibt" , the hour that does not exist .
+1 hour of everything, only today, the 25th of Oct. 2020, starting now, between at 2:00am and 2:00am.

Thank you madame , Maire de
, for the nice invite to in your lovely city! My @blagica_13@twitter.com & me will be there for sure for the biggest congress and for your city and people! We & the team AerospaceResearch.net are looking forward to it.
Á bientôt!

I'd like to see one of these for : Space Station for international collaboration & peaceful use of space . & for fight against . as front & center of global pandemic response @NobelPrize@twitter.com

2020 is go! First pull-request is submited, three more to go!
Merged a branch in our OrbitDeterminator repo on AerospaceResearch.net that I worked on since May. Next PR will be the new orbit determination code for our paper.

How could I even have missed this trailer? The race continues in season 2. I wanna see the race for the base and more ! Good show, great characters! Excited youtube.com/watch?v=U48vnf…

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