If you could change the world, would you? Six years later, I talk to @EwenMacAskill and the @guardian. youtube.com/watch?v=EezWIxcinn

sexual assault, MIT, everywhere else 

How Drones Could Save Millions of Lives - Cheddar Explores

Drone technology is increasingly being used to provide remote care, supplement emergency responses, and generally decrease the time it takes for people to ge...


How The Last Jedi Defies Expectations About Male Heroes

Help me make more videos! patreon.com/popdetective The Last Jedi is a movie that’s designed to defy fan expectations. Nowhere is this subversion ...



Don't just read the link and go "I can't strike," there's also coordinated protests and other ways to get involved.

As the website says, "[o]ur house is on fire - let's act like it."

(Boost this or a better call to action, or write your own, please.)

YouTube kids: how unboxing, gaming and toy reviews took over

Being a YouTuber is now the most popular aspiration for children today, according to a recent survey. In 2018, the site’s highest earner was a seven-year-old...


Playing Hard - The Movie | Official Trailer

Get the special edition DVD of Playing Hard! playinghardthemovie.com/shop/ Includes: - 14 exclusive bonus videos - Full commentary track with Creativ...


The Fake Sounds Companies Add To Products - Cheddar Explains

There's a reason your vacuum, car, potato chips, and many other products are way louder than they need to be. Cheddar explains why sound design is so importa...


Why Don't Buses Have Seatbelts? - Cheddar Explains

Buckle up for safety, unless you're on a school or city bus, apparently. Is this a case of hypocrisy in action? Or is there something else going on? Subscrib...


The Human Back Is A Design Disaster - Cheddar Explores

Everyone who lives long enough is likely to experience back pain. And the cause isn't just aging. We have evolution to blame for a spine that's an engineerin...


This version also adds the filtering for gab. This basically means that should gab ever launch a Mastodon instance on one of their domains (which I'm not fully convinced they'll ever manage to), it will not be possible to add it to Toot!, or log in to it.


Here is this - i compiled this from a list that various #FediAdmins had been sharing.

It is as complete a list as I can compile of the confirmed, affiliated, and possible #Gab instances, includes notes, and everything you can do in Google Sheets, but it is not that. It is CryptPad Sheets.

You will need to login to Cryptpad to view, and later I can send edit links to trusted allies. I included a screen cap for those not wanting to login, even to a system as secure as Cryptpad.

Also: this is very much a first draft, and is very directly focused on Gab, and Gab organized instances. A start. See what you think. Open to improvements.

Another more secure link to allow for group edits to come.

#Blocklist #FediAdmin #MastoAdmin


How Did Tech Become So Male-Dominated?

Since computing began in the 1940s, women have led major developments in programming and software development. In 1984, 37 percent of computer-science majors...


And Now, the Really Big Coal Plants Begin to Close

Old, small plants were the early retirees, but several of the biggest U.S. coal burners—and CO 2 emitters-will be shuttered by year’s end


Sexual Assault of Men Played for Laughs

It’s hard to overstate just how common jokes about men being sexually assaulted are in entertainment media. Most popular comedic actors engage in this type o...


Donald Trump: Lovably Sitcom Misogynist

Help me make more videos! patreon.com/popdetective Why wasn't Donald Trump's blatant and unashamed misogyny a deal breaker for voters? I argue it...


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