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This is the year of #Matrix.

We are seeing it as the bridge between decentralised system - theregister.com/2021/01/20/mat

The universal communication bus - medium.com/@ericmigi/the-unive

Running whole conferences - matrix.org/blog/2021/01/04/tak

This is the year of the Decentralised Web / Dweb

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A quick tease of a possible future for faster and stabler Matrix E2EE on Android: fully native crypto via matrix-rust-sdk's matrix-sdk-crypto module, as called from Kotlin via uniffi...

Great! I’ve just made my blog part of the Fediverse thanks to @snarfed’s incredible service: @shadura.me


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I’m trying to use fed.brid.gy, but I keep getting an error, "401: Public key not found for key acct:shadura.me@shadura.me". From the logs it seems some other users are also getting this error, any clue what might be the reason?


This is a fascinating and quite accessible (for computer nerds at leasy) explanation of how the vaccine works at the RNA level.

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In this post, we'll reverse-engineer the actual mRNA code of the @BioNTech_Group@twitter.com/@pfizer SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, character for character. And along the way, this will also explain how the vaccine works. Surprisingly, there are some fun mysteries in there!

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And here's how I make myself espresso when cafés are closed and my Gaggia is far far away

Anyway, here's a Mexican with some holiday cheer as he sells some butane.

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However, the more realistic depiction would be to keep the intonations, mimics and other bits, but to make the accent less harsh. Oh, and to keep it to those people who can’t imitate accents — so Villanelle would have to speak without Russian accent at all most of the time.

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Actually, I guess that the viewers’ experience might be the reason for the haRRRRsh RRRRashen akcent: when the viewers hear it, they immediately perceive the character as an authentic-sounding Russian, whereas a real Russian accent would probably not make such an impression.

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And I’m not even mentioning that when speaking to other Russians, why wouldn’t she just speak Russian? Of course, that’d be more difficult to film, actors would need more training and the speech would need to be subtitled.

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It often requires effort to make a better-sounding accent, but for people who can do that, the effortless accent is not the same as just pronouncing English with Russian phonetics. The effortless accent is very often something sounding much closer to the ‘proper’ English than e.g. what Villanelle would speak in to when she’s not pretending to be English.

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