Figured out how to print the file with grey text in it. Just printing it normally produces unreadable text, it seems cups or whatever's monochrome conversion is incompatible with how the printer implements greyscale

Using `convert -density 300x300 in.pdf -monochrome -quality 100 out.pdf` produces a readable printout.

Never feel guilty about spending your work time on the discussion of a feature rather than on implementation of it.

"Talking" is not some annoying side activity, not "unnecessary" politics and not a waste of your time. It is the primary job responsibility of an engineer.

Writing your own code is a hobby, you do it for fun.

Reading code of others, and explaining your code and design decision to others is the main thing you are paid for. It makes you an engineer.

Data protection: Microsoft 365 banned in Baden-Württemberg’s schools!

As we have seen in BW, in time it’s a likely prediction that more states in Germany and in countries abroad will follow suit and look for a suitable, GDPR compliant solution. Read more!

@EU_Commission please do something about this. And @eff please intervene and support the open-source developers who are victims of Google's abuses.

#FairEmail, an open-source email client for #Android that allows you to manage multiple accounts, has been taken down from the Play Store.

Even if its source code is freely available, and both the code and the app's activities have been inspected and audited before being submitted to F-Droid, Google keeps harassing the developer as it considers the app as "spyware", but it refuses to provide ANY details about their findings, or inform the developer on what they are supposed to change to get the app approved again. An appeal request from the developer only resulted in an automatic response from Google.

The developer was advised to appeal to the EU, but (maybe rightfully) he said "what's the point? it's going to take them five years anyway just to come with a decision, and in the meantime my app won't be distributed on the major Android channel, and I'll have no incentive to keep working on it". We, as open-source developers, should NOT end up in this situation. We should NOT have the feeling that the institutions are not protecting us because they're just too slow to intervene or even to understand an issue.

This isn't the first time that #Google harasses open-source developers and gets away with it. Email clients alternative to Gmail, as well as any app that accesses what Google deems "sensitive user data" (including emails, calendar, fit data etc.) will now require an expensive (talking of at least $4500 a year) and intentionally cumbersome certification process, and such a certification needs to be renewed on a yearly basis: This will mean the end for most of the alternative apps that support Google services.

This isn't about users' security. Most of these apps are open-source, owned by the community, and regularly audited by F-Droid - a store with far higher security standards than the Play Store.

This is just Google declaring their final war against those who dare to access their email, calendar or maps without using Google's apps. This is Google showing the middle finger to the world and saying "the only way to interact with your email and calendar must be through my apps".

More and more open-source developers are being so discouraged by Google's efforts, requests for money and the Kafkaesque labyrinth that they've set up for appeals that they are pulling their apps and services for good.

This shouldn't happen, and the EU has a duty to defend us against this evil corp, because we can't keep defending ourselves. Enough with all the talk about new EU unicorns: if the EU really wants to battle Google, they should do so by defending an enthusiastic community that is already building the alternatives - often without being paid a single dime, while being regularly harassed by big tech.

TIL: Reformatting a file with one item per line into colums can be done with xargs + printf:

$ xargs -d'\n' printf "%s %s %s\n"
1 2 3
4 5 6

Dammit, I’ve always thought Interrail is either for very young or very rich people. Well, not quite, but you get the point 🙂 Turns out, even the cheapest Interrail would have shaved at least a hundred off my current railway trip.

…aaaaand it (if it were an executable tweet) deletes itself.

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if "🟡" in tweet or "🟥" in tweet or "🟦" in tweet:

Welcome Jason Ekstrand! Super happy to have you on board to keep on making Mesa3D and the entire #OpenSource graphics ecosystem better every year!

I implore any #FLOSS group using #Telegram to consider switching to @matrix for public (unencrypted) and private (#E2EE) chats, and #Fediverse services (Mastodon, Pleroma, etc) for announcements. And Discourse.

On Tuesday, I ran apt upgrade -t testing on my Ubuntu impish. About six hours later, I ended up running mostly Debian — great to be back again!

New blog post: Migrating away from apt-key.

This is an edited copy of an email I sent to provide guidance to users of apt-key as to how to handle things in a post apt-key world.

The Debian Project hosts all its development IRC channels on and also has a thriving community on The Debian Project no longer has control of #debian on the freenode IRC network. We thank the former freenode staff for their tireless work over many years. Please read for more information about Debian IRC channels.

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