As soon as this is merged, I will do the following things:

1. Set a release date for 0.10.0
2. Provide an upgrade guide
3. Help third party projects upgrade to the new compiler
4. Fix bugs / work on QA for the release

In about 45 minutes I will work on a "universal headers" project, a tool that inputs libc headers from every target under the sun, and programmatically combines them into a single set of headers with preprocessor macros in order to support all targets.

everything is declarative and functional if you squint hard enough

this mold hack by Rui Ueyama is both brilliant, and also WTF Apple please don't make us do stuff like this 😱

this is a result of NEW DECISIONS made by Apple in the last year. this is not dealing with old legacy cruft...

Ship it checklist:
[x] behavior tests
[x] LLVM 14 upgrade
[x] std lib tests
[ ] full test suite passing [7 categories left]
[ ] compile errors [159 cases left]
[ ] runtime safety [19 cases left]
[ ] real world QA [11 projects left]
[ ] implement async/await

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Live streaming in about 2 hours. Our goal will be to tackle a nasty bug that only rears its ugly head when (1) the self-hosted compiler builds itself and (2) in release mode

I love you, Alexandra. Here's to the rest of our lives together.

Another stream today! This time our goal will be to upgrade to LLVM 14.

I'm not in a hurry; I just like the feeling of going fast.

In about 30 minutes I'll stream some work on the Zig self-hosted compiler. Topic: bug fixes in order to ship it!

If any Linux kernel hackers are listening, we (programming language standard library maintainers) need O_CLOFORK!

Zig tip: ever use MAX_INT to indicate a special value? You can gain type safety for that by taking advantage of non-exhaustive enums.


Tip: if you have QEMU installed you can run the unit tests for a Zig project for any target by adding two flags:

$ zig build test -Dtarget=mips-linux -fqemu
All 2 tests passed.

Looks like I didn't mess up any big endian logic!

If you have binfmt_misc installed, you don't even need the -fqemu flag.

I give it about... *checks watch* ...10 more minutes until Apple deprecates x86_64

Wow, this is such great work! Really appreciate this team's ability to participate simultaneously in academia and the real world, making the advances accessible to the rest of us.

Who called it "malloc()" and not "see_you_later_allocator()" ?

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