Turns out the Hungarian word for may/may be, lehet, literally means "being is possible": lenni (to be) + -het (indicates possibility or permission) → lehet

While ordering myself some more face masks online (masks are now mandatory around here, even just for getting outside), found this. It looks sooooo cool, I have ordered two.

Today, we are excited to announce a partnership with Microsoft to build #OpenCL and #OpenGL mapping layers on #DirectX, in order to bring OpenCL 1.2 and OpenGL 3.3 support to all Windows and DirectX 12 enabled devices! Learn more: col.la/directx #OpenSource

For those interested in pictures of work in progress: cooking the meat in a tomato+pepper sauce

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I've been working from home since July 2015. This is how I've had my desk since January 2018 (that's not to say I choose to use it every day, but rather when I need a lot of screen/window splits).

Our very first Toot! Last weekend at #FOSDEM, quite a few people came up to us to ask why we weren't on here. Well, here we are! Hello Mastodon! :)

git is the swiss army knife of DVCS, with *another* swiss army knife *inside* it

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Oh, I will confess in my ignorance as never having been an admirer of Morrissey, that I did not know he's always been a racist turd.


RFH: I and Daniel launched a testing tool Fable (fable.liw.fi) this weekend, but it turns out there's a name clash, which we failed to notice when we picked the name. So now we need a new name.

If you have a suggestion, please tell, either as a response to this toot, as a DM to me, or via email to notfable@liw.fi.


: turns out Põhjala is Pohjola is "Northern place" is a location in Finnish mythology. And of course it is *also* an Estonian craft brewery.

I’m organising a Debian BSP in Bratislava next month, please sign up and come 🙂
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